I’m a luxury car expert – my tips help drivers stop ruining their engines with costly errors & include a red flag alarm

A luxury car expert has warned motorists that several mistakes that are often overlooked could ruin their engines.

The influencer and car pro revealed on YouTube the costly mistakes many luxury car buyers make after buying their dream vehicle in the parking lot.

Luxury car expert Mark of ExoticCar PlayPlace explained that drivers make at least six mistakes that ruin their engines


Luxury car expert Mark of ExoticCar PlayPlace explained that drivers make at least six mistakes that ruin their enginesPhoto credit: YouTube/ExoticCar PlayPlace
Avoiding these mistakes could save luxury car owners a lot of money later on in wear-and-tear repairs


Avoiding these mistakes could save luxury car owners a lot of money later on in wear-and-tear repairsPhoto credit: YouTube/ExoticCar PlayPlace

“I see all my friends and family making these mistakes. They wreck their cars and they wreck their engines,” Mark wrote. by ExoticCar PlayPlace (@ECPP). in a caption for a recent video.

“They get lower reliability in their cars, and especially their luxury cars, and they don’t know why.”

Mark went on to say that there are at least six different mistakes to avoid that can help luxury car owners keep their vehicle maintenance on top form.

The car expert emphasized that it is “easy” for all drivers and “the car runs quietly for longer”.

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Mark explained that the first mistake he often sees from owners of new luxury cars is not using premium petrol when filling up.

“Unless you buy the premium and best fuel, you often get an ethanol blend,” he said in the clip.

“They mix one part alcohol with regular fuel.”

The auto professional advised drivers of luxury cars to avoid fuels with high ethanol content as they can form pockets of water when sitting for long periods.

“It can actually destroy your injectors and your fuel pump, and if it gets bad enough it can penetrate engine components,” warned Mark.

2. Cold starts

The car expert sees the frequent cold starts of luxury vehicles as the second most common mistake.

Mark explained that cold starts are often unavoidable and also occur in warmer weather – another good name for them is dry starts.

This means the car will start after a long period of rest, causing the oils to thicken and initially providing less lubrication to the engine.

Rapidly starting and stopping the luxury car to move it back and forth a few feet can cause long-term engine wear, Mark noted.

3. Neglecting to change the oil

The auto professional also explained that synthetic oils have allowed luxury cars to run effectively longer before needing to be changed, but that doesn’t mean drivers should wait long.

“The oil is actually starting to break down,” Mark said.

“This creates acids in the oil, and the condition still exists that bad oil can wreak havoc in the engine.”

Mark added that some manufacturers’ manuals also often told drivers to wait a specific amount of time, which is also too long.

He recommended reading the manual and speaking to a mechanic to find out when to do a regular oil change.

4. Ignoring the check engine light

The auto expert went on to say that the fourth most common mistake he sees in luxury car drivers is neglecting to check the check engine light.

“A yellow check engine light means there’s a warning – it means something’s not quite right and you’d better take a look,” he said.

Mark continued that you can drive it for a short while until the problem is resolved, but the red check icon on the engine means something is seriously broken and the car shouldn’t be on the road.

He added that he sees motorists neglecting the yellow indicator lights for too long, which ultimately messes up the car’s computer systems.

“Be sure to check it out,” he urged.

5. The turbo is not important

Mark also explained that the engines of most luxury cars are often equipped with a turbo function.

“With that turbo, you can destroy it very, very quickly, if you come off the freeway at full speed and turn off the ignition – that’s when you’ll see a problem,” he said.

When the car runs hot, the turbo ensures that it runs particularly hot, according to the car expert.

“And if you don’t let the heat dissipate slowly, you get the oil that’s feeding the supply line…the oil that’s sitting on the supply line starts to boil,” Mark noted.


The last mistake Mark says luxury car owners can make is using the automatic engine start-stop button near the console.

Although it is mandatory in cars and designed to protect the environment as much as possible by turning off the car during short stops, it is harmful to the vehicle.

“That means every time your vehicle stops, you have to wait…some of the oil starts to settle out, and you’re in a condition that’s almost like a cold start every time,” he noted.

Mark went on to say that if the driver then accelerates forward, the car’s starters must restart, causing more wear and tear.

“It will cost you in the end,” he warned.

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Mark warned drivers to be careful during cold starts


Mark warned drivers to be careful during cold startsPhoto credit: YouTube/ExoticCar PlayPlace


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