How to play Inaros in Warframe

From the Eidolon plains on Earth to the Cambion Skating in Deimos and a host of planets in between, Warframe presents a huge arsenal of characters, weapons, and companions that will help the Tenno in their adventure through the Origins System against the many villainous factions vying for dominance.

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One of the many characters you can unlock and use in combat is Inaros, the ancient pharaoh who can come back from the dead whenever he wants. In combat, Inaros is also one of the toughest frames, demonstrating the inherent potential to become an indestructible weapon in any situation.

How to make Inaros

The quest menu highlights Inaros .'s quest

To craft Inaros you must obtain the Master Blueprint and his components, all of which can be obtained as rewards on completion Sands of Inaros mission. You can buy quests from Void Trader, Baro Ki’teer, and you can purchase additional Master blueprints and Components from Cephalon Simaris. These materials are quite common, but you will need a few complex ones to obtain, such as Argon Crystal and Nitain Extract. The first is a resource that can be found in space and will slowly decay, disappearing from your inventory (use it quickly!), and the latter can be purchased from Nora Night in the Nightwave shop .

Inaros’s blueprint

How to achieve Complete the “Sands of Inaros” Quest
Materials needed
  • 25,000 credits
  • x1 Inaros Chassis
  • x1 The psychoactive drug Inaros
  • x1 Inaros System
  • x1 Orokin Cells
Crafting time 72 hours

Inaros chassis

How to achieve Complete the “Sands of Inaros” Quest
Materials needed
  • 15,000 credits
  • x3 nerve
  • x1000 Nano Spores
  • x300 Plastids
  • x100 Oxium
Crafting time 12 o’clock

The psychoactive drug Inaros

How to achieve Complete the “Sands of Inaros” Quest
Materials needed
  • 15,000 credits
  • Alloy plate x1500
  • Polymer pack x350
  • x500 Plastids
  • x2 Nitain Extract
Crafting time 12 o’clock

The Inaros system

How to achieve Complete the “Sands of Inaros” Quest
Materials needed
  • 15,000 credits
  • x2 Argon Crystals
  • x300 . polymer pack
  • x1600 Nano Spores
  • x500 circuit
Crafting time 12 o’clock

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Inaros’s ability

Inaros .'s Abilities Menu


While bleeding, Inaros was buried in a protective coffin. He can resurrect himself by drawing life force from surrounding enemies and allies.

While Inaros can be a very powerful combat frame, this ability can act as a protective measure, should the worst happen. Once you’re inside the coffin, you can aim and fire a beam that can suck away the lives of nearby enemies and restore Inaros’ Health until he’s good enough to return to the battlefield. Likewise, allies can revive Inaros by interacting with Sarcophagus, just like any other method of revival.

There are also two additional passive effects that Inaros possesses and they are useful enough for that. First, Inaros will heal 20% of his own Health when he recognizes a melee Perfectionist, which is very effective if you use Drain. The second champion is a base bonus of Health and Mana reaching +300% Health and +50% Mana at Rank 30.


Inaros' first ability, Desiccation

Hygroscopic: Shoot enemies with a wave of cursed sand that blinds them and takes away their health.

Dehumidification statistics Stats per rank
Cost 25 Energy
Radius 10/12/13/15 Meters
Period 3/5/6/8 seconds
Harm 75/100/125/150 initial true damage
2/4/6/8 true damage per second
Other effects 100% Stagger when hitting
Steal 25% of life

Power Period Effective Limit
Affects Initial Damage and Damage Over Time Affects the damage over time and duration of the Stagger effect Impact on energy costs Affect the area of ​​influence

Desiccant acts as both a Life Steal resource and a Crowd Control tool, as you cause any affected enemies to stagger while you drain their Health. You can also improve this ability by equipping the Augment Mod’s Desiccation Curse, which has a chance to summon Sand Shadow when defeating staggered enemies with the Melee finisher.


Inaros' second power, Devour

Eaten raw: Holds power to trap targets in quicksand and draw them in to devour; this steals health and eventually creates a friendly Sand Shadow.

Devour’s stats Stats per rank
Cost 50 Energy
Radius 20/30/40/50 Meters of Cast and Tether Range
Period 15/20/25/30 Seconds
Harm 50-100 / 100-200 / 150-300 / 250-500 real damage per second
Other effects Sand Shadow Duration: 15 seconds
Sand Shadow restores 400 Health per second
Power Period Effective Limit
Affects initial and max damage per second Effect on Quicksand . duration Impact on energy costs Affects Transmission range

Devour works similarly to Desiccation, with the main difference being that it focuses on Life Steal instead of crowd control, as you can only target one enemy with this ability and Life Recovery is noticeably more effective. tell. If you kill an enemy with the effect of this ability, a friendly clone of that enemy named Sand Shadow will aid you for a short time.


Inaros' third ability, Sandstorm

Sandstorms: Become a swirling sand vortex that sends enemies flying and devours those trapped in quicksand.

Sandstorm stats Stats per rank
Cost 75 Energy
Radius 4/5/6 / 7.5 Meters
Period N / A
Harm 200/300/400/500 Slash damage per second
Other effects 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 x Movement Speed ​​Factor 0.8 / 0.7 / 0.6 / 0.5 x Damage Reduction Factor 100% Chance to devour enemies enemy
Power Period Effective Limit
Affects damage per second Affects energy per second Affects Mana per Second and Initial Mana Cost Affect radius

Another Crowd Control tool, this skill is more on the offensive side, as it will damage enemies while sending them into the air. That being said, Inaros is pretty vulnerable and the damage this skill applies isn’t terribly strong, so chances are you won’t be using it very often. That is unless you decide to use its Augment Mod, Elemental Sandstorm, which will also deal Status Damage based on the types of Damage your melee weapon currently has.

Crab swarm

Inaros' fourth ability, Scarab Swarm

Crabs: Charge to convert the scarab’s health into hard armor. Discharge to destroy enemies with a swarm of scarab beetles; survivors are drained of their health and bestowed on allies.

Statistics about crabs Stats per rank
Cost 25 Energy
Health cost per armor%: 29 Health
Scarab Armor cost per cast: 25%
Radius 20/22/25/30 Meters cast range
6/10/12/15 Meters Heal Radius
Period 6/10/12/15 seconds
Harm 100/150/175/200 Corrosive Damage per second
Power Period Effective Limit
Affect damage Affects the combined window Impact on energy costs Affects charging range and impact radius

Scarab Swarm is by far Inaros’ most useful ability. When performing this skill, you will have to sacrifice Health to get Crab Armor, a summoner spell that will give you up to 100% Extra Armor. This is further improved by using the Augment Mod Negation Swarm, which allows you to block incoming Status Effects, consuming 3% Scarab Armor each time you do it.

Inaros Prime

Prime Edition of Inaros has higher Health, Energy, and Sprint Speed, and an additional Madurai Polarity. This Prime Warframe was released on July 14, 2020, with Panthera Prime and Karyst Prime as his staples.

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Inaros .’s finest work

Inaros poses on Captura
Note: This build will show several different Mods, some with stronger versions, such as Umbral or Primed mods. For better results, adapt this build to whatever version you have.
Aura Mod – Steel Charge +60% melee damage
Exilus Mod – Handspring + 160% faster Knockdown recovery
Mod #1 – Negation Swarm Scarab Swarm Enhancement: Crab armor protects Inaros from Status Effects, consuming 3% bonus Armor for each effect resisted.
Mod #2 – Adaptation On taking damage: +10% resistance to that type of damage for 20 seconds. Stacks up to +90%.
Mod #3 – Rage Converts +60% health damage to energy
Mod #4 – Vitality +440% Health
Mod #5 – Stretch +45% magic range
Mod #6 – Vitality + 120% protection
+ 120% health
Mod #7 – Steel Thread +110% Armor
Mod #8 – Gladiator Resolve + 180% Health
10% Critical Chance for each Coefficient

The idea behind this very simple build is to give enough power to Armor and Status Resistance for Inaros to be an extremely powerful character. For that reason, Mods like Vitality, The steel rope, Suitabilityand Mod Augment Negativity swarm will be essential. The rest of the load will be a bounty based on overall sustainability in the form of Vitality and Gladiator solves, Steel fee provides a bonus in Melee combat for better Life loot, Rage and Stretch for energy recovery and more range, and very useful Handspring, which will avoid that nasty hole when you’re knocked down. It’s just a matter of always having Scarab Armor at max percent and you won’t be indestructible in almost any setting.

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