Hunter Biden is obsessed with Genghis Khan and used the name of the founder of the Mongol Empire in sex webcams and laptop shows

HUNTER Biden has a bizarre fascination with Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan, files from his laptop seem to show.

President Joe Biden’s 52-year-old son used bloodthirsty warlord Temujin’s birth name as his porn username on live sex webcam sites.

Hunter Biden is spotted smoking crack while detoxing in January 2019


Hunter Biden is spotted smoking crack while detoxing in January 2019
An artist's depiction of the bloodthirsty Mongol warlord Genghis Khan


An artist’s depiction of the bloodthirsty Mongol warlord Genghis KhanPhoto credit: Getty
Hunter poses with his father Joe in Washington in April 2016


Hunter poses with his father Joe in Washington in April 2016Photo credit: Getty

History graduate Hunter also named a shell company after Khan, rumored to hold his father Joe’s stake in a Chinese Communist Party-affiliated company.

The founder of the Mongol Empire, who ruled a vast territory stretching from the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Europe in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, is said to have slaughtered 40 million people.

He is also known for the large number of children he had with his six wives and the countless concubines he took after decimating their husbands.

According to a study published in 2003, one in every 200 men alive today is related to Khan.

Khan’s dark outlook on life was expressed in the most famous quote attributed to him: “The greatest joy of a man is to vanquish his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to make their loved ones weep.” to see riding their horses and holding their wives and daughters in his arms.”

Whatever the reason for his apparent admiration, father-of-five Hunter repeatedly used the moniker temujin01 to interact with women on sex webcam sites.

In a screen capture found on his infamous “Laptop from Hell,” Hunter uses the nickname temujin01 while chatting with a young woman who is spotted masturbating.

After the woman completed his body during the February 2019 webcam session, Hunter replied, “I like yours more,” before turning and seemingly taking a hit of crack cocaine.

Hunter had a well-documented addiction to the drug, and The Sun this summer revealed videos showing him smoking it during rehab and in the shower with two hookers.

In another sex webcam chat in January 2019, Hunter used the nickname Genghis Khan while talking to another woman, who texted him while stripping, “If you make it harder you better be stronger you can make me wetter.” .

Bookmarks in Hunter’s browser above this webcam chat include “Joe Biden smiling” and the homepage of his investment management firm, Rosemont Seneca.


Hunter also referenced Khan in his business dealings, showing files on the laptop.

He used the name Temujin GK LLC for a shell company through which his father Joe, 79, was said to receive a 10% interest in his son’s business deals in China.

The Delaware-registered shell company was founded in 2017 – after Joe’s tenure as vice president ended – and was set to hold Hunter’s 20% interest in a proposed joint venture called SinoHawk.

In a May 2017 email from Hunter’s business partner James Gilliar, who brokered the deal with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC, Gilliar asks if Hunter thinks 10% is “the big guy.”

Tony Bobulinski, who was also a partner in Hunter’s Chinese business dealings, has claimed that “the big guy” is a reference to Joe Biden, who he believes was involved in the CEFC deal.

There are two other instances in emails found on Hunter’s laptop where Joe was apparently referred to as “the big guy”.

The SinoHawk deal was eventually abandoned and Temujin GK didn’t come into play, but Hunter struck a separate deal with his CCP-affiliated Chinese partners under a different name.

No evidence has surfaced that Joe received any portion of the money paid to Hunter as part of this deal.

President Biden has denied knowing anything about his son’s business affairs, which were the subject of a federal investigation.

It was reported this week that FBI and IRS investigators believe they have enough evidence to charge Hunter with tax crimes and misrepresentation in connection with a gun purchase.

Whether Hunter will be charged is now up to the US Attorney in Delaware, who was appointed by ex-President Donald Trump.


Meanwhile, former Navy officer Bobulinski appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show this week to discuss his dealings with the Biden family.

He accused Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden of cheating him out of millions of dollars in the deal with CEFC.

Bobulinski claimed the Bidens embezzled at least $5 million, saying, “Hunter Biden and Jim Biden cheated [us] and took the money for themselves… stole it from me and my other partners, Rob Walker and James Gilliar.”

Bobulinski also discussed the censorship of the Hunter laptop story ahead of the 2020 election.

He told Carlson, “I can’t find another story in the history of our country that has been so oppressed. A complete blackout.

“You can go to today and search for my last name and it will still show you zero results.

“There hasn’t been a single credible interview or debate to refute anything I said or any piece of evidence.”

President Biden was caught up in a hot mic incident on Wednesday in which he boasted, “Nobody fucks a Biden.”

Speaking to Fort Myers Mayor Ray Murphy, Joe was also heard saying, “And you can’t fight with your brothers outside of the house.”

The porn webcam screen captures and business emails were given to The Sun by Marco Polo, an organization run by a former Trump White House aide, who is examining Hunter’s laptop.

Experts have told The Sun that the compromising material found on the laptop could have been used for blackmail purposes.

Cybersecurity expert Campbell Murray, a former global head of cybersecurity at BlackBerry, said: “If this material got into the hands of a nation-state actor, a foreign intelligence agency, or anyone desiring to create leverage against a political party or movement, it would be the case its a great card for them.”

The Sun has reached out to a Hunter representative for comment.

Genghis Khan is depicted in a 14th-century painting


Genghis Khan is depicted in a 14th-century paintingCredit: Alamy
Joe Biden and his son Hunter are leaving the church in South Carolina this August


Joe Biden and his son Hunter are leaving the church in South Carolina this AugustPhoto credit: AFP Hunter Biden is obsessed with Genghis Khan and used the name of the founder of the Mongol Empire in sex webcams and laptop shows


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