I think the first Pokemon Go / Unite Crossover was an accident

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite is finally passing in the most Pokemon way ever: officially unannounced and completely puzzling. The connection between the upcoming Power Plant event in Go and the most recent event Zeraora undeniably holowear in Unite, but neither game mentions cross-promotion. It may just be a strange coincidence, but it’s yet another example of Pokemon missing a golden opportunity to tie its games together.

Pokemon Go’s Power Plant event kicks off Wednesday, and there’s a wider variety of Electric-type Pokemon appearing more frequently in the wild and during Field Research missions, as well as the first appearances of Helioptile and Heliolisk . This event will continue the storyline of Season of Heritage as Team Leader Spark is investigating a mysterious door. Last week, Spark ventured to the Mountains of Power to recruit the help of Stone and Steel-type Pokemon. Now, he is going to the Power Plant to find some kind of Electricity.

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Meanwhile in Pokemon Unite, Season 4 has a weird theme: Agent Catastrophe is coming to an end. The season features rock festival and concert-style Holowear, as well as Dark Suit cowboy/gambling player outfits and Dark Suit Style Holowear for Absol. I guess they’ll buy Johnny Cash? No one is sure how music and fancy cowboys come together. While almost all of this month’s Holowear options are musically themed, one exception is the Power Plant Style – an orange jumpsuit for Zeraora.

Is this the first cross between Go and Unite, or just a huge coincidence? The Kanto Powerhouse is an iconic location from Pokemon Red & Blue, where players can find a wide variety of Electric-type Pokemon, as well as Zapdos, so its use as a theme in Go and Unite isn’t complete. total surprise. However, the timing was so perfect that it made me think it had to be planned, especially since the Zeraora skin is so outdated compared to the rest of the season.

If this is a legitimate crossover, then I’m even more confused. Zeraora will appear in Go as a raid boss or as a reward for a new Breakthrough Research Quest. Also, Heliolisk should join Unite this week instead of Trevenant, as it was introduced to Go at the same time. It looks like this crossover was planned extremely strictly at the last minute, either without regard to how to effectively cross-promote the games, or both.

Pokemon clearly understand how to perform the pass phase. Mainstream RPGs, animated series, and TCG have always been linked, moving together across generations and cross-promoting with promotional cards, mystery giveaways, and movies. The most recent film, Secrets of the Jungle, coincides with Zarude’s debut in Sword & Shield and its introduction to the trading card game in the Vivid Voltage expansion. Pokemon Go also has a mission to research Secrets of the Jungle, introducing Zarude to the game for the first time. A cross-game Zarude event made its appearance that much more special. So why was the Power Plant event so half-hearted?

Riot has made a great example for mobile game cross events. When Arcane premiered on Netflix last year, every League-inspired game features an Arcane event. League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift have all arrived to celebrate the series. A few weeks after Ruined King’s release, each game has a short event to promote it.

It’s weird that Pokemon has so many mobile games but none of them are connected in any way. With the re-launch of Pokemon TCG Online coming soon, it would be nice to see more continuity between Go, Unite, TCG Live, Cafe Mix, and Masters EX. We never have to wonder if the crossover is a coincidence. The Secrets of the Jungle event is a great start, but we don’t have to wait for a big movie to bring the Pokemon world together.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus is the next big opportunity for a meaningful Pokemon mash-up, but so far there’s been no sign that card games, anime, or any mobile games have any plans for it. I expected at least Hisui Style Holowear, but I would have liked to see a more focused and unified version of Pokemon.

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