How to get more plays on SoundCloud as a starting artist

SoundCloud has always been a significant voice within the music industry. It has helped launch the music careers of many artists globally and drastically transformed the sector’s landscape. Music lovers – including promoters and producers – worldwide buy SoundCloud plays to discover upcoming artists and have fun.

Nevertheless, many starting artists find getting more plays on SoundCloud pretty challenging. Even though the platform gives independent artists the opportunity or space required for DIY music promotion, getting heard is still challenging.

If you belong to this category and want to get out, read on because you’re about to discover how to get more plays on this exceptional platform. This is because SoundCloud has tons of valuable tools you can utilize efficiently to amplify your project. As a result, you will get more Soundcloud plays from followers that matter.

What are SoundCloud plays?

SoundCloud allows its users to upload their original music on its platform. Starting or aspiring artists can also upload podcasts their audience can listen to. Each time your target audience plays any of your music content on SoundCloud, it counts as ‘plays.’

Therefore, SoundCloud plays refer to the number of times users of the platform have listened to or played your music.

Getting more play on Soundcloud

Getting more plays on soundcloud involves deploying several strategies. Here are several ways you can get more plays on soundcloud if you’re a starting artist:

  • Create and use impressive album art

Album arts are usually the first thing audiences on SoundCloud see before they play your music. Therefore, you need impressive artwork that will help attract your target audience while accurately representing the type of music you make or produce.

The album art represents your music and yourself as a music creator. More than a few factors are involved in designing fantastic album art. Start by finding a professional, experienced designer who can create great album art.

If you do not have the financial means to pay a professional designer, you can design the album art yourself. First, however, take a cue from other music creators with excellent and attractive album art on their music. Then, consult an expert designer who will give you an overall concept of the type of design that would be great for your music.

Great album art has been proven to attract attention and more plays on SoundCloud. So, ensure your album art is eye-catching.

  • Tag the genre and mood of your songs

Tags are those keywords you can place on your music while uploading it to SoundCloud. They help SoundCloud’s algorithm sort out your music according to specific keywords.

When you use the correct tags in your music, it becomes easier for SoundCloud audiences to come across your music.

Therefore, perform in-depth research to discover the right keywords your audience uses on SoundCloud to find your genre of music.

Next, create a database of the keywords, and then use them as tags on your own music when uploading it to SoundCloud.

Don’t trivialize this because music lovers search SoundCloud to find music they can vibe to. Use the keywords creatively; your music will be found quickly and get more SoundCloudundcloud.

  • Take advantage of Soundcloud communities

Soundcloud communities are made up of music enthusiasts and creators. You need to be active in these communities. This will give you a potential reach, which may result in more plays on the platform.

These communities also serve as feedback loops that you should utilize to improve your music significantly.

You can find SoundCloud communities on social media platforms and numerous sites. In addition, subreddits and Facebook groups dedicated to soundcloud music exist. You can join them to connect with other creators on SoundCloud.

When you engage actively in these SoundCloud communities, you will be noticed by fellow creators and music enthusiasts. They will become curious and check out your music on SoundCloud to see if you’re the real McCoy. This is how you end up getting more soundcloud plays.

  • Social sharing helps a lot

Another excellent way to get more plays on soundcloud is via social sharing. Anyone can go on SoundCloud to listen to their favorite genre of music without necessarily creating an account. This means you can share your link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and any music enthusiast can visit SoundCloud to listen to your music with zero hassles.

Do not upload your music to other platforms, including social media. Instead, share the SoundCloud link of your music.

Ask your loved ones, friends, etc., to share your Soundcloud music link. This gives you even more reach and, ultimately, more plays on the music platform as more people will get to know and follow you on SoundCloud to listen to any more music you upload in the future.


Getting more SoundCloud plays is not rocket science but requires deploying several strategies. Active participation in the SoundCloud communities, impressive album art, and sharing on popular social media platforms are some ways to boost your plays on SoundCloud successfully.

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