I had a bad first date then politely turned him down

A woman who has promised to never give out her number again, after a strange date fails, leaves her phone with indecent texts.

Amelia Jackie, from New York, shared story time on TikTok, where the 3-minute video has garnered nearly 315k views.

Looking back now, Amelia said she should have blocked him after he tried to FaceTime her


Looking back now, Amelia said she should have blocked him after he tried to FaceTime herCredit: @ itsameliyaaaas / Tiktok

According to the makeup artist, this happened about two months ago when Amelia was new to creating TikTok videos.

”But here I am now and I have to share it.

” I basically met this guy at this taco truck, I gave him my number because he forgot his card. ”


After swapping numbers – the two seem quite compatible – they agree to meet for a date.

However, she said, things didn’t go quite as planned: ”Strange, he’s like a super weird person and he’s not like that to me.

” He randomly tried to FaceTime me and I was like ‘I don’t want to do that’. ”

After ghosting the guy for two days in hopes that he would leave her alone, Amelia then received a text message one morning.

” Dang, I haven’t heard from you for the past two days. I guess our date is over? Lol, ”the newly purchased beau has been sent.

A moment later, Amelie replied explaining that she was busy but also adding that she didn’t feel like it was a good match between the two.

“I hope you understand and care,” the makeup artist added.

The following screenshot, liked by over 28,000 people on TikTok, then reveals the man asking for a more detailed explanation, claiming the feedback will be valuable for his future dates. he.

” Just out of curiosity what did I do wrong am I being too weird or is it my age? ”

In an instant, however, the tone suddenly changed – Amelia, who was unable to respond immediately due to work commitments, suddenly returned to her phone with vulgar texts.

” Haizz… u know what’s okay, anyway the person who gives your f ***** g number (no girls do!) I accept your number to give ua a chance because you look cute.

”but I have done nothing wrong with you and you are freelancing with no direction…” wrote the angry man.

” just walk away like you’ve wasted my time instead of just keeping 1000% really f ***** g trash b *** h I’m out! ”

Amelia said: ”I didn’t answer for 10 minutes and this man’s ego was hurt a lot.

”My intuition comes from this side of you,” she replied, adding that she hoped he would heal.

It doesn’t seem like this guy can understand the rejection, as he goes on to say that Amelia has wasted his time, explaining that ”that’s annoying”.

” You the one who thought of me and I was considering my business didn’t tell you anything.

” Don’t approach ppl with malicious intent.

” No girl asks for the number of boys any mother **** r will tell you that. ”

After a string of what she calls ”psychic messages”, Amelia continues to block the number.

” Tinder Nightmares? This is crazy.”

One viewer thought: ”Any guy who thinks women ‘don’t give their numbers’ as an adult is a red flag. “

Another was confused about his outburst: ”Lmao the point of dating is figuring out if you’re compatible?? What did he expect? ”

“Men don’t understand the concept of a first date?”

” to see if you two get along/vibes and want to see each other more. We are allowed to change. ”

One of the users joked and said: ”There is a 90% chance he will send you a “this” message like a month later. ”

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Meanwhile, this woman will shut down her Tinder match in seconds by replying with voice notes WRONG by mistake.

Additionally, one woman shared an extensive list of ‘first date’ rules that men need to follow, including minimum height and payers.

The text message she received after not being able to reply for ten minutes


The text message she received after not being able to reply for ten minutesCredit: @ itsameliyaaaas / Tiktok
The make-up artist believes that a man's ego has been damaged


The make-up artist believes that a man’s ego has been damagedCredit: @ itsameliyaaaas / Tiktok I had a bad first date then politely turned him down


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