How to play side stories in Evil Genius 2

You would think that trying to take over the world would be a full-time job, but remember that you have an entire legion to take on most of the responsibilities in your life. Evil Genius 2. This gives you plenty of time for self-reflection and future planning about what you will do when the world is yours.

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Or, you can spend it doing some of the smaller tasks on your checklist to get a variety of gadgets. In addition to the Main Story, various Side Stories will appear during gameplay, and completing them can certainly aid the growth of your evil activities.

Side story bonus

A genius who monitors his minions

Evil Genius 2 has several primary objectives but even more optional ones. They will appear sporadically as you complete the quest and meet certain conditions. They are worth pursuing if you can put in the time and resources as the rewards can be very beneficial.

The most attractive reward is Henchmen. Each minions have their own story and employment conditions that you will need to meet in order to recruit them. At the start you will have a choice between one of four minions but you will be able to have up to five servants under your command as you complete more stories.

In addition to minions, you can also earn loot and traps from completing side stories. While traps can be effective at protecting your base and slowing down agents, loot adjusted to maintain equipment and minions. Loot can do things like prevent your assets from being destroyed as well as raise morale for minions.

Complete side stories

A Genius Meets His Henchmen

While you’ll never run out of things to do, Side Stories should take precedence over Main Stories. The reason for this is that many of them sensitive time and will disappear after a certain main goal is achieved. Another problem is many Unlock conditions unclear and may be accidentally locked out of some stories. To avoid this, take the following steps:

  • When choosing your starting minions, choose Eli Barracuda Jr. The reason is because he was requested for the story leading up to the trophy of the Torch of Liberty.

  • Notify Atomic Olga and Agent X as soon as possible, but not defeating Atomic Olga until you have a broken Time Machine.

  • Since you can’t recruit both Clara Jones and Carl Caffard, go with Jones. She needs to unlock the story that earns you the Terracotta Army.

  • Even as a side story appears in the Tasks tab, aiming to complete it as soon as possible.

Additional Notes

A genius holds someone at gunpoint

Thankfully, many loot Party Stories can be unlocked with complete the quest Recruit Henchmen. Another thing to keep in mind is that many of the unlocking conditions simply revolve around expanding your base. These include things like:

  • Only one certain types of minions as Chemist and Biologist

  • Expand your network into territories dominated by organizations such as SABER and ANVIL
  • Progress through the story and complete quests

  • Buying Deluxe version of Evil Genius 2

You should also keep multiple saved files in case you miss your chance and avoid known bugs of deleting loot items after completing a story mission.

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