How to have a stress-free Christmas with the kids, from holding presents BACK to following the correct routines

Being a PARENT at Christmas can be tiring, but fear not, we have some helpful tips from parenting experts on how to survive the tumultuous holiday season.

Kirsty Ketley, 40, a parenting consultant and mother of daughter Ella, 8, and son Leo, 5, shares her top tips for getting through a highly anticipated day .

Huge gifts during the holidays can prolong the fun


Huge gifts during the holidays can prolong the funCredit: Getty
Professional and mother of two with over 20 years of experience working with families


Professional and mother of two with over 20 years of experience working with familiesCredit: Kirsty Ketley

Here Kirsty, from Surrey, reveals how to have the best Christmas day possible – from keeping presents to sticking to a routine…

This is the season of fun…unless you have kids, and frankly, it can be anything but fun.

There’s nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of your kids but going through it with them can be exhausting.

Parent admin doesn’t scale in December, especially if you have school-age children, and it’s easy for parents to get overwhelmed by the pressure to ‘do it all’, leaving many feel completely uninterested in Boxing day (if not before).

So as we move towards the main event, here are a few ways you can keep your Christmas spirit alive over the next few weeks and on Christmas Day itself. “

If you have small children…

Be realistic

Social media is full of great Christmas art and craft ideas, but before you share Baker Ross and Hobbycraft, think realistically about what you and your little one will have can be achieved.

Younger kids, you may notice, attention spans are short and there will be a million other things that you will need to cross your ‘to do list’ so try to get them all done. the things you’ve pinned and saved, likely won’t happen.


Cong Viet Everyday

Children develop into habits and Christmas is no different.

Keeping their day structured is important, even on Christmas Day, tired, ‘hangover’ kids are not a good recipe for Christmas cheer, so try to stay on schedule. their normal napping and eating time to avoid fatigue and ensure that they eat well.

Less can be more

Young children can often find Christmas overwhelming, especially a mountain of presents to open.

The amazing current expansion for a few days will work well for some people.

Young children often want to play with a gift (or box) as soon as it is opened, so allowing them some time to play quietly away from the chaos can be helpful.

If you have older children…

Get them involved

Older kids may enjoy participating in your Christmas planning.

From grocery shopping lists to gifts for others, give them some responsibility.

Perhaps they might enjoy overseeing the arrangement of presents under the tree and delivering them on Christmas Day or setting the table for Christmas dinner.

Let it be

You may like a matching Christmas jacket and t-shirt, but not all older kids feel the same way.

Ask before you buy and let it be if they really don’t want to go in for a photo session looking as if Christmas has already hit them!


As kids get older, the number of festive things they want to do decreases, so don’t expect them to make cute Christmas cards for family members anymore or want to make a gingerbread house.

Let them choose what they want to do, be it suggesting a new family board game or putting them in charge of Christmas movies to watch.

Give them some space

Older Kids and Teens in particular, as their own company or Facetime partner’s.

It’s important that they still have that space, though, so it’s a good idea to chat through your expectations of what you want them to do/be a part of to make sure they understand that Christmas. Born is not just for them.

How to Survive the Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of Christmas Day for us adults. However, when you have kids, especially small ones, it can get a bit stressful.

Do not force sprouts

If your kids aren’t used to roast and sprout dinners, or are one of the many people who don’t like them, don’t force them to eat Christmas dinner.

Christmas Day should be a happy day for everyone, forcing your kids to eat something they don’t like will only end in tears.

Instead, make sure they eat something, share it with them, or give them their favorite meal.

Give them a choice

Instead of serving them dinner, let them cook it themselves – allow them to choose what they want.

You might be surprised at what they put on their plate when there’s no pressure!

Tablecloth color

Christmas dinner is often a long affair and it can be difficult to keep the little ones entertained.

Having a tablecloth they can color and draw on is a great idea, especially if you’re eating out at a restaurant or at a loved one’s house.

Get them off the table soon

It’s not fair to expect small children to sit longer than they can afford, so allow them to leave the table when they’re done, even if you don’t.

You can learn more about Kirsty .’s services here.

Kirsty and her two children, Leo, 5, and Ella, 8


Kirsty and her two children, Leo, 5, and Ella, 8Credit: Provided

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