I was raped by the famous Playboy Bunny actor and feared for my life after I blew the whistle at Hugh Hefner’s mansion.

BRINGING a strong play on Playboy, Miki Garcia feels empowered and determined to rise through the ranks of a powerful company.

But her brief rise to fame as one of Hugh Hefner’s Playmates, and a later career as an advertising executive at Playboypaid a heavy price.

Miki Garcia Rose was a Playmate in the early 1970s


Miki Garcia Rose was a Playmate in the early 1970sCredit: A&E
Hugh Hefner surrounded himself with his playmates at the mansion


Hugh Hefner surrounded himself with his playmates at the mansion

Rejected the promised Player of the Year title after refusing to sleep with HefnerShe said she was twice raped by a famous actor and left psychologically traumatized by the ‘hit’ world of the Playboy mansion, where fellow models were engulfed in drug addiction. death and even murder.

When she bravely blew the whistle for Hef – at a 1985 investigation into the porn industry – she was threatened by his associates and lived in fear for her life.

Fifty years later, before the explosive documentary Playboy’s Secret – which aired on Crime + Investigation on March 23 – she told The Sun that the imaginary world Hugh Hefner had created at the His infamous Los Angeles mansion “does not allow the consent of women”.

“When you entered the world of Playboy, you were controlled by Hefner and his team,” she said.

“It’s like a cult. The women were brainwashed and groomed to believe they were part of his family, and he actually believed he owned these women. We have Playmate friends who overdosed, playmates who committed suicide.

“Many of them start taking drugs to quit smoking. It was painful. There is a model. They walked through the door of the damn mansion and they got out in a horrible, horrible way.”

The 10-part documentary examines what goes on behind the doors of the Playboy mansion through the eyes of old playmates including Sondra Theodore, who dated Hef when she was 19 and he was 50, and claimed he used her as a drug mule.

Jennifer Saginor, whose father was a doctor and Hef’s best friend, grew up at the mansion and revealed that she has been exposed to drug pleasures since the age of 11.

“I would see women naked with men around them. I’ll see them on the floor on all fours and they’re high on drugs. It scared me,” she said.

“The men laughed and I remember thinking, ‘I never want to be like these girls,’ running around like animals.

“This is not about women’s empowerment, it’s about the breakdown of a woman.”

Miki, who worked for the company from 1973 to 1982, says sexual assault and rape are part of the Playmate’s common experience, but they have kept quiet in the face of threats and coercion.

She said her own rapist told her no one would believe her if she reported him, because she wears the famous Playboy bunny logo.

Hugh Hefner will make Jeffrey Epstein look like a choir boy – he’s ruined so many lives

Miki Garcia

Hefner died a month before the Me Too movement went viral in October 2017, following sexual abuse allegations against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

But Miki believes there is “no doubt” that, if he were alive, he would face prosecution for his treatment of vulnerable young women.

“He’s going to make Jeffrey Epstein look like a boy in the choir,” she said. “He ruined so many lives. Today they are damaged. I am broken today. You can’t recover from that experience, you just have to manage it, if you’re lucky. ”

Sex with Hef is a ‘given’

Miki was discovered after entering a beauty pageant, and was promised the coveted Player of the Year title when she was brought to the mansion to meet Hefner.

“I was super worried because I knew that if I didn’t go to bed with him, I wouldn’t get Playmate of the Year,” she said.

As she approached the powerful businessman, at Marilyn’s insistence, he was opening a giant sex toy that made her feel nauseous.

Miki told Marilyn she wouldn’t have sex with him, and they drove back to her office, where the other models were. There, Marilyn “raised a toast to her new Playmate of the Year… Cyndi Wood”.

“That was my first business lesson from Hugh Hefner,” says Miki.

The Playboy boss is said to have tried to get into bed with Miki three more times, but she always refused.

“It’s not forced, physically, but it’s almost like a given in his world,” she said.

“I’m not saying Cyndi slept with him and I believe there were a few other playmates who didn’t accept his request, but in general most did.”

He was expecting his playmates to sleep with him, Miki said


He was expecting his playmates to sleep with him, Miki saidCredit: Getty
Bunnies are part of the Playboy brand


Bunnies are part of the Playboy brandCredit: Getty

Playmates drugged and forced to have sex

Miki has tried to avoid parties at the mansion but is usually there on a job basis and says drugs, including tranquilizers and cocaine, abound.

“Young women are under tremendous pressure to follow the Playboy lifestyle he sells through magazines, but people don’t realize how harmful it is in practice,” she said.

“The villa is beautiful. Everything is set up to perfection – buffet, bar – and young women don’t have to be over 21 legally to drink, get drunk, use drugs.

“I have seen women affected by medication given to them by Hefner and others and I can tell that some of them really don’t want to go upstairs.

“The things that did, it was to get favor with him… he pitted women against women, to divide and conquer.

“He can control them and make them sleep with them and do whatever else he wants – sleep with his friends or do things that are beyond the ‘normal’ gender. I can say that many of my playmates are uncomfortable with that. “

Miki reveals abuse of playmates in documentary


Miki reveals abuse of playmates in documentaryCredit: A&E
Miki was Playmate of the Month January 1973


Miki was Playmate of the Month January 1973Credit: Playboy

TV star made me shower in between rapes

Miki was raped twice by a famous actor in her early years, Playmate. She was working for the company’s advertising arm, appearing at a motor show, along with her attacker – who she still won’t name.

He tried to get into her hotel room, and when she threatened to call the police, he squeezed himself between her and the phone.

“He told me there was nothing I could do and I knew it was true,” she said.

The actor – still alive and “doing well” according to Miki – made her take a shower before raping her a second time, because he wanted her to be “fresh”.

Miki didn’t report the rape to her bosses at Playboy because she didn’t want to be seen as “a scoundrel or someone who can’t do the job”.

“It was the 1970s and it was a very difficult time for any young woman to say they had been raped, especially by someone in power,” she said.

“It is something that I have to bury deep in my heart. I’m not the only one being raped. Those you play are at risk… men think they can have sugar with them. “

Miki at the White House dinner with her boyfriend


Miki at the White House dinner with her boyfriendCredit: Getty
Dorothy Stratton, 1980's Playmate, Murdered


Dorothy Stratton, 1980’s Playmate, MurderedCredit: Getty
Hefner inspects the rabbit's costume at the LA . mansion


Hefner inspects the rabbit’s costume at the LA . mansionCredit: Getty

Drug addict abandoned by Hef

Miki was promoted to Playmate Advertising Manager, in charge of booking girls to events – and collecting negative reports about the brand and Hefner.

She said she was regularly called in to “talk to her playmates” about suicide.

“The pulling power of that mansion, and his strength is just too much for most people. And once they get into drugs, they’re out of control,” she said.

“When they bottom out, Hefner won’t support them.”

Miki was asked not to help a promising model, who had fallen into a spiral after becoming addicted to cocaine, because she had “got herself into the mess”.

Fear for her life after the threats

Miki quit her job after it became “too much” in 1982, following the murder of model Dorothy Stratton by her abusive partner.

In 1985, when the US government ordered an investigation of pornographic magazines, she was the only Playmate to testify and was horrified.

“I knew I was up against a mighty entity. Not just Hefner himself but all his attorneys and the company,” she said.

“But I was determined to speak out. I told what was happening to the women, that they were being forced into terrible things. I testified about drugs, rape, abuse, rape, many of which a young woman should not be subjected to. ”

Warned by some members of the organization, Miki bravely said that she had to hire bodyguards to protect her.

“I have feared for my life for many years,” she said. “Hefner wanted me to be quiet. He lied about me to tarnish my reputation.

“I told one of his envoys that if anything were to happen to me, my family, or anyone close to me, I would turn over all the information and documents that I have received. I have for the police.

“And if I were to die, someone else was instructed to hand over everything.

“I think that’s what kept me alive. Hef was afraid that all of this would come out – and I’ve got hard evidence to back it up”.

Miki is excited that new material means women have broken their silence on the reality behind the Playboy fantasy.

“Playboy has changed and I think they’re working to be more female-friendly, but they still have a history of exploitation and a lot of things that need to be cleared up,” she said.

“They sold our nudity to heavy porn sites and that was a huge pain for me.

“I can’t tell you how it affected me being degraded and used as a means to induce others to access and view objectionable content with extreme sexual behavior.

“There are lessons for the present from our past.”

Secrets of Playboy airs on Crime + Investigation from March 23 and is available to stream on CI play from March 24

The parties at the Mansion are usually drug use organizations


The parties at the Mansion are usually drug use organizationsCredit: Getty
Life at Playboy Mansion is sold as a fantasy


Life at Playboy Mansion is sold as a fantasyCredit: Getty I was raped by the famous Playboy Bunny actor and feared for my life after I blew the whistle at Hugh Hefner’s mansion.


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