I quit my job and sold my home & possessions to escape ‘prison of my own making’ – experts said not to but I’m thriving

After a man started hating his job and feeling tired of the world around him, he decided to give up and sell his house and possessions to live on the beach and now he’s fine.

Jim Mura initially loved his job but lost his passion after so many years and realized it wasn’t what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing.

Jim Mura started hating his job after working for several years and decided to quit his job and sell his house


Jim Mura started hating his job after working for several years and decided to quit his job and sell his houseCredit: Jim Mura

“I was in a prison of my own making,” he wrote on his Medium account.

He and his wife sold all their belongings in 2019 after a conversation with their daughter and fled to the beach.

“I can well imagine that you and dad moved here,” said her daughter two years ago while walking on the beach. “It’s so relaxing, so beautiful.”

Mura and his wife joked that they would like to live there if it were possible, but he grew to like the idea.

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His brother’s sudden death from cancer also triggered an urgency for profound change.

During his research, Mura said that every financial planner has told them not to, and while there’s a chance he could retire earlier, he and his wife still have their mortgage to worry about.

“Our retirement savings were only a few hundred thousand dollars,” he wrote. “Selling our house, buying something on the beach and living on so little seemed impossible. The upbringing and education of four children, many moves across the country and a reasonably good life had prepared us ill.”

So instead of planning, Mura decided not to think about it too much.

“Of course, financial advisors want you to maximize your money. Work longer. Save more,” he wrote. “But you’re not living your life. You don’t compensate for your limited time on earth with money.”

“Time is not money. Money can’t buy you more time. They will always tell you to keep trading your time for money. until you’re dead Or just before.”

Empty nesters and tired of maintaining their home, Mura and his wife realized that the space they actually use could be squeezed into a two-bedroom apartment.

“We could be happier… actually happier with just two bedrooms. Especially near the beach.”

However, rather than buying a condo, the couple opted for something that gave them the opportunity to move somewhere.

In the end, the couple decided to live in an apartment complex in Grand Haven, Michigan.

“We have an ongoing level of happiness that is just amazing,” Mura wrote. “A strong love of community, beaches, shopping, dining, and the ability to take amazing getaways around western Michigan.”

They said the decluttering helped a lot and shifted their lifestyle towards a minimalist aesthetic.

“Finding the beach after a long day at work is pure stress relief. Going to the beach in the morning when you haven’t had any stress to begin with is out of this world.”

For those who want to do what Mura did, he says it can be done — especially for young people.

“Have a plan to save and invest seriously. Then combine it with Social Security (yes, it will continue) and you’ll be fine,” he wrote.

“It’s hard to save money. Especially raising children. But find a way. The earlier you start, the better. Consider becoming a minimalist. be better than me Don’t buy junk. Save the money. Embrace minimalism.”

“You will be happier now without things you don’t really need. And later happier and wealthier.”

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For people in their 60s like Mura and his wife, when they made the change, he recommends analyzing all options and thinking differently.

“Time and tides wait for no one.”



“Being able to go to the beach most mornings when you haven’t had any stress at all to begin with is otherworldly.”Credit: Jim Mura

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