I’m a real-life witch – I’ve secretly blessed couples to get them back together… but I just can’t get a date to myself

It took IT 30 years for Blue June to embrace her calling as a real-life witch.

Blue, 41, spent decades believing the wizarding world was a “flood of idiots” before finally kicking in the closet door with a broom to clean its hinges.

Blue June, 41, said she had seen dead people as a child


Blue June, 41, said she had seen dead people as a childCredit: Blue June
Blue, from New York, spends his days helping people with life's big questions


Blue, from New York, spends his days helping people with life’s big questionsCredit: Blue June

The New Yorker spent years working in crystal shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn and now works up to six days a week to practice his own tarot.

The former retail executive helps people with life’s big questions – with love and relationships at the forefront of most of her clients’ agendas – and even hosts her own show audio file.

She uses “attraction magic” to bring troubled lovers back together, casts spells on her friends facing court, and even casts spells at night. her own date.

From an early age, Blue said she has always known she has a unique connection to the spiritual world.

When she was just a teenager, she claimed to have seen children die of “deception energy” wandering through her bedroom door.

She told The Sun Online: “I had psychic delusions as a child and completely rejected and mocked it until I was 32, which is 10 years ago.

“I kicked that broom closet door clean of its hinges. I did it with the intent of revenge. I was completely immersed in it.”

She added: “I’ve seen people who have died. I’m still really apprehensive about practicing this medium to this day. If I was here for the living, I wouldn’t need to talk to the dead. It scared me a lot. I saw it, it scared me.

“At the time, I didn’t know I was Native American. I just saw an Indian chief – he would walk past my bedroom, right into the closet.

“He never looked good – I realized he was probably an ancestor. He might be testing me. It feels very scary.

“A lot of the souls I see don’t know they’re dead. There are small children with deceptive energies. Souls who don’t know they’re dead tend to be very angry.”


The 41-year-old says she uses three to seven spells a week – for both herself and others.

“I just did a spell for a friend who was going through a situation on her way to court,” she said.

“I do spells all the time – I sometimes do a quick spell when I’m feeling congested. I do three to seven spells a week.

“You might just be whispering to yourself and it’s a spell. We don’t use magic for no reason.”

She added: “I did magic on people without their consent and didn’t realize it was toxic at the time.

“My intentions were pure, but perhaps now I will have other options.”

And one of Blue’s crafty areas is “attraction magic”.

“I brought people back together through attraction magic,” she said.

“When someone is unresponsive or has ghosts, we do some lure magic to bring them back.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s not going very well. There are some energies you can manipulate, and some energies you shouldn’t.

“There are a few people who have done it, but most people don’t when you’re into magic. I’ve never seen it work in the long term for other practitioners.”

Blue said she always waits for the situation to progress “organic” before getting involved in someone’s love life.

“I always diagnose before prescribing magic. I always say we need time for this to happen organically,” she said.

I performed magic on people without their consent and didn’t realize it was malicious at the time.

Green June

“If someone is in real trouble, sometimes that’s what they need. You won’t find success in this job unless you’re really interested in helping people.

“I’ve been really clear to people that outcomes change over time when we have free will.

“I can only see results depending on the current situation. I tell all of our clients that this is not a perfect science.

“We’re asking the energy sources to switch to something else. A lot of times it’s a shot in the dark. Another reason magic shouldn’t cost much – we can’t guarantee anything. It’s not a perfect piece of work.”

As for her personal life, Blue said she has been single for eight years – despite bewitching her potential lovers.

She said: “I hardly date and now I’m fine with that. They keep telling me I have a block, I don’t think I do, but the block has to be I’m completely satisfied when no one in the void.

“I don’t want to be alone forever, but I’m fine with that.

“It’s not ideal – you want a support system. If I really want it, maybe I should turn on whatever is turned off inside of me.

“As a spell for a date, I would probably write down some intentions on a piece of paper and light a pink candle and maybe burn the paper.

“We all have desires and we all have the capacity to manifest and channel the energy around us for our own needs and desires.”


Since stepping out into the world as a professional wizard, Blue said the assumptions people make are “very varied”.

“Some people have a point,” she said.

“There are some witches who do these things, but to suggest that witches have no morals is absurd. I’ve felt similar things at times.

“I’m here for the skeptics and I love reading for those.”

But Blue believes that most people have experienced the spiritual world – and magic – at some point in their lives.

“Most of us have had these experiences,” she said.

“I believe children are very intuitive. There will be people who are more talented. I think everyone has had experience.

“Maybe they don’t see a spirit – maybe they feel a soul and smell it.”

She added: “On your birthday, you are making a wish and blowing out the candles on the cake.

“We do magic in many ways that we don’t even realize.

“People have superstitions – if superstition is involved and doing something for good luck, there’s probably some magic.”

Meet ‘real-life’ British witches who cast spells and perform rituals I’m a real-life witch – I’ve secretly blessed couples to get them back together… but I just can’t get a date to myself


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