How to unlock Floraphone Achievements / Trophies

Defeat Gigantuar in Final Fantasy 13 is one of the most challenging experiences many players face. Confronting this giant cactus will require developing the right strategies while maintaining maximum stats to survive. This mini boss wreaks havoc on the team by dealing 10,000 damage in a single hit while also inflicting pain and fog on it.

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Winning this war is not only a gratifying experience but also rewards you with unlocking Floraphobe Achievements, add a great addition to your list of achievements. Here are some interesting strategies to adopt that can help you win against this tough little boss.

There are several strategies that you can adapt in the face of this enemy. Choosing the right team affects your ability to take on fierce enemies. Moreover, if played correctly, you can defeat Gigantuar quickly, so focus on our suggested strategies.

Incredible Gigantuar

Gigantuar Final Fantasy 13 is amazing

The first thing you should do is give your character the right gear that can give you randomness the ability to synthesize chains instantly, This allows pedestrians free. To be able to effectively activate this ability, you must equip Commandos with Painkiller and Potion with the White Cloak, and it will help prevent Gigantuar from disabling the party.


The Instant Chain combination can trigger randomly while your character is equipped with a vehicle that staggers while targeting an enemy. Although Gigantuar does considerable damage, it doesn’t have a lot of HP, so usurping this opponent can help you win.

Sazh . strategy

Defeat Gigantuar The Sazh Strategy Final Fantasy 13

This strategy is just an expansion on the first one to make it even easier. For this you must made Sazh the leader along with the guards for the other two roles. With this arrangement, when you initiate a Gigantuar attack, an automatic chain attack will be activated and begin to combine attacks, causing Sazh to fall backwards with each attack and finally moves him outside of Gigantaurs’ 10,000-needle attack range.

As long as you stay out of range of this mini-boss, you will not take damage. This strategy is also suitable for low-level teams, as it is simpler and more effective if used correctly.

Choose the right side

choose the right side Final Fantasy 13

Another tactic to eliminate Gigantuar is to go into battle with COM / SEN / MED party organizing. By this way, Boss can focus on attacking the Sentinel while the Medic heals and the other party attacks. This strategy will work effectively as each character plays his or her specific role while dealing with this Gigantuar.

Hope or Vanille recommended for the Medic role, as they have access to Curasa and Curaja. Hope will also aid in removing Fog and Pain along with healing.

You can also use a combination of different groups, such as organizing a group Hope / Snow / Fang with Paradigm Deck: Entourage: Rav / Med / Sen Tortoise: Lotus / Lotus / Sen.

You can also choose Hope as the leader and then do the following two Models: Protect Hope: SYN Snow: SEN Fang: MED Unite: Hope: MED Snow: SEN Fang: COM Turn on an Aegisol and a Fortisol , build a good team and join the battle.

Use the Daze . spell strategy

defeat Gigantuar with Daze Spell Strategy Final Fantasy 13

In the end, if you’ve tried the strategies mentioned above and still haven’t been able to defeat Gigantuar, the stun spell strategy should be your last resort. You should always put characters with Dull mantra as the lead and put them in a model alongside the MED. Then, spam Daze on enemies until its effect is activated. Wait for the ATB meter to be full and switch to Cerberus (COM-COM-COM). Then quickly return to the second pattern, casting the Daze spell again.

Keep repeating the cycle until the monster falls. This will win you with a five-star rating, unlocked Floraphobe achievements/trophies.

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