How to make a map in Minecraft

IN Minecraft, it is easy to get lost if you stray too far from your base.

If you want to stay on track, you’ll need to have a map on hand that you can create, search, or trade in. Here’s how you can make one.

You will need to find various materials to build your map


You will need to find various materials to build your map

How to make a map in Minecraft

Sugar cane

You will need eight pieces of paper and a compass. But to get these, you first need to get some sugar cane to make paper.

You can find sugar cane growing near water in both swamp and desert biomes.

If you put three sugar cane in a row on your crafting table, if you will turn into three pieces of paper.

That means to make your eight plants, you need to place nine canes in a row of three on your map.


To create a compass, you will need a piece of redstone and four iron ore ingots.

You can mine to find them easily, especially if you mine near the bottom of the world.

But make sure you have an iron pickaxe or better to find them.

Once you have collected your redstone and iron ingot,

Once you have at least one piece of redstone and four iron ore, you will need to melt the ore into four iron ingots using a furnace.

Return to the crafting table, then place four of them

Then, on the crafting table, place four ingots in the four spaces next to the center block where you will place your redstone.

Put together

Finally, you have the materials to make the map.

In the 3×3 slot of the crafting table area, place the compass.

Then, insert a sheet of paper into each of the remaining nine slots.

Now your map is ready, blank and you can start filling in.

If crafting a map seems like too much work, you can also try your luck finding a map in a treasure chest.

Treasure chests can be found in sunken ships. How to make a map in Minecraft


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