I was arrested before my date but still had dinner with him

ONE woman told about the weird first date she went on seven years ago, with a guy STILL texting her.

After completely falling for the man she matched on a dating app, Jesse Peterson stayed for dinner with him, and then he started saying he wanted her to meet his family.

The woman who stayed to date the catfish


The woman who stayed to date the catfishCredit: Tiktok / @ tinderdistrict

Jesse used her TikTok account to reveal the dramatic turn her date took.

Post in domain @tinderdistrict She said, “Okay, I’m finally ready to tell you about the worst day I ever had, the time I was arrested.”

More: “It was late 2016 I was like a year and a half living in college, I hooked up with this guy named Brian on Tinder, he’s my type, tall brunette, whatever what.”

Jesse said the text conversation was going well so she decided to meet Brian, who was 30 minutes late to the restaurant, but what’s even worse, he’s a total catfish.


“I go to the restaurant and look around, I’m 5ft 10, so at eye level or higher, when all of a sudden this man comes up to me and probably likes my bear, and he’s like ‘ Jesse ?”, and I was like “Brian?”, she said.

More: “I’m confused because this isn’t the man I’m matching with, he looks like hell ** Beans from Evan Stephens and so I like ‘hello’ because what do you do when someone fishes you like the legit catfish you.”

Jesse says the man wasn’t just using old photos but a completely different person but she decided to be kind and continue dating anyway, and it kept going south.

“When we started, this date was horrible. He wasn’t just a catfish, but he was a man who couldn’t talk. I was just telling my whole life’s story until a moment he was. It’s like ‘I can’t wait for you to meet. How’s my family and I?” Jesse said.

Added: “And he was like ‘oh ya you know my family is in Indianapolis, we have a boat and I’d love for you to go there for some holiday, memorial day, and come see them’.”

Worse still, the date took place at a Mexican restaurant and there was a mariachi band playing happy birthday to another guest nearby.

Jesse said: “I was like this couldn’t be more weird.

“So the check came in and miss you, I had a margarita and veggie tacos, he ordered chorizo ​​chimichangas and three specialty mojitos. Then when he checked in he said, split this ya?” she added.

Wanting to get out of there, Jesse agreed to pay 50% of the bill and walk home, but the man continues to text her to this day.

“He texted me saying ‘had a great time’ and I ignored it. Over the next few months he took pictures of me every day, which of course I continued to ignore. One day he texted me and said, “Hey, I have a girlfriend. so I mustn’t be so hideous” Jesse said.

Added: “Two months later he texted me again, ‘hey girlfriend and I broke up, what do you do these days?'”

The post was viewed a whopping 980k times and TikTok users were quick to comment.

“This is what happens when you give them an inch of authenticity,” one person commented.

Another added: “I’m 5ft 10 and I’ve also been assessed for height.”

“What do you do when someone fishes you? You call them out on it!” commented a third.

The woman who said it was the worst date


The woman who said it was the worst dateCredit: Tiktok / @ tinderdistrict

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