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Although Resident Evil Classified as a survival horror series, it is a series that is arguably best defined by its puzzles. For example, the original Resident Evil was more of pure puzzle and exploration than action. And the remake of the first game is no different.

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Some of Remake’s puzzles introduce key components long before resolution is available. This is the case with the Dining Room Icon, as you can get it early, but you won’t really need it until later. Everything you must know about when and how to use this item is included in this guide.

Updated January 23, 2022 by Ben Jessey: Resident Evil Remake includes many puzzles you need to solve. And since the game doesn’t have a lot of handheld operations, it can sometimes be hard to find them. Such is the case with the Emblem puzzle.

The premise of the puzzle is simple as you only need to swap the positions of two Symbols. However, finding both and creating an opportunity to switch them is the hard part. So we’ve updated our guide with more information and clarification. The whole thing is much easier to track now.

Get the dining room icon

Resident Evil Remake dining room icon

Both Chris and Jill can get the Dining Room Icon pretty much at the start of the game. However, it’s better stay in place until you explore the West Wing of the Mansion and unlocked the door between the Tea Room and the North Corridor. Make sure to kill every zombie in the area.

Once you have it, go to The dining room just west of the main hall entrance. The icon will be location right above the fireplace behind the desk. Interaction with the item to take it off its pedestal, leave a dent in the wall.

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Get the gold icon

Resident Evil Gold Emblem

To get access to the Gold Symbol you need to play a piano, Request sheet music.

So come east side of the villa on the second floor. Go through the rooms into the Pillar and Attic to to the Small Dining Room. When you’re there, move shelf set on the right to reveal a secret passageway. Inside it is a zombie and The music score you need.

Now you need to go back Dining room on the 1st floor of the west, cut into the Tea Room, and enter lobby bar. Only one bookshelves which, when moved, reveals a section of Music Score. Combine both together to download your Tracks.

  • Control Jill – Use the sheet music to interact with the piano to get her started. This will reveal a hidden room in the Bar.
  • Control Chris – Try to turn on the music to trigger Rebecca to join. Then you’ll need to wait for her to study the track. Head to the Main Lobby and run back, and Rebecca will be ready.

After the room is unlocked, Swap Gold Icons for Dining Room one. This will keep you from getting stuck in a secret room.

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Use the gold icon

Resident Evil Remake Grandfather Clock

With the golden emblem in hand, back to the dining room. Walk to where you get the Dining Room Icon and interact with indentation to put the Gold Icon inside. This will activate the Grandfather Clock.

Resident Evil Remake Screenshot of Clock Puzzle

Go through it to start the clock puzzle. You have to have shorter arm to point to armor while the other is on the helmet. The easy way to do it is move the Large gear to the left twice. Then when you choose to stop recording, Grandpa’s clock will move, allow you take the Shield Key behind it.

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