How to catch Heatran in Pokemon Shining Diamonds & Shining Pearls

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is chock full of legendaries. A few are found during the events of the main story, while many others can be found at Ramanas . Park after that. But Heatran belongs to the flimsy group of legendary Pokemon that take over some of the post-game dungeon areas, meaning finding this ferocious guardian requires a bit more effort.

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Where do you have to go? What do you have to do? And how can you ensure your fight with Heatran is fruitful? Our guide covers everything you need to know to make Sinnoh’s Fire/Steel your giant to catch.

How to unlock the Battle Zone

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shine City Pearl

Before you can take the first real step of catching Heatran, you’ll need to unlock a large post-game area that begins with War Zone. Doing so is very easy – simple fly to Snowpoint City and talk to a sailor by the pier who offers to take you there. This option is not available until you become a Sinnoh League Champion, but then that’s what makes this post game content, right?

The Battle Area consists of three core locations: the Battle Area, the Survival Area, and the Resort Area. The Battle Area hosts the Battle Tower, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl of challenging trainer battles that can bring players great prizes.

The main feature of the Resort is the Ribbon Syndicate, which is not some darkly decorated cult, but a shop that sells purely cosmetic accessories for your Pokemon friends. The resort is also the starting point for beach tourism Highway 230, one of two ways to approach Mount Stark.

The Survival Area is a small settlement that leads to Routes 225 and 226. Road 226 is the other way towards Mount Stark.

How to complete the Stark Mountain Quest with Buck

Pokemon BDSP Mount Stark

You’ve probably already deduced that, but we’ve bolded both ways to get to Mount Stark for one reason: that’s where you’ll find Heatran.

But just showing up at Stark Mountain is unlikely to do miracles. Once you’ve entered the area and passed its first room, You’ll meet Buck, a Magma Stone search trainer. Finding the Magma Stone is an issue regarding navigating Stark Mountain’s maze-like structure, which can be a bit overwhelming. Please refer to the map we have included above. Your destination is the “Heatran Room”… even if it’s the Magma Stone you’ll find here now.

After the Magma Stone was found, return to the Survival Zone and find Buck’s grandfather in the house just west of the Pokemon Center.

How to catch Heatran


Now that Buck’s quest is over, head back to Mount Stark and make the trip to that same room again. This time, Heatran awaits your arrival.

Catching Legendary Pokemon like Heatran is always a bigger challenge than catching Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s variety of non-legendary tickets. It requires knowledge of a proven strategy, and sometimes, more than a little patience.

Here is our recommended approach to catching Heatran in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl:

  1. Always carry a Fast ball with you, toss it at the beginning of the battle. After that it’s not good at all, and chances are it will do the trick for you, but if it does, you’ll be done in no time. And honestly, there is rarely a more enjoyable experience in a Pokemon game than when Quick Ball deals with mythical monsters quickly.

  2. Most of the status effects would be useful, but Sleep is the biggest benefit of them all. When Heatran is sleeping, it not only doesn’t think about slamming your team of Pokemon in the dirt, but it’s also easier to catch.

  3. Just letting Heatran sleep alone won’t cut it. The lower the HP of a wild Pokemon, the easier it is to catch, and this golden rule also applies to witches. For that purpose, we always recommend by using False Swipe, which is guaranteed to leave the Pokemon 1HP instead of making them cold.

False Swipe’s TM can be purchased on the third floor of the Veilstone City Department Store. While a few Pokemon Sinnoh Dex learn False Swipe by leveling up, most candidates eligible for the move can only access it through this Technical Machine, so check your team (and boxes, if needed) to find a suitable swiper.

Congratulations on the catch! Heatran may be a post-game exclusive, but it can be a loyal customer at the Battle Tower as well as in various online multiplayer clashes.

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