Humiliated Putin “HIDES his Tu-95 nuclear bombers” after stunning Ukrainian drone strikes, satellite images show

HUMBLE Vladimir Putin is reportedly hiding his fleet of Tu-95 strategic nuclear bombers after the stunning drone strikes on Ukraine.

Satellite images show that the Russian president relocated six of the planes after the successful attack on the Engels-2 airbase.


Russia was ambushed by a drone strike on Engels-2 airbase on Monday[/caption]


Satellite images show Putin hastily hid six of the nuclear bombers after the attack[/caption]


It is not known where the Tu-95 aircraft were transferred to[/caption]

Volodymyr Zelenky’s men managed to wipe out two of the terrifying planes at a Russian maximum security airfield in the Saratov region.

The move appears to have shaken his red-faced foe Putin, who hastily stowed half a dozen of his Tu-95 planes, according to satellite evidence shared by Scheme’s Twitter.

As of December 4, a total of 21 of the nuclear bombers known as Bears were at the base, which is about 460 miles from the Ukrainian border.

But after what appeared to be a strike early in the morning the next day, sleuths suggest that “the number of planes dropped after the blast.”

“In particular, six Tu-95s are missing,” they added.

According to local news, two Russian soldiers were injured and hospitalized after the alleged Ukrainian attack.

The incident is believed to have panicked Putin, who quickly ordered his troops to hide some of the remaining nuclear bombers.

The Moscow Times reported: “At least six strategic bombers have been moved from the Engels base to an unknown destination.”

It’s unclear where they went, but the assumption is that the plane — crucial to Putin’s nuclear strike capability — was taken out of range of Ukrainian drones.

Schemes correspondent Kyrylo Ovsianyi added: “After the explosions at Russian long-haul airfields, planes began to be placed there more cautiously.

“In addition, six Tu-95 were transferred from Engels-2.”

Footage of Monday’s explosion at the airbase used by Putin’s strategic fleet showed a huge flash before the bears burst into flames.

Russian forces conducted drills at the airfield Tuesday night and indicated they feared more drone strikes could follow.

The super-noisy Tu-95s are the only propeller-driven strategic bombers still in service today, and first flew 70 years ago.

The bombers have been used in recent weeks to blast infrastructure in Ukraine with non-nuclear weapons as Putin continues his ferocious attack.

The despot even previously used the planes to bombard Britain amid rising tensions surrounding the Ukraine war.

In February, the Royal Air Force used Typhoon fighter jets to escort two bears off northern Scotland.

The UK MoD was quick to assess Putin’s alleged next move, saying he would “likely respond by temporarily moving bombers to cluster airfields.”

Another Russian airfield was also destroyed by a suspected Ukrainian drone strike early Tuesday – dealing another blow to Putin.

Shocking footage showed an explosion and a huge fireball at the military airfield in the Kursk region on the border with Ukraine.

According to reports, an oil tank was on fire at the airport – and the fire is said to have raged for more than ten hours after the attack.

Thick black smoke filled the sky, covering nearly 5,500 square feet as more firefighters rushed to the scene to control the inferno.

A senior Ukrainian official said the drones were launched from Ukrainian territory — but at least one attack was carried out with the help of special forces near the base, who helped guide the drones to the target, the New York Times reports.

After the airstrike, a fuel truck exploded at the airfield in Ryazan, a base of Russian special forces, killing three and injuring five.

Images also showed extensive damage to a nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 bomber.

Russia claims Ukraine used the Soviet Tu-141 reconnaissance drone called Strizh to carry out the series of attacks.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed the drones were hit by its anti-aircraft defenses – but falling debris caused damage to the plane on the ground.

The Ukrainian government has not publicly acknowledged the strikes.

In its latest update from the front lines, the UK Ministry of Defense hinted that Russia has started to strengthen its defensive positions along its border with Ukraine.

Troops are believed to have nested “deep inside” the Belgorod region, where new trenches have been dug since April.

Britain’s security agency warned that the moves suggest there is a “realistic possibility” that Putin is organizing defense preparations to wipe out support for Ukraine.

“However, it probably illustrates that some Russian decision-makers sincerely (but incorrectly) believe there is a credible threat of invasion by Ukrainian forces,” they added.


Footage of the incident showed a flash of light before the explosion erupted[/caption]


A significantly increased presence of Tu-95s could be seen at the high-security airfield before the attack[/caption]


Two of the bears were damaged in the explosion at the airfield in the Saratov region[/caption] Humiliated Putin “HIDES his Tu-95 nuclear bombers” after stunning Ukrainian drone strikes, satellite images show


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