I make $15,000 a month promoting products online

YOUTUBER and influencer SaraFinance have found a way to turn a part-time job into a full-fledged money machine.

Sara makes $15,000 every month from affiliate marketing and she has detailed the strategies and websites she uses on her YouTube channel.

Influencer SaraFinance makes thousands of dollars every month through affiliate marketing


Influencer SaraFinance makes thousands of dollars every month through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers make money by promoting products or services for brands through affiliate links.

Whenever someone clicks on an affiliate link and uses it to buy a product or sign up for a service, the marketer gets a percentage of that sale.

As Sara explains, affiliate marketing and social media go hand in hand, and you can make some money by following the tips she outlines.

1. Choose your niche

Before you start, you need to figure out what you want to promote.

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Topics can include anything from finance, which Sara focuses on, to health and wellness and travel.

Whatever you choose should be something that interests you.

Of course you want to find a popular, profitable area, but if you’re not passionate about the topic, you may find it difficult to engage with advertisers or consumers.

Once you’ve found your niche, Sara recommends setting up social media accounts for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Sara named Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest as the best sites to build your brand.

When setting up your accounts, make sure you choose handles that are related to your niche and are similar, if not the same, to each other.

Sara uses the simple but effective “SaraFinance” on her social platforms as an example.

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to get some affiliate links to promote.

Sara uses a few sources to generate affiliate links, all of which are free to access.

First, she introduces ClickBank, a site that shows you product listings by topic and allows you to generate affiliate links for those you want to promote.

It also uses Amazon Associates, which works similar to ClickBank but allows you to promote products listed on Amazon.

Once you create an account, you can find items in the “Product Linking” tab and start generating affiliate links.

ClickBank shows you the average amount you can earn per conversion, while Amazon pays different commissions depending on the product area.

4. Create a home page

On all of her social media platforms, Sara includes a custom link to a website she’s created that has all of her affiliate links in one place.

You can do the same thing by creating a page with Linktree, which essentially creates a launchpad for any other links you include on your page.

If you get affiliate links, add them to your link tree and showcase your custom link on your social media pages.

5. Content Creation

Now it’s time to use the social media accounts you created in Step Two.

Sara promotes her affiliate links on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok and creates content for her accounts that she uses to push the links.

On Pinterest, you need to convert your profile to a business account via settings before you can post videos and really start making a profit.

Sara recommends posting to Pinterest three times a day, either to create basic images and videos with Canva, or to repost videos from TikTok with credit to the creator.

TikTok doesn’t allow you to post links in your bio until you have 1,000 followers, so your primary goal should be to grow your account.

Sara recommends posting videos you share on Pinterest to TikTok as well to keep the content constantly flowing, as well as creating simple videos with text on images relevant to your niche.

For Instagram, Sara’s top tip is to post videos on reels, which can help your account grow quickly.

In her experience, Pinterest is the best and easiest platform for affiliate marketing.

Once you create a steady stream of content, you should start gaining followers naturally and your affiliate links will gain traction.

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