I’m a fat wife

A ‘fat’ wife who is bravely documenting her weight loss journey online has responded to malice mocking her by saying her husband can ‘do better’ than her.

Carla and Larry White founded a fitness TikTok account together in September after Carla felt insecure about her wedding weight.

There's no denying that this couple is in love


There’s no denying that this couple is in loveCredit: Kennedy News
Larry goes to the gym every day and helps Carla with her plans


Larry goes to the gym every day and helps Carla with her plansCredit: Kennedy News

Fitness fan Larry has offered to help his wife, whose heaviest is 17, reach her goal weight of 10th after she refused to let him pick her up on her wedding day their for romantic moments.

The 29-year-old is helping push the 5ft 9in tall Carla into a new fitness routine and the pair have been documenting it on social media.

But the couple has come under fire from those questioning why Larry is marrying the 27-year-old content creator, amid a spate of insults about her weight.


In response, the pair created a video in which they listed their commonalities onscreen – including scathing remarks that marketing executive Larry ‘probably is cheating’ Carla.

The video goes on to show Carla, now 15, swaying her body before the pair embrace – to show critics they ‘don’t care’ about the remarks.

While many commenters applauded the video, some people misinterpreted the troll comments for comments written by Larry.

Carla, from San Diego, California, USA, said: “The purpose of the video is to show trolls we don’t care about.

“There is a large group of people who understand that, but some people think that Larry wrote those comments about me.

“It was a misunderstanding. People who took the time to watch our other TikTok videos understood what we were doing.

“But that comes with territory. The more viral your video is, the more people will find something negative to say.

“I’m very comfortable with the word ‘fat’, with calling myself ‘fat.’ I think there’s a misnomer – our profile is called ‘Carla and Larry’ for a reason.”

“I’m human so of course there are times when comments come to me. But it’s not like I sit and cry about it.

“I’m a positive person so I try to focus on women who see value in the videos we do. Every day, I get emails and texts thanking me for not being ashamed to be able to be. show your true self.

“It’s amazing how people who don’t even know us have our backs.”

He said: “I just make sure to support my wife and make sure she doesn’t disappoint. At the end of the day, there will be bad guys attacking whatever you do.


BREAKFAST – Croissants with Jam / Waffles / Pancakes / Bagels with cream cheese

NOUN – Fried meat with potatoes / White rice and chicken / Jersey Mike’s Subs [Ham, Cheese, Onion, Tomatoes and Pickles] / McDonald’s / Indian Takeaway / Ready Meals from Trader Joe’s

SNACKS – Fries, Fries, Ice Cream, Sorbets

DINNER – Takeaway [Chipotle, Pizzas] / Potatoes and meat / Pasta / Shish Kebabs with rice

“This particular video must have been misinterpreted. I was impatient because people thought I was defaming my wife.

Jibes says her weight is nothing new as Carla said her weight fluctuates all the time, she said: “I was always amused as a kid before losing a lot of weight as a teenager, my weight fluctuates throughout life.

“When the Coronavirus hit, I hit four stones. I really wanted to do something about it for the longest time.

“The turning point for me came on the day of our wedding last April. He always wanted to pick me up, he was a strong man.


BREAKFAST – Chia seed pudding with vanilla yoghurt and fruit / Overnight oats

NOUN – Vegetable fish / Diced chicken with vegetables / Soup

SNAKC – Fruit, Almonds, Popcorn

DINNER – Grapefruit

“But I was always so self-conscious that I never wanted him to do that and I remember we were taking wedding photos on the beach.

“Our pictures are beautiful. I really wanted him to come pick me up, but my insecurities wouldn’t allow it. That’s where the change happened, I think.”

Carla Plus-size decided to document her progress on TikTok as a way to hold herself accountable and now has over 250,000 followers.

Carla said: “I didn’t know it was going to blow up the way it was.

“Initially, I had 100 followers, then we had a viral video and we hit 60,000 followers. That’s when I thought ‘guess I really have to lose weight now’.

“I’ve almost lost a stone since the beginning of the year,” she said.

“Larry is an amazing husband and thanks to him, I’ve been on my diet.

“It’s been an amazing journey to share all of this online. I never thought of this as a potential career path.”

They work together and help each other prepare meals


They work together and help each other prepare mealsCredit: Kennedy News
Larry doesn't let trolls get to him


Larry doesn’t let trolls get to himCredit: Kennedy News
They share their TikTok account, where they now have more than 250,000 followers


They share their TikTok account, where they now have more than 250,000 followersCredit: Kennedy News
Larry wants to pick up Carla for their wedding photo shoot but her insecurities make her even better


Larry wants to pick up Carla for their wedding photo shoot but her insecurities make her even betterCredit: Kennedy News

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