How to Erase All Personal Data from Your iOS Device Before Re-Sale

How to Erase All Personal Data from Your iOS Device Before Re-Sale

The second-hand market for smart devices is stronger than ever, and for good reason; with new models of phone and tablet frequently breaching four figures in price, and with issues of sustainability permeating consumer trends, more and more people are looking to the used and refurbished market for cheaper and less environmentally impactful devices. If you are in possession of a device you intend to replace, you could make the most of this market, and make some money in the process – but you might find yourself asking “is there anything I need to do before I sell my iPhone?” The answer, mercifully, is “not much”; all you need to do is reset your device to factory settings before you sell – and this is how.

Before You Wipe Your Device – Backing Up

Before you go ahead and reset your iPhone or iPad to factory conditions, there is one crucial thing you should do: back up your data. If you’ve been using your device regularly, chances are you’ve shored up a collection of information and media, from photos and videos of family and friends to contact information and important resources. If you reset your device without backing these up first, you could find yourself permanently deleting important or sentimental information with no chance of getting it back.

Using iCloud is the quickest way to back up your device, as your cloud storage is already linked to your Apple ID – simply go to Settings on your device, select iCloud then iCloud Backup, and press Back up now. This will back up all the data currently on your device, enabling you to access it on another device with ease. If you haven’t done this in a while, or automatic updates have been switched off, this may take some time.

Sign Out of Apps

With your device backed up, you are nearly ready to completely reset it. Your last step before embarking on the reset process should be to log yourself out of any apps you’ve downloaded to it. This is not a completely necessary measure, but can ensure your online accounts are safe – especially if they are linked to other devices. By that same token, manually logging yourself out of your device’s email app before you sell your iPhone can give you a sense of security and comfort, even though the erasure process will ensure no trace of your accounts is left.

Erasing All Data

You are now ready to erase all date from your iPhone or iPad. Navigate to Settings again, but this time select the Reset section. In the Reset section, you will find the option Erase All Content and Settings. This will reset your phone to factory settings. When you select it, you will be asked to enter your login information – first for the phone (whether your fingerprint or a PIN), then for your Apple ID. After inputting these, your device will reset and, on turning back on, show a progress bar. After this, the ‘Hello’ screen will show, indicating you have successfully reset your iOS device to factory settings. It is now ready to sell on.

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