I am a mother of one and started drinking at 5am yesterday

MUM-OF-ONE Emily Anderson, from Nottingham, usually never drank… until Christmas Day.

Then she drinks with the best of them – starting at 5am.

Emily thinks half the country does the same thing she does at Christmas and gets'a bit picky'


Emily thinks half the country does the same thing she does at Christmas and gets ‘a bit picky’Credit: Provided

People say it’s bullies, but she’s SO PROUD.

The 25-year-old event planner now shares her story with Fabulous.

LOOKING for a pain reliever, I quickly swallowed it.

My head is pounding and I desperately need more sleep – but I’m not sick. Instead, I have the mother of all hangovers.

I am suffering from what I have called ‘Gift Day Despair’. It’s all my own fault… but I’m proud.

It started yesterday morning at 5am when I opened Bucks Fizz. By 9.30am I was drunk and missed Christmas dinner – everyone said it was ‘sad’ but I didn’t care.

I work all year, planning events from parties to parties and headscarves to others. It means I usually never get a chance to drink.

I miss the laughs, the jokes, the freedom and not having to bother about cleaning. After covid, hotel staff worked even harder and earned our money more.

I saw everyone else being smashed and having fun while I was sober, having to laugh at their silly jokes.

Then, at the end of the night, I don’t take a taxi home – instead I spend two hours making sure all guests get home safely, the location and staff pay, and everyone is happy.

So for me, Christmas is a day when I can be more relaxed. My mother and relatives plan the big day. That’s when I let someone else control an event.

And getting drunk before 9 a.m. is a treat I won’t apologize for – even if people think it’s silly. The ‘Bucks Fizz buzz’, as I like to call it, keeps me going through the day, free from arguments and smiling when I receive gifts I could never use.

I always stay at my 51 year old mother’s house in Nottingham on Christmas Eve.

That means we all celebrate Christmas under one roof,

I wake up at 4:45 a.m., which is before the kids wake up. I had to start cooking and that was the only time I had to sit quietly and enjoy my first glass of Champagne and orange juice in peace.

I admit that I even stocked Santa’s sherry that the kids left. I needed ‘Dutch courage’ for the big day. I think a lot of people might be shocked but I bet half the country does the same thing.

I love turning on the kettle, making a cup of tea, cooking some bacon and eggs, and pouring my Bucks Fizz. By 6 a.m., I’ll have my third drink and feel chills and chills.

The pile of potatoes to peel and wash last night didn’t look too scary, it looked fine thanks to my slightly soaked state.

By 7 a.m., the kids would be arguing over gifts and the adults were starting to nag about waking up and not being able to cope.

I will watch with pride while my 14 month old daughter opens her presents. She was surrounded by all her relatives and cousins ​​By 11am all the family was up and Champagne and ‘Christmas punch’ were flowing.

I admit that I will finish the second bottle of champion wine and start the third bottle. Nothing stresses me out. If my elderly relatives offered me a glass of sherry, I wouldn’t say no.

At noon with dinner cooking, I sneaked into a 90-minute nap. And when I wake up and instead of suffering from a hangover from my nap, I just grab a glass of white and hit it again.

Come Gifting Day I was battling a hangover but as usual a bull, vitamin C and ibuprofen fixed it.

Those who say it’s irresponsible are wrong – it’s harmless fun.

By 6am, Emily had her third drink and felt'chills and chills'


By 6am, Emily had her third drink and felt ‘chills and chills’Credit: Provided
Mom calls her hangover'Gift Day despair' but goes to buy painkillers and berocca


Mom calls her hangover ‘Gift Day despair’ but goes to buy painkillers and beroccaCredit: Provided

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