If the player can’t understand no means no, kneeling is meaningless

There is no sport more consciously awakened than our national game – football.

Rainbow tightens to support LGBT rights. Formally kneeling before each match to protest against racism. Pious slogans are plastered all over our stadia and screens. The dreary silence before so many games.

Tony Parsons said: If players can't understand, doesn't mean no, kneeling is meaningless


Tony Parsons said: If players can’t understand doesn’t mean no, kneeling is meaninglessCredit: AFP
In the same week that Mason Greenwood and Benjamin Mendy appeared in the headlines, in Scotland, Raith Rovers briefly signed David Goodwillie - ruled a rapist in a civil case - because he was' a proven scorer'


In the same week that Mason Greenwood and Benjamin Mendy appeared in the headlines, in Scotland, Raith Rovers briefly signed David Goodwillie – ruled a rapist in a civil case – because he was ‘ a proven scorer’Credit: The Sun

Our football is so preoccupied with mending the world, it’s amazing how anyone can spin to kick a ball.

And while good intentions often appear dangerously superficial – football players are eerily silent about human rights abuses in Qatar, where they host this year’s World Cup – it’s fun to watching football must at least try to develop a social conscience.

Because not so long ago, games were a safe space for vicious, unregulated racism.

Not long ago, football was in the dark.

So if guys want to get on their knees and put on their rainbow lanyards to make this world a better, kinder, more inclusive place, then good luck to them.

But there is one area where football’s progressive, enlightened attitude falls short – that of the game’s attitude towards women.

England manager Gareth Southgate has spoken eloquently about the need to treat people of all races with respect.

Maybe it’s time for Gareth to say a few words about our obligation to treat WOMEN with respect.

From Manchester United Mason Greenwood was suspended by his club after 72 hours in a police cell, detained on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and death threats.

Manchester City Benjamin Mendy currently facing allegation of seven rapesone attempted rape and one sexually assaulted six alleged victims.

Greenwood and Mendy are of course innocent until proven guilty.

But it’s time to think. Because in the same week that Greenwood and Mendy appeared in the headlines, in Scotland, Raith Rovers briefly signed David Goodwillie – ruled a rapist in a civil case – because he was “a Proven goal scorer”. Beyond belief.

As if hitting the net regularly is much more important than a rape verdict.

In a 2017 civil case, the former Scotland Goodwillie international was found guilty of raping a woman six years earlier.

His move to Raith has sparked fury among players, fans and club sponsor, crime author Val McDermid.

“I don’t want to do anything with it,” said Val, withdrawing the club’s shirt sponsorship, “I would also tear up my season ticket. This is a heartbreaking thing for me and for many other fans I know. ”

Stunned by the backlash, Raith hastily turned down Goodwillie just days after signing him, but not before they attempted to justify his signing.

“While acknowledging the gravity of what happened ten years ago,” they bleed, “as a club we fully support and encourage rehabilitation.”

It shouldn’t take Raith Rovers a few days to realize that football – the family game – should never be a safe space for rapists. There’s something rotten in the heart of football, and it’s a deep-seated aberration.

Today, elite players are rich beyond imagination. There will certainly be plenty of sexual opportunities.

The players are like rock stars with six packs.

But it doesn’t matter how rich and famous you are, guys. The basic rules of human courtesy apply to a Premier League footballer just like any other man and boy. And it’s really not that complicated.

Even the best in the Premier League must understand what consent means and that no man should raise his hand to a woman.

Even the most seasoned footballer should understand – by no means not. Footballers need to start treating women with respect.

And if they can’t manage that, then all the rainbow-tie and knee-jerk actions in the world are pointless.

Never have to work for a living

CAUSE Harry says he experienced “burnout” from his difficult life, but was saved through meditation.

“I’m being taught by the universe,” said Harry simply.

Thank goodness he never had to work for a living.


HEN Boris Johnson and Michael Gove reveal their latest big plan to fix Britain, why should anyone believe their word?

This is also Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, who swore that blind energy bills would fall after we left the EU.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove swear that blind energy bills will drop after we leave the EU


Boris Johnson and Michael Gove swear that blind energy bills will drop after we leave the EUCredit: Getty

Writing in The Sun in 2016, Gove and Johnson looked the British people in the eye and pledged that leaving the EU would mean “lower fuel bills for everyone”.

How did that happen? Not good.

On Thursday, regulators revealed that the energy price cap was skyrocketing by nearly £700, bringing the typical household bill to almost £2,000.

This figure is bulged by grotesque, credibly green taxes and the PM’s failure to intervene in VAT cuts, now dismissed by Boris as a “blunt tool”, who seems quite interested in this idea when he first proposed it.

But the pledge to cut energy bills was just another in a long line of promises made in the heat of the 2016 referendum, and now broken.

In fact, I can’t really think of a Brexit promise that has been kept. Not one.
Tax cut? Is not. Reducing energy bills? Is not. Control our borders?

No – we are currently taking in £4.7m a DAY on migrant hotels.

Implement EU regulations? No, because it wouldn’t fit the Prime Minister’s pathetic green dream of single-handedly saving the planet.

Increased prosperity? It’s a funny story.

The two big post-Brexit success stories were our launch of a world-beating vaccine and our ability to provide shelter to Hong Kong citizens fleeing Communist oppression – two things no one has seen yet. arrived in 2016.

But the biggest political story in our country right now has to be this Government has broken every bold Brexit promise it has made.

Have you ever felt cheated? Gove and Johnson betrayed Brexit and 17.4 million of us voted for it.

Personally, I will never believe a word they say.

An inspiration

BARRING tragic accidents, the next three kings will all be kings – King Charles III, who follows his son King William V, who follows his son King George VII.

But today we celebrate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne. From Churchill to Boris, she has seen 14 Prime Ministers come and go.

She gave The Beatles their MBE and our Bobby Moore World Cup. She knighted Captain Tom Moore in the midst of a pandemic.

At the age of ninety, the Queen endured years of unbearable hardship for both her country and her family. And she has been an inspiration.

She connects us to the past, giving us solace in the present and hope for the future. King Charles III, King William V and King George VII will all reign under this Queen’s shadow.


Have now watched two episodes of Disney’s Pam & Tommy and I can report – wow!

There can only be two Pamela Andersons – the real Baywatch Babe and the gorgeous incarnation of Lily James in Disney’s Pam & Tommy.

Pam and Tommy are obviously crazy about each other


Pam and Tommy are obviously crazy about each otherCredit: Getty

Lily as Pam is the best impersonation since – well, when?

Helen Mirren as the Queen? Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking? Michael Sheen as Chris Tarrant, Tony Blair, David Frost, Kenneth Williams and Brian Clough? Kirk Douglas as Vincent van Gogh?

Lily’s performance as Pam was superb.

Tommy Lee’s manly age plays a major role – perhaps unsurprisingly – but it’s a talking penis here, offering sage advice on the way of the heart, such as, “We We have to keep it in constant training, Men.”

Lily James looks exactly like Pamela Anderson. Sebastian Stan looks exactly like Tommy Lee.

And Tommy’s chat member looks a bit like Telly Savalas.

Pam and Tommy are obviously very upset about each other. Ultimately – and oddly for a series about a sex tape – Pam & Tommy is above all a love story.

A love story with a talking child.

Tell it to the six million Jews who were exterminated, Whoopi

It’s NOT about race,” Whoopi Goldberg, left, says of the Massacre on America’s Talk Show The View. “These are two groups of white people.”

Tell it to the six million Jews who were exterminated because of their race, Whoopi.


MET Chief of Police, Cressida Dick, has sent her detectives to Downing Street to uncover the secrets of Partygate.

Dick’s detectives would have spent their time more effectively if they had investigated how she presided over the dramatic drop in Met standards.

A damning report reveals a toxic culture in her officers, ranked with a disgusting attitude towards Muslims, blacks and women, hidden beneath the surface – you guessed it – “joke”.

It was useless Dick who described Wayne Couzens – the Met officer who kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard – as a bad apple.

Miss Dick, your whole orchard is rotting.


KATE looked beaming at Twickenham as she clearly enjoyed her new role as patron of the Rugby League and Rugby League.

It’s hard to imagine Meghan enjoying a cold February day in Twickenham. In fact, it’s hard to imagine Meghan ever looking so happy.

Kate Middleton beams as she looks at Twickenham in her new role as Rugby League and Rugby League patron


Kate Middleton beams as she looks at Twickenham in her new role as Rugby League and Rugby League patronCredit: Splash If the player can’t understand no means no, kneeling is meaningless


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