How to Unlock New Operators and REACT Tech

The Operators belong to Rainbow Six Siege Well equipped to handle most threats, so they are the perfect people to call when Archæans

– also known as Archies and basically zombies infected with alien parasites – began appearing around the world. Rainbow Six Extract puts these Operators in the middle of a weird sci-fi scenario, but you don’t start off with an entire crew of zombie/terrorist combat specialists nor do you have access to their fully equipped arsenal.

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While your crew and payload options may seem small at first, they will expand as you progress through the game. With this guide we’ll show you what you need to do to unlock every operator and get everything REACT Tech has to offer.

How to unlock operators

mining list

When you start Rainbow Six Extraction, you will be able to choose from 9 Operators along with everyone after the stealth expert, Vigil, is locked. Unlocking the rest of the Operators is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is progress along Extraction’s progress bar by earning XP. The best way to do this is complete all three objectives in one mission. If you complete every quest and extract with everyone on the team present, you’ll get a good amount of XP at the end of the game. You’ll also get more XP for killing Archies, completing objectives, and unpacking with most of your HP still intact.

For more XP, you can complete Extraction’s challenges, called Learn. Each level will have its own unique Research that includes three side objectives such as killing some Spikers, pinging Beehives, reinforcing walls, etc. Completing these challenges will reward you with a decent amount of exp. , so they’re definitely worth doing.

When you gain XP, you gain Important milestones along the Extraction progress bar. At certain Milestones, you’ll unlock items, gun attachments, codex entries, and cosmetics. Additionally, you’ll also be able to unlock new levels and new groups of Operators to play with. These groups unlock at the following Milestones:

Milestone 5

When you reach this Milestone, you will gain access to Backbone, a group of Moderators dedicated to protecting targets. This group includes Jager, who has access to a turret that can be set to detonate incoming Archives; Rook, who has a sack full of armor to give to his teammates; and INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT, who can detect REACT supplies in the surrounding area.

10 . landmark

At this point will unlock Strong arm, are the Explosive Operators Archies. This group allows you to play as Tachanka, one can put a mounted LMG down; Smoke, who has a smoke grenade that releases gas that injures enemies; and Fuze, who can attach explosives to the wall and drop cluster grenades.

17 . landmark

Finally, the last group of Operators is called Architect will be unlocked here. This group includes Wandering, who shoots close-in mines that can knock Archies out and clear away hazards; Capitao, who has a tactical crossbow that shoots smoke and venom; and Gridlock, who deploys traps on the ground that damage and slow enemies.

More Operators may join the game later, but right now you’ll have access to the full list after Milestone 17.

How to unlock REACT Tech

mining technology

The progress bar also lets you unlock new gear for use in the field. Certain landmarks will unlock REACT . Token, can be spent on new parts of REACT Tech. Some of these may be explosives, while others will be add-ons that can help you stay alive. Like Operators, a lot of gear will be locked until you reach specific Milestones.

You will start with just Smoke Grenades and Recon Drone available to equip. New technology will unlock at the following milestones:

Milestone 1

When you reach the first Milestone you will unlock Technology level 1. This will allow you to use the REACT Token to unlock Impact Grenade, Scan Mine, Revive Kit, and Armor.

Milestone 6

Technology level 2 unlocked here. This tier contains Claymore, Stun Grenades, Glue Grenades, and Ammo bullets.

12 . landmark

You will hit Technology level 3 at this time. This tier provides you Fragmentation Grenades, Sweeping Grenades, Field Walls, Explosives Mining, and XR Recon Drone.

18 . landmark

Technology level 4 gives you some pretty advanced equipment. This tier includes Nitro Cells, Paralyzing Grenades, Arc Mines, Recon Steam Devices, and Anabolic accelerator.

25 . landmark

When you reach Technology level 5 at Milestone 25, there’s only a piece of REACT Technology left to unlock, although it’s one of the best perks you’ll get. You will be able to use Laser REACT, which will Burning Sprawl. Sprawl is a sticky black substance that appears on the ground and walls that slows your movement. Usually, the best way to get rid of it is to shoot it or hit it with your melee attack. But REACT Laser will save you the trouble of doing that, which is really helpful when you are playing missions of higher difficulty. What’s even more amazing is that this utility is equips automatically on your weapon and can be switched on to replace your existing REACT UV Lamp. It’s a nice little bonus for accumulating all those exp.

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