I found a 1ft tall pink alien on a Mars rover camera and it’s 100% proof of intelligent life, UFO hunter claims

A UFO conspiracy theorist claims to have discovered “evidence” of alien life in a NASA photo taken from Mars that he claims shows a small pink alien on the planet. Red.

Self-proclaimed expert Scott C Waring said the photo shows a foot-long pink alien observing the Mars probe “from a safe distance”.

A UFO expert claims to have discovered evidence of intelligent life on Mars


A UFO expert claims to have discovered evidence of intelligent life on MarsCredit: ufosightingsdaily
Image taken from the camera of Mars rover


Image taken from the camera of Mars roverCredit: ufosightingsdaily
Is there life on Mars?


Is there life on Mars?Credit: Getty

Waring said the sighting was “100% proof of smart living” after making the discovery from his home in Taiwan.

Writing on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, he said: “Everybody here knows I love going through NASA photos. Well, I came across something unique… something that is 100% proof. about intelligent life.”

He continued: “There was a person lying down watching NASA’s Mars probe from a safe distance.

“This person is about 1 foot, 0.3 meters tall, lying down, pale pink chest, neck and face, slightly red hair, wearing a dark suit, but with a gray object on his shoulder… like a backpack of some sort.

“There are even footprints behind the person leading to the location they have chosen to set foot in.”

However, not everyone is convinced of Scott’s findings.

Commenting online, one person wrote: “So this alien is calmly lying on his left side with his left hand supporting and calmly watching the rover… yeah, I can see that!”

Another added: “Time to delete this c***.”

The third, referencing the 2015 film Martian, joked: “Is Matt Damon still there?”

Scott C Waring founded UFO Sightings Daily in 2010, and it quickly became one of the most popular websites for UFO enthusiasts.

In June 2017, his fans were shocked when his website was mysteriously closed for a short time.

On the front page of his website, he writes: “My last post. Thanks for the seven years of support.

“We accomplished a lot together.”

Some conspiracy theorists claim the site was shut down by the authorities or a secret agency, but Scott said he stopped because UFO enthusiasts like him were not taken seriously.

“This is serious stuff whose depth even I can’t comprehend,” he said.

“It deserves serious thought and study, not scorn and ridicule.”

There is a person lying down watching the NASA Mars probe from a safe distance

Scott C WaringUFO hunter

Thankfully, for all the alien fans, his website is back up and running soon.

Last month, Waring claimed to have discovered Evidence of a giant alien base on Mars that NASA doesn’t want us to know.

In an eerie clip, he tells fans: “Hey guys, I’ve got something exciting for you – it’s a 25km base on the planet Mars.”

He continued: “You can’t see it, but I can on my picture show.”

Among Waring’s other outlandish claims was that he had seen a 10,000-year-old alien face carved on Mars.

Along with this clear image of Mount Rushmore on Mars, he wrote: “I found an ancient alien face carved on the top of the mountain. It shows the side of an alien creature that closely resembles it. like a human.”

Some of Waring’s findings upset other members of the UFO expert community, who argued that his more eccentric claims undermined the entire profession.

Talking to After Waring’s website shut down in 2017, Nigel Watson, author of The UFO Investigative Handbook, said: “I think he’s really trying to find and share unusual images and unusual images. Unusual images of UFOs were captured by the International Space Station’s cameras and other space vehicles, but the sheer number of his ‘discoveries’ undermined their quality.

“How many people really believe his photographic evidence that everything from giant skyscrapers to squirrels exists on the surface of Mars?” I found a 1ft tall pink alien on a Mars rover camera and it’s 100% proof of intelligent life, UFO hunter claims


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