How Much Can a Nurse Earn in the US in 2022: Facts and Figures

Employees in the medical industry in the US usually earn pretty well. Working as a nurse is considered if not the most prestigious but a much-respected profession throughout the country. Let us have a closer look at how much a nurse can get in the United States now. 

Currently, the number of nurses exceeds 2.8 million. Every year, more and more new vacancies appear since not only hospitals but also schools, various enterprises, and institutions need such specialists. According to analysts’ forecasts, the profession of a nurse will become more and more required by the end of 2024. This is due to the huge increase in life expectancy in the US.

Classification of nurses in the USA

In the United States, there are several specializations of nurses:

  • Registered nurse. As a rule, these are graduates of colleges or universities under the undergraduate program. They are considered the most common and sought-after category of nurses.
  • Practicing nurses.
  • Nurse midwives.
  • Anesthetist nurses.

Nurses have the right to practice and entrepreneurship. However, they cannot work outside their specialty without a license. For example, a midwife will not be allowed to work as a nurse anesthesiologist because she does not have a legal right to do so. If the State Medical Commission finds out about this, the guilty person can not only pay a large fine but also go to jail. To get a diploma and a license, specialized courses must be completed.

Ranking of states in terms of salaries of US nurses

The scope and type of employment of a nurse in the United States directly affect the level of wages. According to the Bureau of State Statistics, the list of states with the highest annual nurse income includes the following:

  • California – $106,500
  • Hawaii – $98,200
  • Massachusetts – $93,400
  • Oregon – $92,800
  • Alaska – $88,500
  • Nevada – $86,350
  • New York – $85,840
  • New Jersey – $83,900
  • Washington – $82,160
  • Connecticut – $81,470 

The Bureau of Statistics believes that Nevada is the best state for nursing jobs. This is because there is no income tax on the nurse’s salary.

However, the following states provide nurses with the lowest wages:

  • Tennessee – $56,900
  • South Dakota – $57,300
  • Mississippi – $58,120
  • Alabama – $59,120
  • Iowa – $59,700
  • Kansas – $60,135
  • West Virginia – $60,720
  • Arkansas – $61,300
  • Kentucky – $63,100
  • Oklahoma – $63,700

The key nurses’ tasks include keeping a medical history of a patient, monitoring the nutrition of patients, rehabilitation of the patients, and providing psychological support to both patients and relatives. Other nurse duties include the primary diagnosis of the disease, the appointment of laboratory tests, and the initial analysis of the results. Some nurses directly deal with patients with a specific diagnosis, such as diabetics or those suffering from heart disease.

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