How to buy USDT in UAE using credit card in UAE

Despite the rapid fluctuance in the pricing of cryptocurrencies, the majority still prefer it as the new normal. The question is, however, baseless because why won’t they? Cryptocurrencies offer certain benefits and potential specifications, including speed, transparency and security, which fiat currency cannot compare. If you are in the crypto-sphere and looking to buy USDT in UAE, then we are here to help! Read on to find ways to securely buy Tether (USDT).

Stable Coins

First, of their kind, stable coins are cryptocurrencies created to avoid the fluctuation associated with digital asset pricing. A stable coin is pegged to a specific fiat currency such that the value remains stable despite fluctuations in the rest of the market. Tether (USDT) is pegged to US dollars, with each valuing $1.

It was first released in the year 2014 as Realcoin by investor Brock Pierce, entrepreneur Reeve Collins and software developer Craig Sellers. The initial blockchain network of Tether was the Omni layer, but later, it migrated to other blockchain networks. Now Tether is available on Ethereum, known as the ERC-20 token. Other blockchains include TRON, Alogrand, Solana, EOS and the OMG Network.

Why choose Tether?

Converting cryptocurrency to cash acquires fees and lots of days, while converting to Tether is quick and easy. The way to change your current cryptocurrency to Tether is known as swapping. Through ease of swap, you gain access to liquidity on exchange platforms with no-cost exit strategies for you, the investor.

Moreover, by investing in Tether, you gain flexibility and stability with your “investor portfolio.” If you are new to the market, then you should know that this portfolio is a kinda big thing in the market. Another reason you should choose to buy Tether is that it is easier to send it globally with a much lower transaction cost than traditional banks and financial institutions. 

Where to buy USDT?

There are numerous ways through which you can choose to buy USDT. Here are the major ones;

Buy USDT with Bank Transfer

You can choose to provide a ban transfer to the coin providers through any exchange in the UAE. Then using the stable coins, you can buy USDT.

Trade USDT

A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges support more than 300 types of cryptocurrencies from the market. Using any of them, depending upon the market rate, you can easily buy USDT.

Use Credit Card

Many exchanges in the UAE support credit cars, debit cards, visas and even master cards. You can use these to buy USDT.

Purchase USDT directly

Using a P2P exchange platform, you can buy USDT directly from any individual selling it over the web on your own terms.

How to buy USDT with a credit card

Though many exchanges offer this option, you might be wondering how to do it step by step. So here we go;

  • Create an account on the exchange’s website or log in
  • Opt for the Buy/Sell section
  • Choose Tether as the cryptocurrency which you want to buy.
  • Choose from a vast array of currency options, your state’s currency.
  • Depending on the site, you can either have one of the packages or specify the amount of fiat you want to spend or the amount of USDT you need
  • Click the “Buy” button.
  • Provide information about your card
  • Finish the purchase

What’s next?

After you have brought your USDT, whether through bank transfer or credit card in the UAE, you might wonder, what’s next? Here are a few of the options you have;

Store USDT

Most crypto users prefer to hold on tightly to their USDT simply because they believe there is a chance of it increasing in value. What you can do is store your USDT in any of the wallets that are available. There are two major types, software and hardware. Each is unique to its nature, and depending on your budget and priority, you can opt for either.

Trade USDT

On cryptocurrency exchanges, there are numerous options to trade USDT. You can opt for any pair associated with USDT and trade it.


Another option that you have is to stake coins and earn rewards. Instead of keeping your coins in a wallet or trading account, you can simply stake them to maximize your holdings.

To conclude,

Tether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there, and if you plan to buy USDT in UAE, these are some of the most straightforward ways you could opt for. It is a worthy investment, and it can reap potential benefits in the long term. Happy Crypto-ing!

Huynh Nguyen

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