How to unlock naughty kids trophies/achievements in Nier Automata

In a career defined by odd projects, Yoko Taro’s Nier Automata definitely in the race for the weirdest of them all. Developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix, the essence of both companies is visible in the finished product. It’s a high-octane action RPG with deep themes spread throughout, as well as an interest in well-timed counterattacks and compelling characterization.

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Nier Automata is also the long-awaited sequel to the excellent Nier 2010. The relationship that binds these two together is completely invisible at first – but dig deep enough and things start to show up. . One of the most overt examples is Emil, a protagonist in Nier who is welcomed back in Automata starting with a funny salesman and ending with a bang.

That explosion comes in the form of a tough optional boss encounter. Success, and you will get Naughty child trophy. Fail and well, try again until you succeed. But with our guide at your side, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Note that to complete these tasks, you must finish the main story at least once to gain 9S as a playable companion.

How to Unlock and Complete Emil’s Memories

How to Defeat Emil Easily Nier Automata

The first step to winning the Naughty Child title is getting started ‘Memories of Emil’ mission. Players interested in learning more about Emil, as well as Nier’s own wider world, should have a good time.

It’s probably more accurate to say that the first step actually happens a bit earlier. Meeting Emil, and getting to know him a bit, must happen before the tired truck officially asks for your assistance. You can do this at any time after complete the main quest ‘Forest Kingdom’.

When that was taken care of, ask Pascal about A2 and then travel to City Ruins’ desert entrance. Your goal here is to shoot Emil. Don’t worry, he’s used to it. Had a conversation with the poor guy. Now let’s venture to Near the tower the access point (still at the City Ruins, in case it’s not clear), and head towards the Trade Facility on the way to the Forest Area.

A beautiful little flower will sparkle on the ground before your eyes. Reach it. Emil will appear soon, and ‘Memories of Emil’ will begin in earnest.

Your goal is collect five moon tears. Their shared distance will be illustrated on the map as large red blobs, but Nier Automata is always filled with artwork at every turn. If you want to get down to business, here’s where you’ll find each:

Torn number Location Note
first mall Check the back of the escalator close to the main entrance.
2 Park Ruins Take the central road of the area, turn right towards the vending machine. Look behind it.
3 Forest Move to the Central access point. Go south across a river. Turn right right in front of the big waterfall, and you’ll find a cave with the Lunar Tear inside.
4 Desert area Go to the Desert’s access point: Camp. There is a rather large hill covered with rock, towering over the rest of your surroundings. You will find a cave here; Jump inside the hole and go around until you’re back on the surface again. Park your car ahead on your way to a withered tree. To the west of it is the fourth Tear and a locked chest.
5 Flooded coast Head to the Wetland Coast: The Coast Access Point and then start heading south. At the end of the platform, the flight units checked the mud in front of the cracked concrete.

Satisfied with your service, Emil will deliver to you Elevator key. Time to get to Emil’s house with it. Like 9S, along City Ruins: Center and look for a sizable sewage pipe nearby. You can not miss it; it’s not just big, but it’s constantly overflowing. Beware of the wind, jump right into it, leading to City Ruins: Deep Cave.

There’s a lot to steal here, but the important part is you steal one of Emil’s masks. Do that, and you’re in good shape to continue your bizarre journey to the Nier Automata Naughty Kids trophy.

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How to fight and defeat Emil

Emil Boss Nier

So now you are a naughty kid. Naughty kids like you should confront City Ruins: Center, where you’ll see Emil driving around near the entrance to the desert. According to him, a robber stole things from his house. Strange, that.

Return to Emil’s house. A treasure chest is present here, and naughty children know how to open the treasure chest regardless of moral and ethical issues. Go ahead and hack the chest. On the way out, Emil heartbroken decides that you need some precise punishment.

Emil is level 99. He shoots lasers all over the place, constantly rotating his body in wild circles to obtain night-like coverage of the environment. He even fired dozens of copies of his own head; they bounce around the cave and eventually, always explode.

Hacking Emil is doable, and some players have reported that this is the sure way to victory. On the other hand, many players find that the level of difficulty involved in doing so outweighs the challenge of the traditional approach. If you’re having a hard time, give the hack a try, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea for this fight.

Stay close to Emil during the meeting. His physical melee maneuvers are much easier to dodge than his ranged arsenal. Nier Automata’s harder fare is usually about time sums; Try to dodge as much as possible so that you can launch powerful counterattacks when they pursue.

The raw power Emil shows at level 99 makes it all but impossible to keep up unless you’ve reached at least level 70 and up. Higher, predictable, better – aim for 80-85 for a much easier showdown.

Ancient Overlord Level 4’s second skill, Bullet Rupture, can be a lifesaver here. If all those floating, exploding heads seemed to be able to tear the 9S to pieces, tapping into Bullet Rupture’s significant effect zone power would knock them all down.

Ready to kill Emil when he has low HP. Once he’s in critical condition, his fast spin becomes overwhelming. You have a few seconds to get the job done before Death Ray attack does its dirty work. The good news is, this shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve managed to survive up to this point. Just don’t, you know, randomly give up the attack right now.

With Emil’s reserves completely depleted, the promised punishment for 9S simply never happened. Great, buddy. The Naughty Kid trophy, as well as a unique weapon Emil’s Hands, are all yours to take.

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