I am a ‘former Russian spy and I was taught how to seduce targets and perform sexual acts in the military academy’

A PR agency NGA boss who claimed she was a spy for Vladimir Putin’s regime told how she was taught “sex techniques” to get the job done.

Aliia Roza, 37, was born in the Soviet Union and said she trained as a secret service agent at a military academy near Moscow when she was 18.

Aliia Roza claims she worked as an agent for Vladimir Putin's regime


Aliia Roza claims she worked as an agent for Vladimir Putin’s regimeCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
Aliia claims she trained at a military academy near Moscow


Aliia claims she trained at a military academy near MoscowCredit: Aliia Roza

She claims to have been sent on a mission in her twenties to target drug gangs and her traffickers before she got hit and had to flee the country.

Now speak up after the Russian president Putin aggression Ukraine Last month, the mother-of-one told The Sun: “When I was 18, I was sent to a military academy where I studied all sorts of special techniques.

“They showed us how to seduce, manipulate, persuade people, how to shoot from guns, how to do martial arts and be the perfect soldier on the battlefield.

“I came to the academy because of my family background.

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“My grandfather was a national hero of the Second World War and his name is even written in the memorial in Stalingrad.

“So it was a big deal for our family. It is a great legacy.

“I studied there and then I went on a couple of missions to protect the people and protect the country from drugs that were supplied from Afghanistan, and also to stop human trafficking in Russia.”


Aliia says she is one of the very few women who have trained as an agent and been shown how to use her good looks to maximum effect.

According to Aliia, instruction includes specific lessons on how to perform a certain sexual act.

“I could tell every woman how to make a man fall in love and propose to you,” she explains.

“When you set up your conversations, we would say you’re nice and then get really cold and the goal is, ‘What the hell is that? What did I do? What’s happening? She disappeared. ‘

“Conspiracy. Secret. Mysterious. But you also have to be the best at sex.

“They taught us that at the academy. They didn’t just tell us, they showed us.

“Seduction is a planned strategy that takes time and must be taken step by step.

“Sex education is really important because you have to be the best lover, otherwise how charming would you be?

“Or you’ll seduce but then the sex process won’t be so great.

“Then your target is not yours and you won’t get any information, right?

“You need to make this person not only nice to you but also lovable to give you the information you want, because this person has to trust you.

“And sex is a very important part of a relationship. The biggest thing, I can say it’s probably 80% when the person just feels trusting in you according to that sexual experience.

“This is important, to be a good lover.”

In a story that seems like a pulp fiction story crime In the novel, Aliia claims that her primary – and ultimate – quest involves infiltrating a powerful drug cartel by seducing its leader.

She won’t provide more than the gangster’s name, Vladimir, but says he fell in love with her after she targeted him at a nightclub.

When the information she gathered led to several busts, Aliia claimed she was unmasked by Vladimir’s accomplices as agents, taken into the woods, and beaten, leaving a scar over her right eye.

But she says Vladimir saved her life by stopping his teammates from executing her – and at his own expense when he was murdered a few months later.

Following her lover’s warning that she should leave Russiashe said she first escaped to Turkey before traveling around Europe and ending up in Beverly Hills.

Aliia – person of Kazakhs Origin – showed The Sun photos from her days training at the military academy but there is no solid evidence to prove that she is a spy.

She admits she has since changed her name and switched from espionage to running her own public relations firm.

Aliia claims to now live in a $20 million Beverly Hills mansion with her current boyfriend – but can’t meet there “for security reasons because of the threat of Russian retaliation” against her .


Allegedly having undergone the same spy training as former KGB agent Putin, Aliia believes she understands how his mind works.

She explained: “As a commando, you must first learn to live a double life.

“And in a double life, you have to be the perfect professional.

“For example, you say you are a teacher or you are a doctor – but you need to make everyone believe that you are really this person.

“You’re not a spy, are you? So in that academy they trained us and they taught us how to live this double life and how to build your brand so strong that people will trust you 100%.

“You have seen a lot of pictures of Putin riding semi-naked, diving to the bottom of the ocean, shooting from different guns and like a superhero, where it has the same label. James BondIt’s a legendary movie.

“Every Russian man wants to be like James Bond and wants to wear awesome custom suits from Savile Row and drink martinis and have some pretty girls around him, and at the same time, he can drive Military jet and shoot from many different guns.

“It’s a brand. So Mr. Putin for so many years built that powerful brand where people would worship him. And that is also one of the techniques of being a super agent.”

Although she says she still has family and assets in Russia, Aliia wants to see the US and EU impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine against Putin’s military to bring the war to an end.

“In my opinion, the European Union and the United States should unite and close the sky, first of all.

“And second, implement an embargo on Russian gas and gasoline.

“When the Russian people run out of food and shops, they will eventually stand.

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“Now they are afraid of a law that anyone who opposes, they will have to spend 15 years in prison.

“A lot of Russians oppose the war, but they are just afraid to stand up.”

Aliia currently lives in Beverly Hills, California


Aliia currently lives in Beverly Hills, CaliforniaCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
The mother-of-one said she was taught how to seduce and perform sex acts as part of her job


The mother-of-one said she was taught how to seduce and perform sex acts as part of her jobCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun

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