How to complete the competitive exam syllabus timely: tips for students

Every year, thousands of students appear for competitive exams. To get admission in the best undergraduate and postgraduate courses or to get recruited for the best job positions, many students have the dream to crack competitive exams with high scores. To do so, the foremost important thing is to timely wind up the exam syllabus.

General knowledge, English comprehension, quantitative aptitude, qualitative analysis, and reasoning ability is the main syllabus that students have to complete for most of the competitive exams. Let us discuss some effective tips that students can follow to wind up the exam syllabus timely and utilize the remaining time for multiple revisions and practice sessions.

Reasons why students face difficulty in completing the syllabus on time

  • Starting the studies late

For competitive exams, the general and main syllabus and subjects that students need to complete are English comprehension, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge, and reasoning ability. With so many academic subjects to wind up, early preparation is important. But when students start the preparation late, they keep struggling to figure out how to wind up the syllabus. Until the last minute, they are learning and trying to finish the syllabus.

  • Procrastination

Many students have a habit of delaying. Even when they sit for studies, they are not in a mood and keep procrastinating and delaying. Not completing your learning target, makes you pile up huge chunks of lessons that become difficult to complete together. This makes students face issues in completing the syllabus timely.

  • Health issues

For effective studies, having an active mind and body is very important. Many students due to an inactive lifestyle, wrong eating and sleeping habits, and other issues face poor physical and mental health. This affects learning and exam preparation.

  • Exam fear and stress

Many students fear exams. This makes them face stress and anxiety. Excessive stress affects mental well-being and also reduces the brain functioning of the students. This can reduce the learning capacity of the students.

Tips for students to complete the competitive exam syllabus on time

1. Start the preparation early

As we discussed above, general knowledge, English language, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning ability are the general exam syllabus that needs to be completed. With such a vast syllabus to cover, starting the studies as early as possible is important. If you start the preparation a few days before the exam day, nothing will be completed properly. Therefore, start the preparation early to wind up the syllabus well in advance. This will help you to utilize the remaining time for multiple revisions and practice.

2. Use technology

Many times the detailed theory topics or applicative portions become difficult for the students to understand from the textbooks. To overcome this issue, students must use technology. With the help of an online class app, students can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, study materials, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker.

3. Take additional help

If facing difficulty in understanding and completing the exam syllabus alone, you can take help from a tutor or can join a coaching center that helps in effective exam preparation. Today with the growing educational technology, you can also go for online classes.

With the best app for online classes, you can take exam coaching from tutors. This provides you with better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost. This will help to complete the exam syllabus effectively.

4. Go for an active lifestyle

To study well, having active body support holds the utmost importance. Say no to the wrong lifestyle habits and adopt the right ones from today itself. Let’s discuss the main lifestyle habits you must follow for better studies.

  • Ensure the consumption of a highly nutritious diet. This will help you to stay more energetic, less prone to diseases, and study effectively.
  • Your mind is not a machine and needs rest too. To study effectively, memorize and store the learned information better, ensure to take a deep sleep of six to eight hours every night.
  • From your busy schedules, make sure to have some time for a quick workout session. This will help you to stay physically and mentally more active and fit.
  • Limit your social media and phone time. Utilize it more for better studies. Also during your rest and sleep time, don’t get distracted by your gadgets and games.


To score well in the competitive exam, completing the exam syllabus timely is very important. This will help students to use the remaining time for revisions and better practice. By following the above-mentioned tips, students can effectively and timely complete their exam syllabus. This will help them to ensure high scores and ranks in the exams.

Huynh Nguyen

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