I’m a household expert – four ways to cut your electric bills, including the exact thermostat you should have installed

SUMMER may be coming to an end, but with the heat come the high energy costs.

A home expert from Innago has shared four tips to help reduce your electricity bills.

Innago has over 6,000 TikTok followers who educate owners on household issues


Innago has over 6,000 TikTok followers who educate owners on household issuesPhoto credit: Innagosoftware

Innago is a property management software company that helps streamline business processes.

The software aims to help landlords find reliable tenants, collect rent more easily, and provide advice on all things around the home.

Innago posts on TikTok under the name Innagosoftware and offers tons of different expert advice.

The company recently released a video with four tips on how to reduce your electricity bill.

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Below are the four hacks that all energy users should consider.

1. Install a programmable thermostat

These thermostats can help regulate the temperature, which ultimately reduces costs.

According to the EPA, users can save an average of $50 per year in energy costs with ENERGY STAR qualified thermostats.

Older thermostats tend to have one thing in common – accuracy.

Or lack thereof.

Many HVAC specialists recommend a programmable thermostat, especially one with WiFi connectivity.

Once connected, the thermostat will learn what temperature you prefer and then observe the weather forecast and can set your home to your preferred off-peak temperature.

For those looking to buy a new thermostat but don’t want to break the bank, try the Amazon Smart Thermostat.

For just $60, users can sync it to their Alexa and change programming through the app.

In addition, after purchasing the thermostat, Amazon will send you an email with details of possible discounts from energy suppliers in your area.

2. Replace your air filter

To preserve your device, many problems can be solved through maintenance.

This includes replacing your air filter.

Dirty filters can actually reduce the amount of air passing through, meaning you have to keep your air on for longer periods of time, costing you more money.

But a new filter can save you money in the long run while also extending the overall life of the device.

When deciding which filter is best, one HVAC specialist said, you should consider two things: how much air can pass through the filter and how much dirt the filter can hold.

He suggested one with a high MERV rating as it traps more particles and tends to be a lot more restrictive.

A Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values ​​(MERV) indicate a filter’s ability to capture larger particles.

Those looking for a new filter should try one with a MERV 10, a 1-inch filter and extended pleats.

3. Insulate your windows

The next tip is to insulate your windows as this can prevent heat from entering and keep your home cool.

The right insulation has many advantages.

It keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

According to the EPA, air that enters your home’s exterior walls, windows, doors, and other openings tends to waste tons of energy and increase your operating costs.

Those who insulate can save an average of 15% in heating and cooling costs.

According to the EPA, this accounts for an average of 11% of total energy costs.

Other advantages are:

  • Less outside noise
  • Less pollen, dust and insects
  • Better moisture control
  • Reduced likelihood of ice dams on roof/canopies in snowy climates

4. Avoid heating by electricity or oil

Avoid electricity or oil if possible as there are many financial and other downsides.

Number one, it’s slower.

An electric furnace takes time to prepare the heating element and then heat the air for your home, which consumes more energy and costs you more.

Also, electricity is more expensive than gas, so an electric heater will cost more, no matter how efficient it claims to be.

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https://www.the-sun.com/money/5957105/home-expert-lower-electricity-bill/ I’m a household expert – four ways to cut your electric bills, including the exact thermostat you should have installed


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