How Vladimir Putin could be ousted and replaced by a ‘crazy’ successor, ‘obsessed with NUKING the West’

VLADIMIR Putin’s replacement if ousted in a palace coup will be even worse than him, experts have claimed.

Three potential frontrunners in the Russian presidential race are spy chiefs and a man who has warned of a global war between Russia and the West.

Vladimir Putin's replacement could be worse, experts have claimed


Vladimir Putin’s replacement could be worse, experts have claimedPhoto credit: Reuters
Putin's spy chief Alexander Bortnikov has been touted as a possible successor


Putin’s spy chief Alexander Bortnikov has been touted as a possible successorPhoto credit: AFP
Nikolai Patrushev is said to be


Nikolai Patrushev is said to be “the only person” whom Putin trustsPhoto credit: Getty – Contributor

Foreign policy experts and Russian politicians in exile have claimed that three key figures are waiting in the wings to replace Putin.

They are Alexander Bortnikov, head of the Russian security service FSB; Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council; and Sergey Glazyev, Putin’s economic adviser.

Olga Lautman, senior fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis in Washington DC, told The Sun Online that Putin continued the process of Soviet-era cruelty and indoctrination under his leadership, hijacking institutions, installing his loyalists and removing what little freedom the US had The press had been allowed to flourish in the 1990s.

“For every Putin there are 100 others waiting in the wings who could be just as cruel,” she said.

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“Until this cruelty to civilians and disregard for human life is eradicated, no good leader will emerge in Russia.”

And she argues that Putin’s replacement could be far worse.

Lautman describes Glazyev as a “maniac” who has spoken frequently about “nuclear bombing the whole West.”

She adds that he is “more mentally unstable and fascist than Putin” and that his belief system stems from a feeling that “the West needs to be destroyed”.

In his opinion, “only Russia can be a superpower.”

While Patrushev and Bortnikov have both been waiting in the wings to replace Putin for some time.

And Lautman believes that a look at Russian history shows how a coup could happen at any time.

“There is loyalty to Putin until there is none,” she said. “As much as you trust someone, they can always turn against Putin.

“Danger may come from within his inner circle. Putin is aware of this, hence his paranoia.

“Putin knows only too well how to eliminate people who might have secrets about him.”


THREE men were lined up as potential replacements for Vlad.

Alexander Bortnikov

  • As head of the Russian Security Service (FSB), he has long been regarded as Putin’s successor
  • He worked in the secret police from 1975 to 2004 before moving to the FSB
  • Under his leadership, the FSB has been accused of destroying opposition parties, the free press and civil rights groups
  • He initiated the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and was subsequently sanctioned by the EU
  • In May, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, Bortnikov, and other members of Russia’s elite said they were considering “poisoning” the president to remove him from power

Nikolai Patrushev

  • Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, was director of the FSB from 1999 to 2008
  • He met Putin when both were in the KGB and the two became close, with Vlad rewarding him with his prestigious new role after becoming President
  • Patrushev is accused of involvement in a series of deadly apartment bombings in Russia in 1999 that killed around 300 civilians, which Putin accused of “Chechen separatists”.
  • He is also said to have authorized the 2006 assassination of FSB whistleblower Alexander Litvinenko in London
  • Former intelligence official Rebekah Koffler describes Patrushev as the “only person” who trusts Putin
  • She also described him as a “rabid anti-American propagandist” who recently accused the US of nuclear bombing Ukraine and blamed it on Russia

Sergey Glazyev

  • Putin’s notoriously outspoken economic adviser Glazyev was born in what is now Ukraine
  • In 1999 he wrote a book, Genocide: Russia and the New World Order, in which he accused the country’s oligarchs of causing a devastating annual population decline
  • He has been warning of a “global war” between Russia and the US since 2015, when he said America’s capitalist model is entering a period of self-destruction
  • In 2016, Ukraine released wiretapped phone calls from Glazyev, who organized pro-Russian riots in Ukrainian cities
  • Glazyev also spread anti-Semitic propaganda against the Jewish President of Ukraine Zelenskyy
  • In 2019 he accused Zelensky of wanting to replace the Russian-speaking population of eastern Ukraine with Israeli Jews

Meanwhile, exiled Russian opposition politician Mikhail Svetov has warned that Putin’s replacement will be “much worse”.

Svetov was arrested last year and his Moscow apartment ransacked on trumped-up charges as the paranoid Vlad stepped up his ruthless crackdown on the Russian opposition in the months leading up to the war in Ukraine.

From exile in Panama, Svetov told The Sun Online: “In hindsight, he did [Putin] seems to be preparing for war [with Ukraine] for some time.

Once Putin is gone, the real radicals will come

Mikhail SvetovExiled Russian opposition figure

“In order to wage war, he had to get rid of everyone who was able to organize opposition.

He continued: “Once Putin is gone, the real radicals will come. The war is humiliating Russia and the army is in a terrible state.

“As there will be no clear victory in Ukraine, this will ignite resentment, which will be used by those who are seizing power to fight and win a ‘proper’ victory.”

He accused the West of being “fixated” on Putin and assumes “when he’s gone, everything will change.”

Svetov continued: “He gets all his information from his inner circle, which is highly corrupt, they lied to Putin for years.

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“He believes in a reality that doesn’t exist, but not because he’s crazy. He genuinely believes that the West is meddling in Russian politics and trying to start a revolution and has been doing so for 10-15 years.”

Svetov also warned that Putin is leading his country on an “inevitable” path to civil war, if not wider conflict with the West.

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Putin's economic adviser Sergei Glazyev has spoken of an


Putin’s economic adviser Sergei Glazyev has spoken of an “atomic bomb against the West”.Photo credit: Getty
In recent years, there has been an increasing crackdown on Russian opposition groups


In recent years, there has been an increasing crackdown on Russian opposition groupsCredit: EPA How Vladimir Putin could be ousted and replaced by a ‘crazy’ successor, ‘obsessed with NUKING the West’


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