How To Avoid Online Scams When Gambling 

Even though most online casinos have put measures in place to protect their players, some people still end up getting scammed. Many technologies have been introduced to protect the information of gamblers online. However, you also have to take appropriate measures to avoid being scammed online. Ensure that you register on a legit casino. Apart from the fast payment processing, other benefits come with gambling at legit casinos. 

The fact that people get scammed doesn’t mean you have to stop gambling. You only have to ensure to protect yourself while playing Novomatic slots and other popular casino games. The common gambling scams associated with online casinos are 

  • Multiple account fraud 
  • Stolen credit cards 
  • Phone top-up abuse 
  • Bonus abuse 

To avoid any one of these online scams while gambling, you should study the tips below. 

Identify the common gambling scams

You cannot avoid a threat if you don’t know how it looks. Most casinos always appear legit to new users, with some offering alluring welcome bonuses of up to 200 free spins no deposit. However, scam sites are only there to take all your funds. Once you figure out how they work, you will find it easy to identify them. One of the fastest ways of identifying scam casinos is through slow payments. Scam casinos cheat their customers by taking too long to process payments. Whenever you want to withdraw funds from a legit casino, it will be processed as soon as possible. 

Another way of identifying scam casinos is through the predatory terms on their website. Since rogue casinos know players do not read terms and conditions while registering, they include terms that make it easy to scam their customers.

Study the warning signs 

Since you already know the common rogue casino scams, you know what to check out. You only need to know how to spot the signs. It would be best to be careful whenever a casino changes its policies. Even though getting regular emails from casinos might annoy you, those emails prove that you’re gambling at a legit casino. 

Whenever a casino makes major changes to its policies without notifying its users, there is a high chance something shady is in progress. It would help if you also avoided casinos that change their banking methods frequently. Even though they might change their payment options for important reasons, it shouldn’t happen every time. If a casino that processes payment within three days starts taking a week, there is a high chance that they don’t have enough funds. 

Study online casino terms and conditions 

As stated earlier, you have to study the terms and conditions of a gambling site before signing up. Even though it is a boring thing to do, it is the only way to know if a casino comes with predatory terms. Most people don’t understand some things stated in the terms and conditions, and the legal terms used makes it difficult to comprehend. Even though some of the things there are not important, you should prioritize the policies page. It will help you understand all the basic rules of the gambling site. 

After signing up, you shouldn’t completely neglect the terms and conditions. They are included on the bonus and promotions page, and you should study them to know the wagering requirements of a bonus offer.

Conduct research on the casino before registering 

You already know what to check before signing up for a new casino. In some casinos, you must have registered before you can access this information. In such a case, you have to find another means to know if the gambling site is legit, and that is why you have to do adequate research. Before registering on a new gambling site, search for the name online. 

Click on the forums and review pages where the casino has been discussed. You should check for the common problems associated with the casinos and how they have been able to fix them. It is better to register at a casino that has proven to fix its mistakes than to register at one where everything seems perfect while it’s not. 

Study licensing information 

The last tip is to study the licensing information of your favorite casino. Regulatory authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority monitor and give licenses to online casinos, and the regulatory bodies only approve casinos that operate and treat their customers fairly. Since rogue casinos find it challenging to get the required licenses, they operate in places with relaxed gambling laws. One of such places is Costa Rica, and you can get away with illegal casino practices there. 


To know the licensing information of your favorite casino, you can scroll through the pages of the website. Most legit casinos include information on licensing at the bottom of the home page. You can also search the casino regulatory website of the country where it operates. You have to prioritize reading the page where finances are discussed on the licensing page. By doing that, you get to know how your favorite casino manages its finances. 


By studying everything explained above, you can protect yourself from getting scammed while gambling. That will help you have a fantastic betting experience and also boost your confidence. Before gambling in a casino, you should search casino review websites. With that, you can figure out if your chosen casino is legit or not.

Huynh Nguyen

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