I’m a parenting expert – here’s how to discipline your kids WITHOUT telling them

IF YOU are having trouble disciplining your child, parenting expert Dr. Kristyn Sommer is here to help.

Getting a child to obey you can be a challenging task, but Dr. Kristyn has a smart way to help your child have discipline and it doesn’t involve badmouthing them.

Dr. Kristyn Sommer is here with her advice on disciplining a child


Dr. Kristyn Sommer is here with her advice on disciplining a childCredit: Tiktok // @ drkristynsommer

Your starting technique might be to yell at your child or give them some time and get them naughty, but that’s irrelevant here.

Instead, it’s all about the language you use and questioning your kids about their actions.

Dr. Kristyn Sommer has a whopping 353.6k followers on TikTok and uploaded a video of her parenting advice with the caption ‘Best Recipes in My Book’.

“This is how I discipline my daughter, as a mother with a PhD in child development,” she explains.

“I’m not telling her she’s naughty, I’m not saying she’s ugly, I’m not telling her that whatever she does makes her an inherently bad person or a spoiled child. .

“I very rarely told her to stop, only when it was dangerous.

“But what I do instead is really important.”

Dr. Kristyn Sommer uses positive reinforcement to discipline her daughter and focuses on the terminology she uses.

She continued: “I use the term: good decision and bad decision, for good choice and bad choice.

“So when she first did something wrong, I asked her if she thought the decision was a good decision or a bad decision, even if it was the timing.


“If she seems confused, I will let her know if it was a good decision or a bad decision and give her some suggestions on how to make better decisions.

“For example, if she climbed onto the table, I would ask her, when is she safe, was it a good decision or a bad decision. She will speak badly.

“Then what she will do is climb back down. When she chooses to climb down, I will tell her it was a great decision and I will celebrate it.

“That’s how you can use positive reinforcement to practice discipline.”

Dr Kristyn Sommer’s video has clearly impressed many as it has already racked up a whopping 2.5 million views.

It has 235.5k likes, 3,081 comments and 16.1k shares.

Many parents have been impressed with this method and have commented on this.

“This is what we do in day care,” said one. we ask the child “is this option a safe choice?” then explain to them why it’s not safe if we need to.”

Another added: “I swear your mom’s video is awesome.”

A third commented: “This is exactly how I parent… my oldest is 10 years old and my youngest is 4 and that has never let me down. Now I am get compliments on their children.”

2.5 million people watched Dr. Kristyn Sommer's video on discipline


2.5 million people watched Dr. Kristyn Sommer’s video on disciplineCredit: @ drkristynsommer / Tiktok

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Also, I’m a strict parent and people don’t follow my rules – I don’t allow sleep and if they don’t eat my food they don’t..

As well as this, I never make my son do his homework and I don’t care if he doesn’t get the best grades, life is too short.

I am a ten year old mother and all my children are under seven, people accuse me of giving birth too much but I want more I’m a parenting expert – here’s how to discipline your kids WITHOUT telling them


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