I feared I would die on ‘Babymoon’ after being denied an abortion – I was forced to fly for life-saving surgery, says a US woman

A WOMAN has told how she feared she was dying after being denied an abortion when her waters ruptured prematurely while on holiday.

Andrea Prudente, 38, was in Malta with partner Jay Weeldreyer to celebrate the impending arrival of their baby daughter as she was forced to fly to Mallorca for life-saving surgery.

Andrea Prudente and Jay Weeldreyer were on holiday in Malta when their waters broke prematurely


Andrea Prudente and Jay Weeldreyer were on holiday in Malta when their waters broke prematurelyCredit: Delivered
The couple had to fly to Mallorca so Andrea could have an abortion


The couple had to fly to Mallorca so Andrea could have an abortionCredit: Delivered

The couple, from Seattle, USA, were enjoying a luxurious “babymoon” when Andrea’s waters suddenly ruptured at just 16 weeks.

Andrea was faced with the bleak prospect of death as doctors said there was a chance she could die from an infection if the pregnancy was not terminated.

But medical professionals in Malta refused to give her an abortion because of the country’s anti-life stance on abortion.

The southern Mediterranean island has one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the world – banning the procedure in all cases.

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After days of wrangling with tough Maltese authorities and insurance companies, Andrea and Jay, 45, have been allowed to fly to Mallorca to suffer a 36-hour medically-related miscarriage.

Jay told The Sun Online: “There were times when I was holding Andrea’s hands and I looked into her eyes and I started sobbing and I said to her, ‘I don’t know what to do. I’ll do my best but baby I love you.

“At one point I put my face on her stomach and begged our little girl, I told her, ‘Baby, I want you and I love you and want to hold you, but I really need you to let go.

“‘You can’t survive. See you in heaven but please save your mother. Please go, please, please, please’.”

Andrea realized something was wrong when she woke up in a pool of blood in Gozo on June 12th.

She said: “I thought it must be a miscarriage. The amount of blood was really alarming and I was about 15 weeks pregnant at that point.”

At a hospital, Andrea was given medication to strengthen her pregnancy before being sent back to the hotel and told to “go into hiding” for the next 48 hours, despite being told she had a major bleed and a blood clot in her system .

Two days later, the couple returned to the hospital and doctors said the baby would not survive and Andrea would not be able to have an abortion – despite the staggering risk of a deadly infection.

Andrea added: “We were told there was still a heartbeat but that the baby was going to die and that we couldn’t get on a plane.”

“At first we were in a bit of a fog trying to sort it all out that we wanted this baby so badly we weren’t going to have it.

“The communication from the Mater Dei doctors was not very clear, except ‘this baby is going to die. We cannot intervene as long as there is a heartbeat. You are at risk of infection’.”

Andrea said medics had warned her that she could potentially die as the couple were unaware of Malta’s strict abortion laws when they booked the trip.


She added: “At the very beginning when the doctor said there was no water and that the baby was dying, the doctor just said there was nothing he could do because of the laws in Malta.

“I would go to jail, he would go to jail and that as long as there was a heartbeat, there was nothing he could do.”

After days of panic and heartache, the couple received a tip about an organization that could help them leave Malta for a termination.

On June 16th they flew to Mallorca and Andrea was given medication to induce labour.

Andrea said: “About 24 hours later they started ushering me in and I worked for about eight hours and then I delivered on Saturday morning. We had to hold her. It was heartbreaking and beautiful and heartbreaking.

“But the midwives and the doctors here on Mallorca were angels. I am so grateful. You have guided us through this with gentleness and patience, acknowledging our loss, and it has been truly intense.”

After one hell of a vacation, the couple are now trying to arrange flights from Mallorca back to Seattle while trying to come to terms with their ordeal.

Jay said, “It (the abortion ban) sentences women to death 100 percent, period.

“That’s what Malta did to Andrea and others like her.

“Miscarriages are a natural part of pregnancy, it happens.

“If the medical profession isn’t bringing any benefit to these women who are suffering from a medical problem like a heart attack or cancer, then they refuse care and sentence them to death because some people think that’s okay and that’s the right thing to do Doing the right thing – and that’s obscene.”

The couple decided to name their baby Claire after being kept in the dark about the tot’s gender during Andrea’s pregnancy.

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Andrea said: “We didn’t actually know she was a girl and we were going to wait for a surprise but then over the phone with our midwives at home they knew and kept it a secret from us.

“But our midwife at home said, ‘I think you should know that she’s a girl and that you should give her a name because that’s part of the grieving process.’ We named her Claire.”

Andrea and Jay decided to name their baby Claire


Andrea and Jay decided to name their baby ClaireCredit: Delivered
The 38-year-old feared she could die of infection if she wasn't given notice


The 38-year-old feared she could die of infection if she wasn’t given noticeCredit: Delivered I feared I would die on ‘Babymoon’ after being denied an abortion – I was forced to fly for life-saving surgery, says a US woman


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