I’m a gynecologist – something I wish ALL women knew before giving birth & why you SHOULD NOT wear panties every day

GYNECOLOGIST and mother of three, Annie, aka ‘anniedeliversmd’ took to TikTok to reveal the things she wishes all women knew.

With 86k followers on TikTok, Annie regularly posts videos of herself answering typical questions and concerns she receives from patients.

Annie is urging women NOT to wear underwear everyday


Annie is urging women NOT to wear underwear everydayCredit: TikTok / @ anniedeliversmd

If you’re the kind of person who wears panties every day… that’s bad news for you because, according to Annie, they can cause you to develop contact dermatitis.

Annie revealed that people will often come to her and say they have vaginal irritation but usually it doesn’t seem like people have a vaginal infection.

Instead, Annie can see that many women have a defined line around the vulva, which is caused by wearing underwear every day.

Wearing underwear every day causes irritation and can lead to contact dermatitis due to the lining on your vulva all the time.

If you wear panties every day, Annie says: “I recommend carrying a ziploc bag in your purse.

“When you feel discharge, change your underwear.

“But don’t wear underwear. Your vulva skin doesn’t like them.”

Annie’s video quickly racked up a whopping 10.9 million views, with many shocked by her advice.

It has 460.9k likes, 5,040 comments and 7,146 shares.

There are many TikTok users who are shocked that some women wear panties every day – and they have commented to express this.

One person said: “Shocked at the number of women wearing underwear every day!!! Is crazy. Just wipe it off with toilet paper when it happens.”

Another added: “Why do you wear underwear every day? Is discharge from the hospital normal and healthy? ”

A third commented: “I don’t know people who use liners every day. So sad “.

The mother shared some of her birth horror stories


The mother shared some of her birth horror storiesCredit: TikTok / @ anniedeliversmd

However, there are also many TikTok users who reveal that they, in fact, wear panties every day.

One said: “Yes, I can’t go without lining.”

Another added: “I can never fail to wear a …”

A third added: “I can’t get rid of them…… .. I really hate discharges.”

Another revelation from Annie is about vaginal odor.

Annie revealed that she often gets women coming to her complaining that their vaginas smell.

“It’s true that the vagina smells,” she explains.

If you find your vagina smells musty, Annie advises: “Okay, yes, that’s normal. Vagina smells”.

If you want to know how to get rid of this smell, don’t rush to use scented vaginal soap.

Annie adds: “They’re not good for your vagina. And the smell is normal. It’s really normal. Vagina smells”.


But one TikTok user asked Annie “Is the fishy smell caused by something other than musty?” To which she replied, “A fishy odor is usually caused by a bacterial vaginosis.”

The final reveal about Annie’s and what she wishes everyone knew regarding childbirth.

For those of you who’ve had a baby, you know that the pain really is insane.

Annie explains that many pregnant women say to her during labor: “Omg get this baby out! This is the most intense feeling ever” to which she replied: “You are crowned now. What you are feeling is the baby’s head stretching you. “

And then, as if by magic, just minutes later, a healthy baby was born.

Many TikTok users have been impressed with Annie’s knowledge and advice.

One commented: “The way TikTok has really taught me a lot. this makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing! “

Another added: “I love your page.”

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My husband named our baby while I passed out after the horrible birth – now we are constantly mocked I’m a gynecologist – something I wish ALL women knew before giving birth & why you SHOULD NOT wear panties every day


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