I was pinned to the ground by cops after using the Walmart self-checkout for failing to show my receipt for a $5 frozen pizza

A police officer was beaten after he was filmed appearing to hold a Walmart customer by the neck over charges of stealing a $5 frozen pizza.

Dayton Borisouth, 24, had a receipt for buying the pizza and can be heard in the video urging the police officer to show him proof that he paid for the pizza multiple times.

Dayton Borisouth, 24, had a receipt for buying a $5 pizza at a Kansas City Walmart


Dayton Borisouth, 24, had a receipt for buying a $5 pizza at a Kansas City WalmartCredit: TikTok/viviana_borisouth
The 24-year-old was held by several police officers and handcuffed


The 24-year-old was held by several police officers and handcuffedCredit: TikTok/viviana_borisouth

On June 1, Borisouth paid for a pizza at a self-service checkout at a Walmart in Kansas City, Kansas.

After paying, he didn’t put the pizza in a bag and tried to leave the store.

A uniformed, armed police officer then asked if he had a receipt for the item he had purchased, and that’s when the situation came to a head.

Borisouth reportedly replied “yes” but didn’t stop to show him, instead continuing towards the door.

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The 24-year-old stated that he had been pushed against a wall and then to the ground.

Borisouth’s uncle Christopher Enloe began recording the incident when it became controversial, and Borisouth’s wife Vivianna (@viviana_borisouth) posted it on TikTok.

The Video It quickly went viral and received more than 400,000 views.

In the video, a uniformed police officer, whose name has not been released by the Kansas City Police Department, ties Borisouth by the neck with his hands.

Blue-haired Borisouth is shirtless and wears black shorts with black socks and mules from Under Armour.

He also had a “work blade” in his pocket, but claimed he had no intention of using it.

“I shook my head, no [when I saw an officer coming toward me] and said, “Stop chasing me.” You don’t have the right to hold me. “I didn’t break any laws,” and then he held me in the corner where the claw machine was,” Borisouth told a local affiliate WFIR.

The 24-year-old then tried to pull the receipt out of his pocket – and reported this to the officer.

But the police officer asked Borisouth to take his hands out of his pockets.

Borisouth is heard pleading: “Here’s the damn receipt, bro. “Read it stupid***” as the officer continues to hold him down.

But the cop doesn’t seem to make any attempt to find or look at the receipt, or allow Borisouth to show him proof that he paid for the $5 frozen pizza.

Instead, the police officer continued to hold the 24-year-old on the ground, and Borisouth can be heard repeatedly begging the officer to “read the receipt.”

Eventually, two more police officers arrived at the Kansas City Walmart to assist the first officer.

At this point, Borisouth turns to his uncle, who is still filming the incident, begs for help and says, “Can you let him read the receipt?”

Around that time, the other two officers who had just arrived at the scene got involved and tried to grab Borisouth’s arms.

Borisouth tried to put his hands under his face and was heard telling officers, “Calm down.”

However, they continued to tie him up – now three men against one.

Seconds later, it appeared as if Borisouth’s neck had been pinned to the ground by the police officers.

Borisouth can be heard screaming while being handcuffed and several Walmart customers shout to protest the incident.

When officers lifted Boriouth to his feet, the receipt lay on the floor in plain sight.

A passer-by picked up the receipt from the ground and handed it to one of the police officers.

Borisouth was put in the back seat of a police car and charged with non-compliance.

However, the charges were later dropped.

Many viewers expressed outrage at the violence used against the man after seeing the clip.

“Lawsuit! Get a lawyer quick,” one person said.

Another said: “Once you’ve paid for it, it’s your property. You don’t have to show security or the police proof that you bought it. I hope he gets paid well.”

A third person wrote: “I see a man with his belongings being attacked by three men with guns and thrown to the ground. Lawsuit and prison sentence for the policeman.

Another person wrote: “SUE SUE, bring assault charges against him and it would be better if someone got fired!”

On June 10, the Kansas City Police Department issued a statement opinion It was said on Facebook that disciplinary action would be taken against two of the three officers, but none of them were suspended.

The statement said: “The off-duty officer observed the individual walking towards the exit with unpackaged goods. When asked to show his receipt, the person refused, became aggressive, and continued walking out the door despite the officer’s verbal instructions.

“We have concluded that given the circumstances at the time, the officer should have resigned.

“The investigation also revealed that one of the responding officers employed techniques that were not approved or trained by the department.”

They continued, “As a result of these findings, both officers have been sanctioned in line with the guidelines and will be undergoing additional training to ensure future compliance.”

“The charge against the person for obstructing the investigation was dismissed at the request of the police.”

The police did not provide any information on the disciplinary measures taken against the officers.

The US Sun has reached out to the Kansas City Police Department, the Kansas City Mayor and Walmart for comment.

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Robert Arrieta, senior manager of Walmart Media Relations, told The US Sun, “We do not publicly discuss in-store procedures related to asset protection and security.” I will direct you to Kansas City, Kansas, PD for more information on the situation of their officials.”

The US Sun has not received a response from the Kansas City Police Department or the mayor as of press time.

The Kansas City Police Department said,


The Kansas City Police Department said, “One of the responding officers used techniques that were not approved or trained by the department.”Credit: TikTok/viviana_borisouth
Dayton Borisouth, 24, said police would not look at the receipt


Dayton Borisouth, 24, said police would not look at the receiptPhoto credit: Facebook/Viviana Borisouth
The incident happened at a Walmart in Kansas City, Kansas [FILE IMAGE]


The incident happened at a Walmart in Kansas City, Kansas [FILE IMAGE]Photo credit: Getty


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