How to get Ducken in Monster Rancher 2

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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX offers two classic PlayStation titles that let you raise monsters on your farm so you can then enter tournaments. While you start with a large number of available monster types that you can create at the Temple using the digital CD database, other monster breeds must be unlocked before you can get them.

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In Monster Rancher 2, a monster that you will encounter in higher ranked tournaments but cannot spawn on its own until you unlock it Ducken. We will demonstrate exactly how to unlock this adorable little monster right here.


How to get strong glue and quack doll

Monster Rancher 2's diamond mark from the jelly cup

Get your first possible pleasure

Like many monsters in the game, Ducken needs a specific secret spice ingredient item to unlock – Quack doll. However, this involves a bit more work than some other monster items.

First of all, you need to get five diamond marks. These are promotional stickers on the inside of the jelly cup lid, so you will receive one at random. Continue feeding your monster jelly until you get five, at which point Colt will send them away to get the Fun Can.

Can will arrive in a day or two via postman. Colt will then craft the doll that comes in the fun box and you can choose to give it to your monster or sell it. However, this is not the doll you need to put together.

Monster Rancher 2 builds fun model cans

Expedition of Torles

To unlock Torles Expedition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Monsters have More than 50 reputations
  • Monster is Rated C and above
  • Monsters have 210+ Life
  • You were complete First Kawrea Expedition

If you do all of the above, Rovest will appear in the first week of February and invites you to Mount Torles. You must be on the farm to receive this invitation, this means resting or training in the fourth week of January. If your monster injures or causes Errantry during this time, you will miss your chance and have to wait until next year.

Note: We strongly recommend saving before this date so you can go back and try again if that fails.

Notes on the expedition:

  • Your monster’s “energy” will deplete as it moves around the map, removing obstacles, or looking for points of interest. If your monster reaches -10 Energy Points before reaching camp, it will KO – The expedition will fail and Your monster’s lifespan will be shortened.
  • The map layout is always the same here, but when you start looking for points of interest, it’s random which your monsters will choose to go in – this is why we recommend saving first . The higher your monster’s INT, the better it is to search for items.

You need to go to a specific point of interest to find Strong Glue.

Directions to the trees from the entrance are as follows:

  • From the entrance, keep going forward, skipping the first intersection. Go straight until (X: 0, Y: 4)
  • Turn right and move forward until (X: 5, Y: 4)
  • Turn left and walk towards the tree.

Keep sending your monster to search the tree until you get Strong glue. There is a chance that the glue will not appear at all and you can collect all the items on the tree and not find the glue. Reload your save and try again if this happens.

This will likely cause you to try multiple times and save multiple reloads, hence why we recommend saving first. Ideally you want to get Strong Glue and still have enough energy to go back to camp without your monsters KO’ing. However, if you get Strong Glue and KO your monster, you’ll still keep the item at the end of the expedition. Luckily, this attraction is closer to the campsite than the others, so you don’t need to save a lot of energy to return.

Note: We recommend having a monster with More than 350 INT to get Strong Glue and even then you might still have to reload your save file a few times.

Monster Rancher 2 looking for glue

Get other possible joy

Now you have Strong Glue you need get another five diamond marks From feeding your monster jelly cup to you can get other Fun Can. When it arrives, you can build Quack doll using glue. This is the doll you need to match!


How to unlock Ducken

Monster Rancher 2 combines to create Ducken

When you have Quack doll, enter City and go to Laboratory to combine any two monsters. Using Quack Doll as a secret spice ingredient and as a result you will be guaranteed a Ducken.

Note: Once you’ve unlocked the Ducken, you can also create it from the CD at the Shrine. We include Ducken creation CDs and its variations here.

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