How to make the onlookers happy before we leave

An essential step to keep your islands running smoothly Before we leave Is happiness. Happy peeks will work, while unhappy peeks can work twice as slow. With your resources spread across several islands and planets, it can be difficult to maintain happiness across your entire population.

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In this tutorial we will go through everything you need to know about peeping happiness, including every way you can enhance it. At the start of the game, you won’t have to worry about peeping happiness. However, as the population grows, peepers will begin to have certain expectations. First, let’s take a quick look at where you can find your peeping happiness.

Where to Find Happiness Levels

menu with happiness peeking is shown for island 3 on planet 1

There are two ways to check how happy your peeks are. First, you can Click directly on a peek and check their happiness level at the bottom right of the screen. Here you’ll see a graph of the peepers’ happiness levels since they first started living on the surface, as well as information on what is affecting their happiness.


You’ll also be able to check the happiness of all your peeps on each island from the menu at the top of the screen. By clicking on the island’s number, a menu will appear with all the statistics of the island you are on. Switch to the peeping panel that will display the happiness of each peeper on the island, allows you to look at your overall happiness level.

Negative factors for happiness

Wood generator on grass bricks near water

There are some negative happiness factors that you will want to avoid. Overall, some of the factors we talk about cannot be completely avoided, such as working hard or light pollution. Below, you can see each of the negative factors, as well as how they affect the peeper’s overall mood.

Coefficient Description Happy change
Hard work
  • Some jobs are harder than others, and this is inevitable.
  • This mood will appear when your island’s population reaches 60.
Light pollution
  • Certain buildings will emit pollution, this is visible on the ground. If there is only a little present, a peeper’s happiness will decrease a little when stepping through it.
Work harder
  • These moody peepers are working a little harder than they would like, but you can balance this out by providing methods to boost their feelings of happiness and balance their mood. .
  • This mood will appear when your island’s population reaches 100.
  • This is the ‘medium’ stage of pollution, affecting the mood of peepers who walk through it.
Worked very hard
  • This applies to peepers who do a very difficult job. You can avoid this by boosting their happiness with other factors, but remember that hard work can be unavoidable.
Population is too high
  • This mood will appear when your island’s population reaches 140.
Heavy pollution
  • This is the highest level of pollution. You should avoid letting peepers pass through this area, and place houses and farms at a distance.

You can see, Pollution can have a drastic effect on your peeping. Pollution can be eased with cleaners unlocked through the research tree, however, you’ll want to place high traffic areas far away from where the pollution is. If peepers are not satisfied walking through a polluted area, they will certainly not be happy living in polluted land.

Now that we know the factors that decrease happiness, let’s take a look at all the ways to increase it.

Positive factors lead to happiness

upgrade housing for peepers

There are several ways to increase happiness levels. For the most part, these elements involve physical objects, such as food or clothing. Below, you can view different categories of positive happiness factors, as well as activities associated with each element.


Food-based happiness factors are a great way to quickly boost the happiness of your peeks. Below, you can find these positive food-based factors, as well as a description and how it promotes peepers’ happiness.

Coefficient Description Happy change
  • Fruit serves as a food option and can be unlocked after you research Garden.
  • The fruit comes from an orchard. Orchards can only be located on fertile soil, which the starting island does not have.
  • Tea serves as a beverage option and can be unlocked as you research Garden.
  • Vegetables are used as a food option and can be unlocked as you research Garden.
  • Bread is a food option that can be unlocked after you research Bake.
  • Milk is a drink option that can be unlocked after you research Agriculture.
  • Meal is a food option that can be unlocked after you research Cooking.
  • Smoothies are a selection of drinks that can be unlocked after you research Cooking.
Good meal
  • This is basically a better version of the meal listed above, in an upgrade Kitchen.
Delicious smoothies
  • Similar to Good Meal, this is an upgraded version of the smoothie that can be the main in an upgrade Blender.


fountain near desert bricks at night

These are the factors dealing with situations rather than specific items.

Coefficient Description Happy change
Open space
  • This refers to any open cells near the peep. In general, peepers prefer the feeling of being one with nature rather than being confined in a narrow village.
  • Musicians are villagers who roam around town, promoting happiness. You can unlock musicians by studying Music.
  • The nozzles have AoE, which increases the joy of peepers staying in this area. You can unlock this by researching Fountains.
  • This is an event that takes place at Convention Square. Peeps will stop working and visit the square to relax and spend time with others.
Maximum happiness!

Clothing and Jewelry

Finally, consider clothing and jewelry-based elements.

Coefficient Description Happy change
Wear clothes
  • Clothing is a necessity for people living on desert islands. With clothes, your peeping will be less rested and more productive. In addition, peeping clothes will lead to a higher level of overall happiness.
Wear nice clothes
  • These are higher quality clothes that can be created by upgrading your tailor.
Experienced luxury
  • To experience luxury, your peepers will need to gain access to jewelry, which can be crafted at the Market, which can be unlocked by researching Glassware.

That’s all there is to know about peeking happiness. Overall, just make sure to keep your eyes peeled and keep researching new technology!

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