I’m a relationship coach and I hate it when people say just be yourself on dates.

DATING coach Jamie Date wants everyone to have the best chance at finding love.

So she revealed exactly what to do if you get her least favorite piece of advice — the simple line of “just be yourself” — before going on a first date.

A dating coach thinks'just be yourself' is the most useless advice


A dating coach thinks ‘just be yourself’ is the most useless adviceCredit: TikTok / @ jamiedate
She shared three ways to interpret the line and make it work for you


She shared three ways to interpret the line and make it work for youCredit: TikTok / @ jamiedate

Jamie said in a Becausedwaist shared with her 13,000 TikTok followers.

“The intent behind this line is amazing because expressing your uniqueness is important to stand out from the richness that women feel when dating,” she notes.

However, Jamie said the bottom line was that the advice was “annoyingly vague and uncomfortably unhelpful”.

So she gave viewers three ways to really use the advice to their advantage.

“One: entertain yourself.

“This is probably what I do most with my clients,” she says.

Jamie describes it as the ability to feel empowered and confident without the approval of others.

“It means ‘act as if,’ as in your body language and nuances [are] Show that you are definitely the coolest, funniest, hottest guy in the room, no questions asked. ”

Her second tip revolves around “expression”.

“I see this all too often with men when they approach [a person].

“They’re afraid they’ll show too much interest, so they drop it and don’t show any,” Jamie explains.

She admits that it’s true that you don’t want to show interest too soon, but that doesn’t mean the right answer is to turn off your feelings.

“The more expressive you are with your face and hands, the sexier you become, enhancing your charisma,” she says.

Ultimately, Jamie wants to see people live their best lives with or without a partner.

“If I could change ‘Just be yourself’ to ‘Be your best self,’ I would.

“Take care of your body and mind,” she suggests.

“If you’re in a race, climb out of it.

“Fight like hell to notice the many good things around you.

“Be the person people want to be with.”

In conclusion, Jamie encourages people to ask themselves if they are really expressing their best selves.

“Because if not, well, then she doesn’t really reject you,” she quips.

Followers were delighted to have clichéd advice built for them, with one admitting Jamie had completely cleared up their uncertainty on the subject.

“I’m always confused about when to show interest and when [it is] too much.

“It always seems contradictory to me,” the thanked viewer wrote.

“That last sentence….Opened eyes, opened minds”, another commented.

A third agreed with Jamie, writing: “Just being yourself is the worst advice ever given to a man.”

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Jamie says if you're not performing at your best, you're not helping yourself succeed


Jamie says if you’re not performing at your best, you’re not helping yourself succeedCredit: TikTok / @ jamiedate

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