I’m 22 and met my girlfriend on a big dating app

After dating a bunch of slim women, singer Zayn Malik has turned in another direction.

The Sun on Sunday revealed information about the former One Direction star, 29 years old Abi Clarke, the beauty Abi Clarke after dating supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Zayn Malik has an affair with Towie's Abi Clarke behind her supermodel lover Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik has an affair with Towie’s Abi Clarke behind her supermodel lover Gigi Hadid

The Towie beauty revealed to a friend that he was whining to her about all the skinny girls in LA

The Towie beauty revealed to a friend that he was whining to her about all the skinny girls in LA

Abi, 30, who met Zayn in Los Angeles, told a friend he loved her sexy bum and even whined to her about all the skinny girls in LA.

The news comes after it was reported that Zayn had signed up for the oversized dating app WooPlus After breaking up last October from Gigi, the mother of 16-month-old daughter Khai.

Zayn is certainly not the only man who thinks bigger is better when it comes to love.

Plus-scale dating has become serious business.

There are now a bunch of apps and websites that champion “beautiful women” (BBW) and target guys who like them more than fairer-skinned girls.

We talk to some oversized data experts, as well as a slim guy who thinks curvy girls are better in bed.

‘Weight couple can be hard but his feelings are real’

Megan Goldberger met her boyfriend Si Kobia on the big dating app BBWCupid

Megan Goldberger met her boyfriend Si Kobia on the big dating app BBWCupid

FITNESS instructor Megan Goldberger, 25, from Bridgend in South Wales, started meeting Si Kobia, 27, after meeting him on the big size dating app BBWCupid.

Megan, who is 5ft 3in tall and wears a size 22 dress, says Si, a manager of the board, loves her curves. She believes oversized dating apps allow girls like her to shine, and said, “I first met Si in December. He said in his app profile that he likes girls. can be shaped with curves.

“I’m 22 and I’m a fitness trainer for older girls. I also went to the beauty contest, so I know how to dress seductively to show off my figure.

“We started right away and exchanged a lot of texts before our London Eye date.

“I love that Si isn’t afraid to say that he likes older girls, unlike some of the slim guys I’ve dated before.

“Si is proud to have my arm and take me out to dinner or to a club and not hide me.

“People might be surprised to learn that my type is super muscular men, like Si. It sounds hypocritical, but we can’t help the people we love.

“Becoming a weight couple is not always easy. Sadly, sometimes we get weird looks when we go out and I hear weird voices from skinny girls asking what a “hot” guy is doing with a “fat” guy. like me. It hurts but I try to ignore it.

“I know Si’s feelings for me are sincere, so it’s important.

“Zayn has given men of all shapes and sizes the courage to say they like big girls and that’s the right thing to do. celebration.

Si adds, “I date all kinds of women but I like plus size girls, that’s why I use those particular apps.

“When I saw Megan’s profile on the dating app, I knew I had to text her.

“She is beautiful and I love her curves. We also love fitness.

“Large dating apps are great because if you like bigger girls, going through thousands of profiles to find a big woman on a standard dating app will save you money. But girls can scoff at me dating an older woman, which I can’t stand.”

‘Suck and breasts are clear, beauty is not just a size 8’

Jade Dando says the sheer number of dating apps proves how much men like big girls

Jade Dando says the sheer number of dating apps proves how much men like big girls

ADMIN Manager Jade Dando, 25, from Swindon, Wilts, is 5ft tall and wears a size 18 or 20. But she prefers slim guys and says: “I love that there are so many dating apps out there these days. large size, proving how much men have as teenage girls.

“On “normal” apps, we feel like we stand out like a sore thumb and can be ignored, mocked and abused. Or we get attacked by skinny guys, which can be terrifying and make you feel violated.

“Others don’t look at your profile correctly and ignore you when you arrange a date and remind them how big you are.

“But big bottoms and big boobs are all the rage right now and the idea of ​​being a size 8 is changing.

“But I have to admit, I don’t like fat men and like skinny guys like Zayn. It sounds hypocritical, but I am. Today I’m proud of my size but growing up was tough.

“My slimmer friends always had boyfriends at school and I was always single.

“Sometimes I think guys ask me out to parties because they feel sorry for me.

“When I first used dating apps, there was a real stigma associated with plus size women.

“Men think I’m desperate. It’s humiliating. I will not accept the second best person or the person who sympathizes with anyone.

“Zayn is showing men that liking big girls is possible and nothing to be ashamed of.”

‘Men are no longer afraid to admit they like girls with curves’

Hannah Golding uses the oversized dating app Zayn Malik is using

Hannah Golding uses the oversized dating app Zayn Malik is using

PAGEANT trainer and mother of one Hannah Golding, 32, from Swindon, Wilts, is 5ft 6in and wears a size 20. She uses a number of plus size dating apps, including Zayn’s. , WooPlus.

“I want to show people that plus size women are just as lovely and valuable as slim women,” she said.

“WooPlus is great. It targets men who love plus size women and allows you to eliminate the waste of time. On casual apps, many men list plus-size as their “twist”, which makes you feel like a freak.

“A lot of men use plus size women for cheap thrills and lead you, then don’t show up on a date.

“It was just a joke to them – maybe something they sit around doing with their partners.

“A guy who was messing with me on Tinder finally admitted that he only dared to talk to me when he dared.

“Others use fake profiles and see an oversized woman as an easygoing person, assuming we are lonely and hopeless.

“The worst thing is guys who think if you’re oversized you have to want to be ‘fed’ to gain weight and they judge us.

“On WooPlus, men are very serious about preferring curvy women.

“I feel much more comfortable using full-size dating apps and now there are so many things to choose from. It’s a huge and growing market.

“As an oversized girl, it’s hard to meet people in ‘real life’.

“I used to hang out with girls under 18 and was completely ignored by girls and treated like a ‘big girlfriend’.

“That’s why I use TikTok and Instagram to talk about relationships and great dating, to share my experiences.

“For years, a lot of men kept their crush on teenage girls a secret and pretended to like skinny girls.

“In 2022, more and more people are using plus size apps, proving that men are no longer afraid to admit to their partners that they like plus size girls.

“I can’t believe Zayn is a fan of big girls, especially after he’s dated little girls like Perrie Edwards and Gigi.

“I was shocked – but he was waving the flag for our girls. We’re not everyone’s joke anymore and are just as sexy and relational as slim girls.”

‘Guys secretly want to date older women’

Joe Hutchins says Zayn Malik has inspired men to be more open to liking bigger women

Joe Hutchins says Zayn Malik has inspired men to be more open to liking bigger women

BAR manager Joe Hutchins, 26, from Truro in Cornwall, loves to date plus size women – but he thinks guys are too scared to admit it to their friends.

Joe said: “I was very emotional when I heard that Zayn likes big girls. He is a good looking guy and often dates slim models. But by signing up for an oversized dating app, he inspired men to be more open-minded about liking bigger women and not worry about what their partners think.

“I love plus size women. I like something to embrace. They are also better in bed. One of my previous girlfriends was a size 18 and another a size 20. They were also more adventurous between sheets than some of my slimmer ex-girlfriends.

“I often see super skinny girls so needy, worried about everything they eat and do – and how they look naked.

“Growing up, a lot of older girls were teased in school or ended up being asked out. I know a lot of girls who secretly want to date them but are too scared of what their partner might say.

“Zayn is not the dashing type of person you would think would like an older girl, especially after dating Gigi and Perrie. But now he is showing the men that they should play on the field to scale.”

Little Willy? There’s an app for that…

Whatever your preference, there is a dating app for everyone.

Here are some apps suitable for specific interests. . .

Dinky One – for men with a small penis

Tastebuds – let people connect through music

Raya – like Tinder for celebrities

Loosid – for those who love to eat

Feeld – for open-minded singles and couples having passionate sex and/or threesome

S’More – visualize the TV show Love Is Blind but on a dating app
Lumen – over 50 years old

Bald Dating – does what it says on tin, helps hairless people find love

NUiT – for astrological seeds, combinations according to the stars

HER – for gay and non-binary women

Dig; Tabby – for dog and cat owners/lovers respectively

Kippo – for video players

Zayn Malik plays emoji game on full-size dating app I’m 22 and met my girlfriend on a big dating app


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