How to defeat Endsinger in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The last day is a Level 90 Trial in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. After ascending to Ultima Thule, resurrecting your allies, and clearing the Deadly Ends, the Day has finally arrived. Confront the transformed Meteion at the edge of the universe and save all creation.

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Meteion becomes the Endsinger for your final battle. If you want to pass this Test, you will need to pay attention to your surroundings. Let’s take a look at each of Endsinger’s attacks and mechanics, and how you can defeat her.

How to unlock the last day

Last Day is unlocked through Endwalker’s Last Main Scenario Quest.

  • Accept Main Scenario Quest ‘Endwalker’
    • NPC location: Alphinaud – Ultima Thule (x: 21.5, y: 21.5)


This trial will unlock after you complete The Dead Ends and progress in the quest.

Trial Guide

the finisher, the boss of the final day trial

At the edge of the universe, you will face the Endsinger. Yes No railing to prevent you from falling off the edge of the arena on Finals Day. Read carefully as you avoid the machines in this fight.

Below is a list of each stage that will take place in this fight, as well as the attacks and mechanics that Endsinger will use in each stage.

State 1

  • Elegia: Deal damage to all party members and summon two planets at the outer edge of the arena. These planets will begin to orbit the arena; one will move slow and one will move fast. Eventually, the fast planet will catch up to the slow planet and they will collide, generate a large AoE from the impact area. You will need to predict where the planets will collide and move out of that zone.
    • The trick to avoid this attack is watch the planet slower. if you on the opposite side of the arena is the slower planet and move around the edge of the arena as if you were mirroring it, it will be easier for you to avoid collisions.
  • Galaxias: The Endsinger will knock all players out of the center of the arena. Move closer to the center to avoid being knocked off the edge of the arena. When this attack is used in Elegeia, make sure you hit a safe area away from the planets.

endinger uses elenchos to attack with purple mud
  • Elenchos: Endsinger will use one of two attacks, depending on which part of her face is glowing purple.
    • If Endsinger’s mouth is purple, she will use a AoE attack down the middle of the arena.
    • If Endinger’s eyes are crying purple, she will use two AoE attack lines on either side of the arena.
  • Death’s Embrace: Endsinger will target all players with Thin cone AoE. Spread to avoid this AoE overlap. Then a Big feathers will fall on each player’s head, will emit a small circle AoE after a short period of time. After spreading the cone AoE, quickly move away from the feather part to avoid the second part of Death’s Embrace.
  • Aporrhoia: Summon four faces that each use one attack AoE down the arena. Move between two faces to avoid this attack.
  • Hubris: Targets even Tanks with high damage attack. Spread to avoid overlapping these attacks.

endinger uses elegeia Withoutgotten to pause the collision of planets in time
  • Elegeia Unforgotten: This attack is similar to Elegia, except when the planets collide, collision will instead be frozen in place. After that, Endsinger will use Fatalism to rewind planets, or another planet Elegia or Elegeia Unforgotten before use Fatalism.
  • Fatalism: Ensinger will use Fatalism transparent Elegeia Unforgotten to reform and move the planets back in time a few seconds. Then they will continue their course and collide in the same place as before. Dodge this attack in the same way as Elegia; predict where the planets will collide and move away from that position.
    • If more than one group of planets is active, then Fatalism will command them to rewind and collide.. Fatalism will draw a the boundary between the boss and the set of planets is about to rewind, so keep this in mind as you position yourself.
  • Ekstasis: Appointment first year in the main directions and center of the arena. The heads deal damage for one AoE circles when they are summoned. Then, after a few seconds, the heads will create the puddle slowly expands, just leave small safety spots in the directions between the centers at the edge of the arena. Move to one of these points to avoid this attack.

endinger uses ekstasis to create black puddles that cover the floor
  • Among the stars: The Endsinger will move to one edge of the arena and start charging a large amount AoE attack down the middle of the arena. At the same time, she will target four players with marker AoE. Run to either side of the boss’s AoE, but make sure to spread the AoE markers evenly, as the safe area will be small.
    • A good way to avoid taking too much damage in this attack is two players marked AoE go to one side, and the other two go to the other. That way, there’s enough space on either side of the arena to avoid overlapping the AoE markers on too many other players.
  • Nemesis: Target players with an AoE marker. Spread to avoid overlapping this attack.
  • Spore: Endsinger will use this skill about 50% health, summon Kakodaimon and prepare to seal the fate of the universe.

Kakodaimon period

endinger uses oblivion to destroy the universe

During this battle phase, you will need to defeat the summoned ones Kakodaimon. This little boss needs to killed before the Despair gauge reaches 100 percent. Kakodaimon will use the following attacks.

  • Meteor Radiant: Kakodaimon will summon a bunch planets around the edge of the arena it will slowly fall to a specified point. A line will be drawn between the planet and where it will fall, so move accordingly while damaging the boss.
  • Meteor Outburst: Target all players with Marker AoE. Spread to avoid overlapping AoE.
  • Kat Disaster: Deals high damage to all players. Use the AoE shield and heal when needed.

When Kakodaimon was defeated The Limit Break meter will be fully charged, Endsinger will start casting Oblivion. This attack is accompanied by a countdown; when the indicator says “5 seconds until oblivion is sealed” then the Tank will use Limit Break.

If you don’t use the Tank Limit Break, you will die, no matter how high the Despair stat.

After surviving Oblivion with a Limit Break, the Endsinger will start attacking again. When the second Oblivion is touched, the screen turns black. After that, a cutscene will play and when your allies light the way, you can continue the fight.

Phase 2

Countdown to Endsinger's Oblivion

After surviving the second Oblivion, you will enter the final stages of the war. With the prayers of your allies strengthening you, the fight will become much easier. You will cause more damage, and Endsinger attacks will become much simpler. She will only use the following two attacks for the rest of the fight.

  • Telos: Deals damage to all party members.
  • Telomania: This attack is a series of three mechanics that Endsinger will repeat until she is defeated. Every time Telomania is used, Endsinger will gain additional damage. You’ll need to defeat her before her damage becomes too much to handle.
    • Swipe her wings in the arena, deal Continuous wide area damage. Heal through these attacks and prepare for the following two mechanics.
    • Deals damage to all party members. Again, heal through this attack.
    • Three sets of circle AoEs will target players, drop attacks on their position. Keep moving for the duration of this attack to avoid these hard-to-hit AoEs.

Endsinger will repeat Telomania until she is defeated. The most important thing to note in this fight is Elegeia and Elegeia Unforgotten. Pay attention to the positions of the planets and you will be able to defeat Endsinger

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