I paid off $37,000 in debt and now save $1,700 a month and own four homes

A SOUTH Carolina woman is sharing her secret to saving success – after writing off $37,000 worth of debt over five years.

Julie Haneline, 36, finds herself heavily in debt because student loan, credit and buy a car.

Julie Haneline owed about $37,000 before making a life-changing decision


Julie Haneline owed about $37,000 before making a life-changing decision
After getting out of debt, she now invests in real estate


After getting out of debt, she now invests in real estate

She also made poor shopping decisions in her twenties.

“There came a point where I had to start loading tuition and rent on my credit card in college because I wasn’t making enough money from my part-time job,” says Julie.

Julie was heavily in debt, but in 2007 she decided to make a big sacrifice to save and pay off her debt.

To help get out of it, she’s set herself a challenge by not spending on anything unnecessary, other than bills like rent.

She also moved in with her parents or lived with family members or friends to save money.

“Having a roommate isn’t ideal in my late 20s, but I did what I had to do to be able to pay off my debt and save for my first home,” Julie said.

By 2014, she had paid off her student loans and credit cards and had saved enough to buy her first home.

That’s when she knew she wanted to rent out the property and started investing in real estate.

“I bought a second home in 2019, moved into that house and rented out the first,” she said.

The same year, Julie purchased two more properties that she rented out.

The only debt she has now are her mortgages, but she can pay them off through her rental properties.

Julie says stop unnecessary spending


Julie says stop unnecessary spending

Julie’s Savings Secret

No spending month

This means no eating out, no shopping, pausing all unnecessary subscriptions and memberships.

Julie adds: “And try to keep your hair and nails healthy, and buy only recipe grocery store items or healthy snacks.”

She explains that you can’t have an “I may need this later” moment.

If it helps, you can choose a category from the start, says Julie, not to spend money, but to get the full results you need to “put all of your energy into it”.

Julie first completed the no-spend challenge 5 years ago and it was so successful, she’s been doing it every year since.

It usually saves her between $1,300 and $1,700 each.

Lifestyle change

Julie recommends cutting out your cravings for junk food or buying unnecessary things, and plan ahead when you buy food.

Every January, Julie begins some form of fasting, like the Whole30 diet.

She says get creative with your cabinets and stock only what’s essential.

She suggests soups and casseroles that are inexpensive and can be made in several servings.

Two separate accounts

Julie says there must be an account for fun money like shopping, nights out and gifts, and a separate account for bills, gas and debt.

She said to shop around there Banks that offer the best interest rates on savings accounts, but she finds online banks offer higher interest rates than branch banks.

Plus, she says if you’re going to make a big purchase, like expensive furniture or clothing, give yourself 24 hours before pulling out your credit card.

Julie also recruits friends and family to save, as it puts the blame on everyone.

After feeling how much fun it was to save money, Julie started her own business TikTok account where she often shares her best ways to make money.

We share money hacks to help you save long term.

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