I’m a coin collector – my 90’s penny is worth $5,000, but you need to look for those exact letters

Collecting COINS offers a unique challenge for those hoping to find a rare piece of history.

Coins don’t have to be old to be worth anything.

This 1992 Penny sold for $5,000


This 1992 Penny sold for $5,000Photo credit: TikTok/coinhub
This is considered one of the rarest pennies among collectors


This is considered one of the rarest pennies among collectorsPhoto credit: TikTok/coinhub

Things like misprints can make a coin very valuable at any point in time.

A great example of this is the 1992 Close AM Penny.

Although it’s literally just a dime, one of those dimes sold on eBay for $5,000 in January.

In a TikTok, CoinHub’s Blake Alma explained how to spot one.

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Search for this rare coin

A 1990’s penny sounds like it wouldn’t be too hard to find, but these are extremely rare.

Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) explained that the Close AM penny was likely part of an experimental coin to see what a new design on the reverse of the 1993 pennies would look like.

The obverse of the coin shows the year 1992 and has no minting under that date.

On the back, the A and M in America are so close together they almost overlap.

According to PCGS, the first specimen of the coin was not discovered until May 2006.

If you find one, it will surely fetch you a few thousand dollars.

Other valuable pennies

Pennies are among the most valuable coins for collectors.

A collector recently paid $1,975 for a 1909-S VDB Wheat Cent, a particularly rare Lincoln penny with a controversial history.

Victor David Brenner was commissioned to design a penny with the face of Abraham Lincoln to commemorate the 16th President’s centenary in 1909.

He printed his initials – VDB – on the back of the original 1909 Lincoln Wheat Cent design, drawing the ire of many at the time.

According to PCGS President Ron Guth, journalists in particular had concerns about the placement of Brenner’s initials.

This resulted in the initials being removed from most future mintings, leaving only 484,000 of the original design in circulation.

The value of VDB-S pennies can vary by grade and condition – the USA Coin Book lists the highest and lowest prices as $2,277 and $847 respectively.

This 1788 Massachusetts cent is also very valuable and is sought after by collectors.

The design features an image of a Native American Indian holding a bow and arrow on the front.

Surrounding the image is the text “Common” and “Wealth” on opposite sides.

Also, the date is 1788, which can be seen bottom center on the reverse.

One in MS66BN, a non-circulating variety, was sold at auction in January 2015 for a total of $37,600.

Meanwhile, the 1788 penny, which sold for $5,000 after 22 bids on eBay’s most recent listing, has been certified by PCGS at a VF level of detail.

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See which coins could be worth over $260,000.

We’ll also show you how to find rare coins, including those featuring Lincoln.

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