Hundreds of big-hearted Sun readers share their messages of support for Ukraine

BRITAIN stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Ukrainian people today as our army of Sun on Sunday readers tells them: “You’re not alone.”

An 83-year-old who survived a Blitz bomb blast in World War Two says: “You will get through this.”

Four children share a blanket to get warm at the Lviv railway station


Four children share a blanket to get warm at the Lviv railway stationCredit: Getty

And a 12-year-old girl, who is raising money by baking brownies, sends the message: “My heart goes out to you.”

Today, every generation of the UK shows their solidarity to the heroic nation that is fighting for its freedom.

Support has poured in from our readers around the world, including the US, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, the Falklands and Europe.

Many give the rallying cry of “Slava Ukraini” – “Glory To Ukraine.”

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YOUR courage and bravery is an inspiration. We stand with you. You are not alone.

Catherine Bullen, Plymouth

AS our hearts weep, we are in awe of your courage and your bravery. As we watch from afar, we are in awe of your resolve. As we sit, eyes glued to the TV, know the world is with you. As we wait, with bated breath, know our hearts embrace you.

Pauline Tait, Blairgowrie, Perthshire

TO an inspirational country that is standing tall, showing courage and bravery. You are retaliating with dignity and showing the world the power of unity as a country. These times are dark, but you will come back stronger and more beautiful.

You are not in this alone. The world salutes you Ukraine. We can all try to do something to help and my business Paw Runner is raising as much money as we can as you are in my heart and those of my clients, friends and families. Stay safe friends.

Lucie Mountain, Market Rasen, Lincs

IN the name of humanity please Mr Putin stop this war. Please look at the children who are suffering, the families being displaced. How can anyone sit by and watch this happen?

And to the western countries and Nato, let us all stand together and stop this. The people of Ukraine are in my heart and mind and I feel, as a British citizen, we all have a role to play.

Ernie Edgcumbe Stoke, Devon

IT is almost unbelievable that this is happening after World War Two was meant to be the war that ended all wars. Britain stands with you Ukraine. We are with you.

Carole Levy, Colchester

THE children’s groups and all at Cornerstone Elim Church are praying for peace, praying for safety, praying for you to have all the resources you need, and praying for an end to this awful war. May God be with you and strengthen you at this awful time. God bless you all.

Michelle Fahey, Newcastle-under-Lyme

KIA Kaha to the people of Ukraine, which in my home of New Zealand means “stay strong”.

HANNAH GIBBONs, Aotearoa, New Zealand

SLAVA Ukraini! The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. Glory to heroes.

Barbara Pickstock, Cheltenham

AS an emergency medical technician, saving people is what my life revolves around. Seeing the aftermath of the bombs and suffering is heartbreaking. I support the people of Ukraine.

Megan Horlock, Colchester

MY company Meadow Crafts is making hair bows representing the Ukraine flag – with yellow at the top and blue at the bottom – for local children to raise money to go to the families who have been affected by his horror.

My two-year-old grandson Jensen is even doing his bit to help. Every penny I make will go to them and I’m donating all the materials. My heart is bleeding for you. We can’t stand by and do nothing. We are with you all.

Karen Harris, 50, and Jensen Harris, two, Sudbury, Suffolk

WE are in awe of your courage, fortitude and bravery.

Simon Pembroke, Caversham, Reading

WE stand by the people of Ukraine and their right to freedom. We condemn the unlawful attack on their country.

And we are relieved to see so many organisations ceasing their business in Russia and will boycott any who do not.

The scenes that we see are heartbreaking, and we cannot believe this is happening in 2022. We have been too slow to react to this threat.

Rachel and Alan Norman Bexleyheath, Kent

THE shocking scenes we are watching on TV are almost unbelievable. We thought World War Two ended all wars. We are so saddened at what is happening to you and your country. But we are with you.

Alby Edwards, Cleethorpes, Lincs

AS an empowerment psychologist, I have the women of Ukraine in my heart and on my mind because they’re serving their country, they’re fleeing unfathomable terror and they’re keeping their children safe. As one woman to another, you are my heroes.

Jay Rai, Battersea, South London

I AM deeply saddened and moved by what is happening and stand with and support everyone and their animals going through this. All my clients at Best Behaviour Dog Training are donating to help you and your animals.

Zoe Willingham, Suffolk

Zelensky is a man of courage and he is inspiring the world, wrote Jacqui Edwards


Zelensky is a man of courage and he is inspiring the world, wrote Jacqui EdwardsCredit: Getty

MY sympathies are very much with the Ukrainian people. What is going on is appalling. This is all about freedom.

Ukraine is a sovereign country and the world knows what Putin is doing is trying to rebuild the Russian Federation.

But after Ukraine, who is next? And so we are all in very dangerous waters.

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine; the women, children, grandparents, husbands and sons and also the animals. Britain is thinking of you all and we sympathise with you.

Peter Thomas, Sevenoaks, Kent

ALWAYS, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember this you are not alone. We stand together with the mothers, fathers, children, brothers and sisters of Ukraine. You will never be alone. It doesn’t rain for ever.

Bazza Nots, Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway

MY heart is with every Ukraine citizen who is suffering. Not only people, animals too. Our hearts are with you.

Becky Harris, Sudbury, Suffolk

WE stand with you. We are praying and sending you love.

Clare Bates, Australia

AS a mother and grandmother, I have watched with horror on my TV and in the newspapers the scenes unfolding of the attack against the Ukrainian people. The courage of the Ukrainian people is awe-inspiring.

Jean Dudley, Plympton, Devon

IT is hard to imagine the distress felt by all those living in fear in Ukraine.
As pet owners and animal lovers, we want to do everything we can to help, and have already donated £100,000 to animal charities working in Ukraine and bordering countries. We have also launched a fundraising page so others can donate to organisations support-ing pets and the people who love them caught up in this terrible crisis. Our thoughts are with all affected.


WE stand with you all. Freedom is something worth fighting for.

Raymond and Boo Boo Proudlock Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

SEEING homes bombed and hearing of children being kill­ed is heartbreaking. We are so sad to see your suffering.

Bex Harris, Ipswich, Suffolk

STAY strong. We stand beside you. We are filled with sadness at what is happening to your country.

Kim Pembroke, Caversham, Reading

AS a Lithuanian woman, my heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. Homes, livelihoods and beloved memories have been destroyed unjustly. I truly hope all this horror will be over soon.

Migle Glazauskaite, Benwell, Newcastle

WE see the destruction, feel your pain and share your heartache. We will wipe your tears.

Joanne Ward, SE Kent

My blitz rescue


A PENSIONER who survived a World War Two bomb blast thanks to a hero who sacrificed his life so she could live has told Ukrainians: “You will get through this.”

Retired landlady Rita Cox, 83, of Sevenoaks, Kent, was just four when an explosion rocked the street in New Cross, South London, were her family was living during the Blitz.

Miraculously, she survived thanks to an unknown man who threw himself on top of her to shield her from the blast. He died in the heroic act.

Rita said: “I know the hell of what some of the people of Ukraine are going through now, as I went through World War Two as a child.

“I was blown up next to the Woolworths at New Cross, and the force of the blast threw me 200 yards up the road.

“They found me under a dead man. He had thrown himself over me to save my life, and in doing so, he had sacrificed his own. I never knew his name.

“I can remember they picked us up in a lorry. I can still recall looking out and seeing bodies on each side of the road.

“It’s hard. It never leaves you but you can and will build a life. I want to say to the people of Ukraine, ‘Stay strong. You will get through this’.”

MYSELF and my viewers of NUFC Matters podcast, including our youngest, ten-year-old Poppy Allen, have been so affected by the news coming out of Ukraine that we have sent boxes of clothing, cups and other essentials to aid the people of Ukraine in their time of need. We stand with them.

Steve Wraith NUFC Matters Podcast, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

THE world is watching your courage. To the Ukrainian people, I support each and every one of you.

Andy Harris, Sudbury, Suffolk

IPSWICH stands together in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. I know that I was one of the many civic mayors throughout the UK who have been taking part in large vigils to let Ukrainians know we are there with them.

Cllr Elizabeth Hughes, Mayor of Ipswich

I AM sickened to my stomach to see the scenes unfolding in Ukraine and the refugee crisis it is causing. My family is thinking of all of those and their pets who are suffering.

Andrew Maitland, Bexley, Kent

IT doesn’t feel real the scenes we are seeing unfolding. We are amazed at your bravery.

Ben Fryer, Orpington, Kent

I ADMIRE your courage. We are all thinking of you across Britain.

Elizabeth Arnold, Reading

I AM giving my support by making special “Support Ukraine” dog bandanas and donating 100 per cent of the profits as I am so shocked and appalled at the devastation.

The situation is incredibly sad and my thoughts are with all the people fleeing for not only their safety but those of their beloved pets. I stand with everyone going through this.

Hayley Bonwick Handmade by Hayley B, Peacehaven, East Sussex
WE support you and salute your bravery. Freedom is something that is worth fighting for. I admire your solidarity. Keep strong.

Keith Dowling, Crayford, Kent

THINKING of all the brave people of Ukraine and hoping they will be able to live in peace in their own country very soon.

Keith Dowling Snr, Bexleyheath, Kent

AS a grandmother, I am so shocked by what is happening. President Volodymyr Zelensky is a man of courage and he is inspiring the world, as is the courage of the Ukrainian men, women and children. He has been brilliant. Our hearts are with you.

Jacqui Edwards, Mablethorpe, Lincs

YOU brave, brave people. You are amazing. We are with you.

Wendy Proudlock, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

RUSSIAN warships get lost! People of Ukraine, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

Ben Gray, Plymouth

I AM so shocked, saddened and appalled at what has happened to you. Seeing the scenes of homes bombed and children killed is unthinkable and yet it has happened. You are so courageous. The world is behind you.

Katie Webber, Grimsby

I ADMIRE your courage. We are all thinking of you across Britain.
Terry James, Welling, Kent

I HAVE been following President Zelensky on Twitter and he is an amazing statesman. He cares about his people and his impassioned message to the world to not ignore what is happening is incredibly powerful. We are not ignoring what is unfolding and we care about you.

David Blakey, Cleethorpes, Lincs

MY ladies at Sevenoaks Dance Fitness Yoga and I are shocked by the bombings and killings. We are there for you. We see and hear what you are going through and we stand by you.

Sheree Cox and the Sevenoaks yoga ladies

SENDING love and support to Ukraine. You are strong. My fellow Plymouth artists and I stand with you.

Karley Buckley, Plymouth

PEOPLE of Ukraine, we are praying for you and standing with you.

Julie Gray, Plymstock, Devon

I CAME through World War Two and as a child I had to have a bolt removed from my leg, which was shrapnel from a bomb blast. London has suffered like Ukraine is suffering. You can get through this.

John Smith, Maidstone, Kent

WE are with you Ukraine. I cannot imagine what you are going through. We are seeing your suffering. You are being heard.

Julie Dowling, Dartford, Kent

I AM thinking of every person in Ukraine; woman, child, husband, father and son. But also I’m thinking of the animals who must be as terrified as all of their human guardians. It is just awful. You have my support.

Helen Maitland, Bexley, Kent

Injured pregnant woman is carried to safety after the shelling of a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine


Injured pregnant woman is carried to safety after the shelling of a maternity hospital in Mariupol, UkraineCredit: AP

I WAKE up to you every day to watch and pray that each and every one of you has made it through another terrifying night.

Watching all you mums, grandmas, the elderly and all of your beautiful children and babies who have had your entire lives ripped from beneath you. It breaks our hearts.

We have nothing but amazement at how you have come together as a country.

Your men have to fight against the horrific evil that is coming their way, and yet they have done so without any doubt that they will always conquer. Our hearts are with you. Our thoughts are with you and we will always love you. Ukraine for ever!

Jenna Bowden, Devon

DEAREST people of the Ukraine, we watch at home the atrocities of war, hoping and praying it ends soon. Putin’s actions are those of a dictator who we must stop. Please know the UK stands with you, our brothers and sisters. Prayers and love to you all.

Jen Maloney, Middlesbrough

WE are thinking of every person in Ukraine who is going through this.

Mark Hollick, Reading

WE are devastated by the destruction and ruthlessness being rendered on the peace-loving people of Ukraine. We have them in our prayers and God is watching over them. Surely God will deliver his people. Love you lots.

Innocent Chikorowondo, Zimbabwe

SCENES of children homeless and being killed are so unbelievable and shocking the world. Our prayers are with you.

Gill Blakey, Cleethorpes, Lincs

DEAR friends, this may feel like your darkest hour, but through all of the atrocities that the Ukrainian people have, and are still suffering, always remember the people of Scotland support, love and respect you all. No matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, Ukraine and its people will be victorious.

Long live Ukraine! We will pray for all of you, love from the Scottish people.

James Bentley, Glasgow

DEUTERONOMY 31:6: Be strong and cour­ageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Kay, Joe & Duane Poole South Carolina, US

LOVE and hope to all Ukraine’s people.

Carol Dowling, Bexley, Kent

I AM horrified at what Putin has done to your country and its people. There is not one moment in the past few weeks that your country hasn’t been on my mind.

As a citizen of the UK, I feel totally helpless and I do not believe that the West is doing enough to support you because they are worried about World War Three. We shouldn’t let this psycho bully get away with what he is doing and I wish Nato would help you. You are all a huge credit to your country and your fallen will never be forgotten. Slava Ukraini!

Anne-Marie Thompson, Baldock, North Herts

PEOPLE of Ukraine, please forgive us as we cannot get any more involved than we are, as we don’t want to start another world war. That doesn’t mean that the people of America don’t grieve for your losses, because we do.

We are all praying that this illegal war comes to a close and Ukraine not only survives but flourishes post-war.

Reverend Earle Allen Jr Wallingford, Connecticut, US

OUR family have watched the devastation daily, our hearts are breaking. We want to send love, support and hugs to every single one of you. Your courage knows no bounds.

The Jackson family, Halifax, West Yorks

THE position you are all in is just ridiculous. No one in the world deserves that. Your country and people are in need of your positive strength. May you all have the ending you deserve and Putin end up with his tail between his legs. Luck and love to all.

Peter Walter, Hayes, West London

TO the valiant people of Ukraine, you are fighting against tyranny and are doing a superb and amazing job. The people of the UK are with you. Keep up the fight and you shall prevail.

Mike and Helen Joseph & family Faversham, Kent

MY town has been organising provision drops, with five so far. On behalf of The Works Co, not a day has gone by where we haven’t prayed for your peace. I continue to share my positive energy, love and hope for your future.

Emma Taylor, Henley on Thames, Oxon

MY heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. You are inspirational with your bravery and your courage will never be forgotten. God bless Ukraine. Great Britain is right there – we are rooting for you. Stay strong, our neighbours. And never give up hope. Our hearts are with you all. We pray for you all.

Em O’Hagan, Camden, North London

I AM so sorry you are going through this. Please keep strong. You are not alone. We are all behind you and your country.

Michelle Hill, Hereford

THIS tyranny must come to an end. We stand with you.

Tracy Tonkins, Suffolk

MY heart breaks every time I read or watch the news and see what this evil man is doing to your people and your country. The whole world stands with you and supports you through this awful time. You are an inspiration and we can all learn so much from your bravery, determination and courage. I wish you love, peace and a hope that this will all end soon. Slava Ukraini!

Donna Bir, Eccles, Gtr Manchester

IT is heart-breaking to see what is unfolding. We are thinking of you.

Marios Anastasiades, Athens, Greece

PEOPLE of Ukraine, I don’t have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to what you want to talk about, and a heart that’s aching to see you smile again. We are with you, side by side. Stay strong.

Barry Notman, Dumfries and Galloway

WE are not Ukrainian but we support you with all our hearts. May God bless each and every one of you.

The Sutton Gang at Hull for Ukraine



A DOG lover has been making blue-and-yellow bows, representing the Ukrainian flag, to raise money for the country’s besieged people and their stricken pets.

Kerry Whitney, 41, from Newcastle, who runs pet bow-tie shop Franky’s Bowtique, is donating all profits to pet rescues in Ukraine and charities helping refugees.

She was stirred into action after seeing Ukrainians walking for miles with pets tucked into their coats as they fled the bombing.

Kerry, whose pug Brenda wears one of the bows, said: “We have been heartbroken for the people who have had to flee, especially with their animals.

“So from my small business I’ve been making special badge- bows in blue and yellow that say, ‘I Stand With Ukraine’.

“I’m donating 100 per cent of the profits to charities helping with pet rescues and the people of Ukraine.

“We have raised over £800 so far. We wanted to help in the best way we know how.”

TO the people of Ukraine, please know that you are in our hearts and minds and we stand with you. We can only imagine how frightening life must be for you all.

In the space of a heartbreaking two weeks, your lives have been turned upside down and you’ve lost so much and so many. We can only watch the horrors that you’re going through unfold on a screen. We feel so powerless but want very much to help you.

If you manage to leave, we hope you are welcomed wherever you go with open arms. We hope that aid reaches the brave ones left behind.
We pray for peace in your homeland for you to be able to rebuild your lives the best you can. With love,

The Grief Specialists team, Devon

UKRAINE, we stand with you.

Cllr Bazil Solomon, Swindon

OUR team at Hand Made Suffolk turned our light installation outside Ipswich Town Hall yellow and blue in support of Ukraine during a special vigil this week. Although a small gesture, it created an ideal backdrop for the residents of Ipswich to come together and reflect on what the Ukrainian people are going through.

Our hearts are with them and we wish we could do so much more to help.

Olly Hill, Ipswich

WE want to help in any way we can. Our company, ARC Group, initially spent £2,000 on medical supplies and then progressed to asking for donations from clients. With the help of Tesco Express, Hethersett, we sent three van loads of food, bedding, children’s toys and further medical supplies via Smeets Transport.

We really couldn’t watch the scenes unfolding in the Ukraine and not do our bit to help. We are thinking of you.

Chris Ford Managing Director, ARC Group, Norwich

THE British people are all behind you Ukraine. Thoughts and prayers go to all of you going through this horrific ordeal. We stand by you. And you’re not alone.

Ryan Spink, Worcester

THE circumstances in Ukraine are awful. Pure evil destroying everything and families being forced to flee. I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling.

Pete Banham, Sudbury, Suffolk

IN Ukraine people are fighting to stay alive, homes are being destroyed and families are being devastated. It is devastating what our planet has become. Sending prayers to you all.

Piper Regan, Elmsett, Suffolk

I STILL can’t believe this is happening to a European country in the 21st Century and my heart goes out to the people of Ukraine.

It’s so important that we all speak up for our European neighbours and do everything we can to help. Ukraine is a democratic country and, while I am not in favour of military intervention, I can’t help feeling that we have all failed in letting this get so out of hand.

My message to the people in Ukraine is, “Try to stay strong and look after each other – we are 100 per cent behind you and we hope this is over soon.”

Matthew Plumb, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

MY heart goes out to everyone in Ukraine. It’s a very scary time for you all. How horrible it must be for everyone going through it. And I weep for the poor families that have been separated from their children and parents.

Amanda Davies, Lowestoft, Suffolk

I’M sorry that you had to leave your homes with all your special things behind. I’m sure you’re very sad and tired after travelling for such a long time. We stand with you and want you to know that we won’t forget you.

Lexi Hope, age 8, Cornwall

THE world is weeping every day as we watch the devastation that is happening in Ukraine. We are so sorry that this is happening to your beautiful country and will continue to support you however we can.

Paul Davies, Bude, Cornwall

IT is always sad when needless pain and suffering can be avoided. However, I feel real comfort in all of the people who have united to support the people of Ukraine. It is at times like this, that we realise, we are all in this together.

Kayley Tonkins, Suffolk

I WOULD like to send the Ukrainian people all my love and I truly hope that this war will end very soon. Please know that we are thinking of you here in the deep South Atlantic.

Roxy King-Clark, Falkland Islands

I AM full of admiration for the way that the Ukrainian people are defending their country but I can’t comprehend how scared they must be. A month ago their lives were normal, and now everything is wrecked. I hope there is some kind of resolution really soon.

Jason Harding, Kent

WE will support you ever more, people of Ukraine.

John, Karen and Kay McKenna Airdrie, North Lanarkshire

MY biggest concern at the moment is how I’m going to get on in my GCSE mocks, and yet there are people of my age who are literally running for their lives. It doesn’t make sense and it is so wrong that this is happening.

I don’t understand why your country is being destroyed and people are being killed. But I hope that it’s over soon and that you’re able to be with your families again.

Know that the whole world has got your back.

Katie Anten, 15, New Forest

I CANNOT imagine what it must be like to have to up and leave your home in the middle of the night while bombs are falling from the sky. It’s something that should never have happened. Please know that we care and that we are absolutely appalled at what is happening to you. We stand with you.

Simon Kingsbury, Snodland, Kent

KNOWING that there is a war raging in Europe in 2022 is absolutely heartbreaking and I’m sure that the last few weeks have been terrifying.
However, I know that you will win this fight, because the rest of the world is behind you. You will rebuild and you will be stronger because of it. God bless you all.

Barry Robinson, Moston, Manchester

SEEING the images of women and children leaving their homes and husbands because of a pointless war is heartbreaking.
I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through, but please know that you’re not alone.

The whole world is behind you and hoping that this conflict ends soon and you’re able to rebuild your lives, and are reunited with your loved ones.

Zoe Estherby, Sale, Gtr Manchester

I HOPE the war stops soon. My heart is with you all.

Joshua Green, age 7, Bexleyheath, Kent

People cross the destroyed bridge as they flee from the frontline town of Irpin, Kyiv


People cross the destroyed bridge as they flee from the frontline town of Irpin, KyivCredit: EPA

“BON Courage” as we say in France or “Hang in there” in English. We are with you.

Jo Katz, France

WHAT is happening is absolutely abhorrent and I simply can’t understand what Putin thinks he is doing.

There’s someone I normally see most mornings at my gym in North London, but she’s been too upset to go recently as her family lives in Kyiv. We’ve let her know we are all here for her. And that is what we need to do for the people of Ukraine. I do fear for them but they are so strong and brave, and such good fighters, my feeling is they will win this war.

My message to them is, “Stay strong, the whole world is behind you.”

Geoff Rhodes, London

WE set up the Central Beds Ukraine Appeal to bring together the help and support of local villages across Bedfordshire.

We have so far co-ordinated more than 100 tonnes of donations of food, clothes and supplies that are being sent to Poland and Moldova. Our message to the people of Ukraine is: We are far away from you, but know that we are with you and we will do everything we can to support your wonderful nation.

Katarzyna Southin, Clophill, and Emily Roberts, Barton le Clay, Beds

WE stand with you Ukraine.

Philip Cook, Braintree, Essex

THE Ukrainian people have shown immense courage in heartbreaking circumstances. I am in awe of their bravery. My thoughts especially lie with the Ukrainian president who is fighting alongside his people like a true hero.

Peter Daniels, Wallsend, North Tyneside

I HAVE been moved to tears with the scenes unfolding. Our prayers are with you Ukraine.

Rosie Lawrence, Braintree, Essex

AS an animal lover, I was devastated to hear about the brave young woman who lost her life as she attempted to feed starving dogs at a shelter. My heart goes out to all those who are putting their lives at risk to help in whatever way they can.

Paul Daniels, Killingworth, North Tyneside

UKRAINE is just a three-hour flight away from England and many of us have visited or know people from the country.

That’s why this feels so personal. It’s devastating to know that ordinary people are living through hell for absolutely no reason. I hope and pray that the conflict is over before there are many more casualties. Every life lost is one too many. We are all in shock at what is happening to you and feel helpless that we can’t do more, but know this; we are with you every step of the way.

Wayne Oliver, Ryarsh, Kent

I CANNOT imagine putting my wife and kids on a train and sending them off to God knows where, while I stay behind to fight for my country – and perhaps my life. But that is the reality that men are facing in Ukraine at this moment in time.

The bravery and guts of you people has been so inspirational (and slightly terrifying). You are a truly incredible nation. I hope this horrific situation is resolved soon without too much more bloodshed.

Billy Anten, New Forest

MY fellow kind-hearted Romanians have support­ed Ukraine greatly during this time of war, providing refugees and their families with food and residency and in this, I take great pride.

I support and pray for Ukraine and neighbouring countries and it is very hard to witness such a devastating event. An event that crushes ambitious dreams of millions of young people. However, we are brave, we have hope – and we support Ukraine.

Andreea Viadeanu, London. Arrived from Romania in 2017

I CAN’T imagine the sadness you feel right now. We are all in shock and feel terrible about what is happening to you. You have stood together through every torment and shown incredible strength and courage. We are in awe of you.

Amy Edwards, Maidstone, Kent

STAY strong Ukraine. We are with you.

Angela Wilkins, Romford, Essex

SINCE Russia invaded your country I’ve been glued to the news every day and am shocked and saddened by the atrocities. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to be living through it. You have all shown such bravery and spirit and deserve to win this awful war and for your country to be returned to its wonderful former glory.

Jimmy Milligan, Old Trafford, Manchester

FREEDOM should never be taken for granted. The Ukrainian people have not, and are struggling heroically to save theirs.

We must do everything humanly possible to help, especially to give refugees a safe haven as quickly as possible.

Richard Williams, North Wales



A PAGEANT queen is baking chocolate brownies to raise money for the people of Ukraine after being moved to tears by the devastation.

Maia Wain, 12, the reigning International Junior Miss Pre-teen United Kingdom, is selling boxes of her homemade treats to neighbours and schoolfriends and donating proceeds to the Red Cross and other charities.

Maia, from Plymouth, said: “I am thinking of all of the schoolchildren who have lost their homes, parents and grandparents. My heart is breaking because of what is happening.

“All the money from the brownies I will sell will be going to help those in Ukraine. Plus I will buy five tins of soup out of my pocket money for every brownie sold.

“I hope to make the UK proud when I compete for the International Junior Miss Pre-Teen title in Florida this November, and to try to make a change in the world.”

THE thought of having to fight for my country when I have never picked up a gun in my life is terrifying, but that is something that the men of Ukraine are willing to do. I don’t know where they get their courage.

The whole world is appalled at what is happening to you and your incredible country and we are with you for as long as it takes.

Anthony Bennett, West Malling, Kent

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY will be remembered as the Winston Churchill of his day. He is a man of the people, in stark contrast to Putin. I am rooting for him to cling on to as much of his country as he possibly can.

Ken Dickson, Wallsend, North Tyneside

AS the mother of a baby, my thoughts are with the youngsters of Ukraine whose childhoods are being stolen. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to give birth in a hospital that is being bombed. I send all the love in the world to the mothers and fathers doing their best to look after their little ones in a war zone.

Alex Patel, Abergele, North Wales

I’M a pacifist and it is heartbreaking to witness the people of Ukraine suffer so terribly under Putin’s crusade of terror. My heart lies with the Ukrainian people and their president. I fear for the citizens and animals of Ukraine and only hope Putin sees sense and withdraws his troops as soon as possible.

Alex Elliott, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne

MY thoughts are with all the Ukrainian families who have been torn apart by this senseless war. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to leave behind your home and the men you love to seek safety in a foreign land.

Emma Pearson, Washington, Tyne & Wear

I HAVE two young children and can barely express my horror and sadness at the atrocities that have been committed against vulnerable and innocent Ukrainian mothers and children. All my thoughts are with the victims and survivors at this terrible time.

Helen Griffiths, Southport, Merseyside

I WOULD like to send my support to the people and soldiers of Ukraine who are fighting for their country. They are managing to defend their Ukraine against Russia despite limited support from the West.

Cameron Walker, Blyth, Northumberland

AS a young person myself, my thoughts go out to the students whose educations are being destroyed because schools and college buildings are being targeted. I also want to send my support to all of the Ukrainians who are fighting to defend their country right now.

Conner Pilmore, Mansfield

MY heart goes out to all Ukrainians whose homes and belongings have been destroyed in the fighting. It’s hard to see families being ripped apart but they have shown amazing courage and spirit during a horrendous time. I hope the fighting comes to an end soon.

Elliot Anderson, Ashington, Northumberland

TO all the people in Ukraine, the world is with you praying for your safety and for peace.

Margaret Crowley, Newport, South Wales

AS a father and grandfather, I can’t begin to imagine what the people of Ukraine are going through as their families are broken up. I’m also a dog lover and it has been heart-warming to read of animals being sheltered and brought to safety.

However, it breaks my heart to think of the pets that won’t have made it out alive. We all want the fighting to end.

Simon Storey, Ashington, Northumberland

WE won’t let you drown if you need help. We are working to support you from our Romania Project The Way Of Joy, in Iasi.

Val Huxley, CEO People against Poverty, Wiltshire

WATCHING and listening to all that the people are going through in Ukraine is utterly heartbreaking and brings to mind human helplessness in the face of wanton brutality.

How must it feel to have every shred of normality, every ounce of human dignity ripped from you. I hope none of us here in the UK ever have to find out.

I wish strength, fortitude and eventual relief and victory in this war to the brave people of Ukraine. God bless every one of them.

Kevin Sharp, Ellington, Northumberland

TO our brothers and sisters from other mothers: We love you, appreciate you, and pray for you all. Your strength and resolve is inspiring. Long live Ukraine.

Michael Salmon, Tipton, West Mids

Help those fleeing conflict with The Sun’s Ukraine Fund


PICTURES of women and children fleeing the horror of Ukraine’s devastated towns and cities have moved Sun readers to tears.

Many of you want to help the five million caught in the chaos — and now you can, by donating to The Sun’s Ukraine Fund.

Give as little as £3 or as much as you can afford and every penny will be donated to the Red Cross on the ground helping women, children, the old, the infirm and the wounded.

Donate here to help The Sun’s fund

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Texts cost your chosen donation amount (e.g. £5) +1 standard message (we receive 100%). For full T&Cs visit

The Ukraine Crisis Appeal will support people in areas currently affected and those potentially affected in the future by the crisis.

In the unlikely event that the British Red Cross raise more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent, any surplus funds will be used to help them prepare for and respond to other humanitarian disasters anywhere in the world.

For more information visit Hundreds of big-hearted Sun readers share their messages of support for Ukraine


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