I’m a doctor – 3 secret signs of ADHD in children and the specific behavior that can mean kids are suffering in silence

It’s that time again… the holidays are over and the kids are back at school.

And in preparation, The US Sun spoke exclusively with Dr. Zoe Martinez, who has highlighted the signs that children are silently struggling with ADHD.

dr Zoe Martinez spoke exclusively to The US Sun about signs of ADHD in children that are often ignored


dr Zoe Martinez spoke exclusively to The US Sun about signs of ADHD in children that are often ignoredPhoto credit: DoneFirst
Inattention is one of the key components of ADHD, but one of the last things leading to a diagnosis


Inattention is one of the key components of ADHD, but one of the last things leading to a diagnosisCredit: Instagram/Doneadhd

dr Martinez has worked extensively with children and adolescents diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

She is a Physician for Done ADHD and regional medical director for the company, whose goal is “to empower everyone living with ADHD to reach their full potential.”

According to the CDC, a nationwide parental survey in the US estimated that 6 million children between the ages of three and 17 have been diagnosed with the condition.

In an exclusive conversation with The US Sun, Dr. Martinez that ADHD is often recognized by the most bothersome symptoms, leading to other children going undiagnosed.

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She said, “The individuals who are recognized and diagnosed earliest are those with significant levels of hyperactivity and impulsivity.”

“It’s the kids in the class who are running around and disrupting the class. Because of this, these youngsters are often picked up and told to their parents that they are disruptive. So they are often encouraged to seek treatment and help because they drive.” The teacher is crazy.

However, those whose ADHD turns out to be inattention are often misjudged and under the radar, and these are typically women.

1. Daydreaming

The first sign parents should look for as a possible indicator of ADHD is daydreaming.

dr Martinez said, “What we know now is that the inattentive component is often left unaccounted for because a lot of these kids are daydreamers, scribblers, looking out the window.”

“They do their best to be quiet and get their work done, but often they’re not doing as well as they could, and many more of these individuals could be women.”

2. Forgetfulness

Second, in this context, another secret sign of ADHD is forgetfulness and a habit of misplacing things.

dr Martinez said that maybe they “forgot homework, misplaced their backpack, or didn’t turn in that math homework you did with them all night.”

These incidents, which can frustrate parents, may be a sign of ADHD rather than laziness or apathy.

“Sometimes children are embarrassed, sometimes … they forgot,” said the psychiatric expert.

She added, “It’s a little bit difficult because nobody wants to think there’s anything wrong with anybody.”

3. Underperformance

The third sign is an unexplained underachievement in school, which may be due to the above symptoms.

As mentioned above, your child may be doing their best, “but they’re often not doing as well as they could.”

“They suffer silently and don’t learn as well, and a lot of them just think they’re not very smart or not as good as their classmates because they don’t know any different,” said Dr. Martinez.

So, if parents notice their child thinks their child isn’t as smart as their classmates or is underperforming, but they’re not sure why, it could be a sign of ADHD.

This inattention is often so difficult to recognize as a symptom that the doctor has declared it to be the key symptom when diagnosing the disorder in adults.

About these adults who went missing as children, Dr. Martinez: “A lot of them suffer quietly in board meetings, and a lot of them, if they’re smart, could do well in school and even college…or.” Up to a point in their job, which is where the demands are get too high and they often suffer from going home and not going to sleep on time because they are trying to catch up and find a way to catch up.”

If parents are concerned that their child is exhibiting such symptoms, Dr. Martinez her advice.

“The first thing you have to do is identify these things. Diagnosing these things, especially a disorder as common as ADHD, can be helpful,” she said.

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“They’re entitled to extra services at school — that doesn’t mean they can’t be in a regular classroom, but it does mean they might be given more time for tests, or they might be able to sit in a quieter area, or closer to it.” is also helpful for a teacher to know.

“Parents don’t have to start with a psychiatrist, but depending on the insurance company, it can be a pediatrician, family doctor, nurse practitioner or doctor.”

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