I’m a doctor and here’s how to tell if your Christmas hangover is REALLY Omicron

CHRISTMAS hasn’t been canceled yet – but even if work doesn’t happen, who can say no to those weird Baileys (or two or three…) at home, regardless of whether you feel hungover the next day.

The point, however, is when you wake up groaning and reach for the paracetamol and a glass of water, are you sure it’s not? just feeling hungover?

Possible hangover symptoms "very similar" to certain Omicron symptoms


Hangover symptoms can be “very similar” to certain Omicron symptomsCredit: Getty

“At this time of year, people are enjoying themselves more than usual, and then it’s too much and you wake up feeling tired and you assume it’s just the alcohol,” says Dr. at London GP said.

Unfortunately, it might not be – you might as well be dealing with Covid.

Symptoms of the new variant Omicron “Seems to be more diverse and potentially more subtle than Delta,” says Adam, and Adam can “in the early stages, mimic hangover symptoms.”

In fact, sign of Omicron, including fatigue or extreme fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches that can be “confused with a hangover,” as well as a sore throat (“but not a sore throat”).

So, after a night of binge drinking, it can be more difficult than you expect to know if the alcohol is still swarming your body making you feel sick, not the virus.

The key is how long your ‘hangover’ symptoms last, says Adam.

“After 24 hours or so we usually expect the hangover to subside and all symptoms to go away – so if this persists we are looking at it as more likely to be an infection. Omicrons.”

“If resting and taking and lying on the sofa improves your symptoms,” he adds, “it might not be Omicron.”

It’s important to note any “additional symptoms” besides how your hangover usually feels.

“Listen to your body and think, ‘Is this the same as the hangover I’ve experienced before?’

“Because there are so many cases now, and the symptoms are often subtle, it’s really prudent to think about testing and isolating if you have a combination of symptoms,” says Adam. ‘ said Adam.

“So if you’re really tired of the headache and you also have a fever and cough for example, then self-isolate and do PCR.”

Cold symptoms, such as a stuffy and stuffy nose, can also be a sign of Omicron.

And don’t forget the previous main symptoms of a Covid infection – fever, cough or loss of smell and taste.

If resting, shopping, and lying on the sofa improves your symptoms, it’s probably not Omicron

Dr. Adam Caputa

“With those, you should immediately isolate yourself and do PCR,” says Adam.

You might think it would be an unfortunate coincidence to experience a hangover and Covid at the same time, but in fact, the timeline from exposure to when symptoms appear, “could be shorter with Omicron than previous variants,” says Adam.

Which means “if you went out the night before and got sick that night, you could start to develop symptoms the next day.”

If you’ve signed on to Omicron, as you can imagine, going through an overhead hangover probably won’t make you feel great.

“It can certainly make you feel more tired than usual, and we also know that hangover headaches can be quite annoying,” says Adam.

“[A hangover] may initially worsen or make symptoms worse, like a double-action with the virus”.

Finally, if you vaguely ask yourself: Omicron or hangover? it can be really hard to tell.

“Side flow testing can play a role, but we know if you have symptoms, you really need to do PCR testing,” says Adam.

“If we’re looking at a cluster of symptoms that don’t resolve within the typical hangover timeframe, 24 hours or so, that should definitely prompt isolation and testing.”

If there is any doubt, isolate and test.

The Sun also urges readers to sign up for the Jabs Army campaign so that the vaccine deployment goes smoothly and to Britain can be boosted.

A bacon sandwich and a cup of tea to help with a hangover wouldn’t be bad either.


If you have a combination of Omicron symptoms or any of the three previous major Covid symptoms, get a PCR test


If you have a combination of Omicron symptoms or any of the three previous major Covid symptoms, get a PCR testCredits: jon santa cruz I’m a doctor and here’s how to tell if your Christmas hangover is REALLY Omicron


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