How to unlock Battlefield 2042’s hardest achievement

Battlefield 2042 has been on a rather interesting path since giving the most mixed criticism to a Battlefield title so far. The game has many aspects and mechanics that players enjoy, surrounded by problems that the developers are working hard to fix and improve.

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Meanwhile, there are plenty of achievements to unlock, with some being much easier than others. A lot of times in the game it’s simply a matter of committing to them, but in some cases it’s about knowing the keyboard shortcuts or workarounds. Why work harder, when you can work smarter?

Fake doctor in the house

Battlefield-2042-Achievements-8-1 the doctor falters in the house

An achievement like ‘Fake doctor in the house‘should tell you it will revolve around healing, and it certainly does. You have to heal 3000 damage with Falck’s S21 Syrette Pistol in a single multiplayer turn.

Sure, this can be done with a solid group of players, but luckily there are more than a few Gate Creation you can access that allows you Friendly with the fire bot’s teammates and heal them with Syrette Pistol. In most situations, you can unlock this achievement in less than five minutes or so.

B Gun’s Dry

Battlefield 2042 Achievement 7 b dry gun

Achievements ‘B Gun’s Dry‘asking you, in a single round, Deal 2500 damage to opponents with Boris ‘SG-36 Sentry Gun while defending the target. If you’re naturally a great objective mode player then you can get this spontaneously, but for others it’s important to remember that the Portal is a gift that never stops giving .

Most of the maps are made to ensure this achievement takes place in Conquest mode and you just capture the spot near your spawn, place Boris’ turret and shoot away. A well-constructed version of it can have you popping out ‘B Gun’s Dry’ in less than three minutes.

Prussian soldier

Battlefield 2042 Achievement of 6 ordinary soldiers

Grinding in video games is nothing new and at first glance, it seems like ‘Prussian soldier‘achievements are created by taking advantage of this behavior. The description says you must Earn T1 Mastery Bade with any expert.

When considering which one to do it, it seems Rao is the best choice as you can earn points with every assist in place and by using LATV4 and Soflam you can reasonably double and go towards earning that T1 Mastery Badge.

Jack Of All Trades

Battlefield 2042 Achievements 5 jack of all professions

We just talked about an achievement that took a long time and ‘Jack of all transactions‘ is also in that category. This has you win the T1 Mastery Badge with any particular utility or can throw. It seems the most effective method is to find a way spam throwing smoke grenades to unlock its specific badge.

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Via choose an expert named Angel and switch your throwable to a smoke grenade, then you can drop dumpsters and spam throw smoke grenades as often as possible. When everything is flashing and you are in the area, you should be able to throw about 12-15 smoke grenades every 60 seconds.

Gun Master

Battlefield 2042 Achievement 4 gun masters

You’ll now understand the devs’ tendency to make earning Mastery T1 Badges an obvious thing in Battlefield 2042. The ‘Gun Master‘Achievements yes you’re doing exactly that, but this time for a weapon.

You will need to achieve 1,200 kills with a single Battlefield 2042 gunand any other guns from other games will not work. The best stationing mode in the game is Overate which will constantly have you in the heat of battle. If this is a game you are playing every day, this achievement will come a lot faster than you think.

Pack Rat

Battlefield 2042 Achievements 3 pack rat

The ‘Pack Rat‘achievement requires you to extract in Danger Zone, with 50 cumulative data drives. Fifty sounds like a lot, but understand that progress is calculated based on any drives extracted by your team, so each drive your teammates extract counts towards your total.

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Like most difficult or unpleasant achievements, this one is simply about Commit to the mission and see it through With patience. Learn to enjoy Danger area and let the accumulation of data drives be extracted naturally if you don’t want to stress yourself about it.

Artist escape

Battlefield 2042 Achievements 2 Escape artist

You have to decompress 25 times in Danger Zone mode to unlock’Artist escape‘ achievements. Each Danger Zone match has two drawdowns and to complete one, you will either need a good communication and executive team or a good amount of luck and personal skill.

It is suggested not to enable crossplay because it invites cheaters. This mode is a endurance test because you just need to gain experience in this mode and find out which strategy works best for you in terms of successful extraction.

Warriors on wheels

Battlefield 2042 1 Wheeled Warrior Achievements

Hardest achievement to get in Battlefield 2042 with you won the T1 Mastery badge, but the difficulty lies in attached to vehicles.

When considering which medium is best to try and unlock’Warriors on wheels‘achievements, Hovercraft and LATV4 stand clearly above the rest thanks to them count the number of assists. The The first three floors can be run through solo play and Portal mode, but getting to the finish line will require sharpen in Breakthrough using a proximity grenade on enemy clusters afterwards hop on one of the suggested vehicles and you will get points for every assist that the grenade falls.

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