I Wish Final Fantasy XIV Let You Romance NPCs

I’m still at the peak of mixed feelings after finishing Final Fantasy 14‘s Endwalker – arguably the best MMO expansion to date. The Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc has ended, leaving our Warriors of Light at peace for the first time in a long time. I love every bit of it, but I still feel like something is missing. It seems like the game has evolved to a natural level where it can easily incorporate player-NPC relationships, but for some reason it hasn’t taken the final step into being what the fandom aspires to be. most thirsty.

Our favorite NPC characters have evolved naturally with each expansion, and it’s great to see through their history and witness their journey to become who they are today. As Square Enix has added more and more content, these characters have evolved beyond being mere supporting characters who were merely there to set the scene and help tell the story, but have instead become a living part of the story. game.

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One of the major twists to this was introduced in Shadowbringers, where our beloved Scions became part of the action and joined us in the main scenario quest dungeons through Trust System. Instead of partying with other players, Scions and your allies will join you as AI companions, so there’s no need to wait for others. This content may be aimed at players who prefer solo and skip the queue, it offers more than just simple gameplay mechanics.

Final Fantasy 14 Trust in the Tower of Zot

Characters that previously only really came to life during cutscenes or a few oddities can now run with us as we ride or die in dungeons. With the advent of Trusts, I feel that we as player characters are starting to build more relationships with NPCs and each player will get a different experience depending on the character. go with them or in any role.

This idea of ​​a more consistent gameplay has also been extended in Endwalker. One main scenario quest saw players choosing Scion meet them on a late-night rendezvous, which could easily be seen as having romantic connotations. Playing that particular mission and realizing how similar it was to BioWare’s final scenes of romances made me suddenly feel the concept could work well, when I had previously brushed it off. fanciful thinking.

Our personally chosen main scenario quests reflect any romantic relationship we might be a part of that will be a dream come true for many fans, who who love to deliver WoL with their favorite Scion. Imagine you could trigger more of these scenes just by visiting your chosen beau wherever they have BioWare? Fancy a quick kiss? Go to Waking Sands and hit Urianger up. Or if you have a personal apartment or FC house, perhaps you can invite them back to your own little love nest. That would be Gposer’s paradise.

Final Fantasy Y'shtola

There are always some small elements that show promise when it comes to this idea, such as character dialogue that changes depending on your own progression in the game. For example, Estinien’s dialogue in Heavensward is slightly different if you’ve completed the Dragoon quest, as he acknowledges you as a fellow Azure Dragoon.

Same idea, but imagine he’s talking to you differently because you have an intimate relationship. Or imagine the lines used in Trusts are different because your NPC buddy is your romantic partner. G’raha heals you during a panic attack in the middle of a dungeon because he doesn’t want his lover to get hurt, or Thancred teases you that you’ll make him jealous if you continue to be targeted by other men. when he accidentally received hate while he was riding the tank. It will be lovely.

Romance in MMOs is pretty rare, though not unheard of – look at you, SWTOR – but there are plenty of games that FF14 can draw inspiration from. Loads of single-player games with romance options that involve gift giving, so imagine you’re hunting for the perfect gift for each Scion. It can be a lot of fun figuring out what items NPCs love, as well as the idea of ​​them reacting poorly to a bad gift selection – you know Alisae won’t appreciate a sandwich meat with pickles. On that note, imagine the date: you can choose a location to take your daughter-in-law to, maybe characters like Estinien will also wear normal costumes instead of their armor. Treat them to a night out at the Gold Saucer, or go see Eulmore’s pole dancers. Anything that floats your NPC ship.

Final Fantasy Estinien and Alphinaud

The Genshin Impact Hangout Event will be another great template to draw from, where players can take part in special story missions with specific characters that have multiple endings depending on the choices made. in the task. Perhaps it could be quests like this that improve your relationship with a certain NPC, or completely put you off if you choose the wrong options. Perhaps intentionally twisting one of these things would be your way of dumping a character, leaving you free to go and romance your newer lover.

If we’re being realistic, of course there’s a limit to the characters you can romance. As I battled the wave of fandom pressure not to fall in love with Emet-Selch, Endwalker broke through my defenses. Fans love to romance him, but it won’t work if it’s based on the plot of the story. The same goes for Haurchefant. It would be too harsh to romanticize a character and then they leave for… whatever reason. The Scions seem to be the easiest set of characters to pick, but even then you run the risk of ending your romance prematurely. The expanded ally has several notable candidates that would be ideal – Aymeric, Hien, Yugiri, Magnai, Sadu, or Cirilla, to name a few.

There will probably be a fair number of players who don’t like the idea of ​​being able to romance NPCs, but the beauty of it is that it won’t affect their gameplay at all. If they don’t want to be romantic with someone, they don’t have to. The content will revolve around each player as always, so if you don’t love an NPC, that character won’t love anyone – unless it’s another NPC in the story, of course. So it wouldn’t be dangerous to see Scions sucking blood with other players in the side alleys of Ul’dah. Sure, you’ll still get a Twitter feed flooded with heads-ups sharing screenshots or their favorite artwork of their ships, but it happened anyway. out. It is impossible to escape the gossip of the community.

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