How to get rid of the assassin in the forgotten city

One of The Forgotten CityThe earliest obstacle is the assassin you’ll face near the bathhouse, who will kill you if you don’t find a clever way to take him down.

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Luckily, with The Forgotten City’s time travel mechanics, finding a clever way to take down the assassin shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to get rid of the assassin in the forgotten city


The quest is tied to escaping the assassin known as the “Intruder” and you’ll encounter it the first time you walk through the market and go to the bathroom. You will see a woman named Fabia hiding behind a wall, and she will tell you that an assassin has found his way into the city and is in danger of breaking the Golden Rule by killing someone and committing a crime. .

Talk to Fabia and say you will deal with the assassin. She’ll tell you to meet her in her temple as soon as you’re done, but that temple will fall and fall on her. You can’t save her from this fate the first time because you will be distracted by whispers telling you “no”. This is really your first hint on how to complete this quest, but it’s also proof you can’t do it the first time around.

Then go to Roman Baths to find the killer. You will enter into dialogue with him when he asks you where Quinctius is. Either way, you won’t know who this is until later in the game, but you certainly won’t when he asks. No matter what you say to the assassin, he will eventually shoot you with an arrow and break the Golden Rule, which activates the golden statues and makes you need to run to the portal and reset the time.


Do that, and you will appear in another time loop. Return to where you first met Fabia to find that she is warning you about the killer again. When she says to meet you in the temple, tell her”Don’t go in there!“, and “Just trust me.“makes her wait in her bakery.

Talk to the assassin again and you’ll see it’s the same as last time. You still don’t know who he’s tracking and can’t get that information until you get rid of him, but how can you kill him without breaking the Golden Rule. Well, the temple is the key.


When talking to the assassin this time, say, “It’s correct. I saw him worshiping in a small circular temple just inside the city. The second building on your leftThis will cause the assassin to enter the temple and be crushed.

You can then loot the assassin’s stuff to find a bounty that asks him to kill Quinctius, a wooden bow that you’ll need for another quest, and some arrows. You can then talk to Fabia outside her bakery, but don’t assume the temple will fall, or you’ll use the Golden Rule.


How to unlock the Callous . achievement


This quest can also unlock the “Callous” achievement. When talking to Fabia, tell her”How is this my problem?” And after that “Just heartless. Good luck!“make her run into the temple and knock it down. This will earn you the achievement, though you’ll need to time it again to free the temple to crush the assassin.

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