I’m a behavior expert and this is the REAL reason some people are always late

IF you keep running around trying to get from A to B then chances are you are a friend or family member who is always late.

Arriving late can cause friction, missed dinner reservations and train bookings leading to arguments – which is never good for relationships.

If you're always late, the good news is it's probably not really your fault, experts claim


If you’re always late, the good news is it’s probably not really your fault, experts claimCredit: Getty

Although for most people, being late is considered a negative trait and a bad behavior, experts have said that is not the case.

Psychotherapist Somia Zaman, who specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy and eye movement reprocessing and desensitization (EMDR) says that when people are late, it’s not like they’re doing it on purpose. – or they don’t care about other people’s feelings.

She explains that some people are just born optimists who believe they can successfully manage everything in their busy schedules.

Somia says these people are known as ‘over-schedulers’ and will often pack too much in a day.

She adds that these people are even more likely to be late if they are of the chatty type, as they are more likely to overwork, causing them to be late for their next appointment or meeting.

But these people aren’t always happy to run around like a headless chicken and often have problems saying no to things, Somia says.

“Some overschedulers are the ones who have trouble saying no, fearing that they might offend someone or miss out on an important opportunity (FOMO.) In this case, their unrealistic plans their day is a reflection of their worries rather than their excitement,” she said Metro.

But Somia says others fully accept their tardiness, like Kanye West did on his 2007 track Stronger, where he tells listeners “you should all be honored by my tardiness”.

Somia says that people with this personality are often ‘self-fulfilling prophets’.

This happens when someone is late, she says, almost part of their personal brand and doesn’t even feel like they have to try and be on time anymore because that’s what people expect of them. .

She says latecomers can also be procrastinators.

This group of people is often preoccupied with doing other things, pushing back on the task that really needs to be done.

“With this group, there may be some element of executive dysfunction. But they may also struggle with some level of anxiety, which makes the transition from one place to another so difficult. difficult for them,” she said.

Another expert suggested that for some people the late arrival was due to how highly the individual was bought.


When it comes to being late, some people may develop this trait from their parents, such as if they didn’t grow up with their mom and dad in the house and their parents pick them up late every weekend, which can into adult life.

This can happen one of two ways, says time management expert and director of The One Moment Company, Carmel Moore.

She says if you have a parent who always picks you up from school late, you might be too punctual.

This causes trouble for anyone else on your team, as if they’re late they might be seen as ‘underdog’, she says.

Another thing to consider is that not everyone’s brain works the same way.

Somia adds that people with conditions like autism or ADHD find time management difficult.

She says that poor time keeping often leads to struggling to organize everything and losing things.

If you have a friend who is always late, there are things you can do to help, remember that there may be a reason why they are late and they may feel overwhelmed.

Ask if there is a way you can help or support them.

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